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Xinhua III announced the open source self-developed blockchain baas platform

Time : 30/03/2022 Author : nyk6ag Click : + -
        The concept of open source has a long history. Early creators built "half of the Internet" based on the open source community; The birth of GitHub open source community in 2008 brought together millions of developers around the world to collaborate and participate in this community. Isolated inspiration generated connections, and countless enterprises rose on this basis. Today, with the rise of blockchain, a decentralized, traceable, open and transparent technology, open source value is being further released. At the same time, the open source community is also feeding the blockchain. For the bottom layer of blockchain, open source and application are becoming important factors to attract developers. Just as applications need to acquire users and occupy the market, blockchain technology also needs to occupy its own user community &mdash& mdash; Most of them are developers.
        In order to better promote the development of blockchain technology and help it provide customers with the best service, the open source of the underlying system of blockchain is inevitable. In 2020, the blockchain open source team welcomed a rookie. Ziguang's Xinhua III group announced that it would contribute its self-developed Gaea blockchain platform (baas platform part) to the global alliance chain hyperledger open source community. Meanwhile, on March 31, the hyperledger community decided to open cello-h3c open source branch for Xinhua Group III. This branch belongs to cello, the hyperleger application deployment tool. Its built-in on-demand deployment function can help users quickly build a blockchain as a service platform.
        As of April 27th, 2020, all the codes have been uploaded to the branch, including about 2000 files and more than 30000 lines of code, for discussion, learning and later maintenance by peers and experts in the global industry. More noteworthy is the endorsement from the hyperledger community. The latter was led and initiated by the Linux foundation in December 2015. As an open source community, hyperledger focuses on developing a series of stable frameworks, tools and libraries for the deployment of enterprise blockchain, which is also the fastest-growing project in the history of the Linux foundation.
        By the middle of 2019, it has been established for just three and a half years, with more than 275 members worldwide, including more than 50 Chinese members, covering finance, manufacturing, medical treatment, science and technology and many companies and organizations, including Xinhua III. At present, the project has four officially released products, six frameworks and eight tool projects, and has organized more than 170 exchange meetings worldwide, with more than 62000 exchange participants. It can be said that hyperledger is a blockchain open source community with strong development momentum of global alliance chain and many projects adopted and practiced. Looking back on the development of the blockchain of Xinhua Group 3, we can't do without the mutual achievements with the hyperledger community.
        Since 2017, Xinhua three group has joined hyperledger (super ledger) to conduct blockchain technology research, and focused on the blockchain as a service platform (baas:blockchainaservice). The sprout was born. Since then, xinhuansan has invested in the R & D team to deeply understand the functional characteristics of the baas platform from the perspective of customer needs. In September 2018, it first released the self-developed Gaea blockchain platform (including baas functions), and successfully passed the certification test of the trusted blockchain promotion plan of the Academy of communications and communications in September 2019. At the same time, it obtained the trusted blockchain function test and the trusted blockchain baas test certificate, It has become one of the domestic units that have obtained the trusted blockchain baas test certificate.
        Gaea blockchain platform not only has the basic on-demand deployment of baas, rapid construction of blockchain as a service platform, management of blockchain resources and other functions, but also has developed a series of more convenient functional features. Currently, the latest version 1.0 of Gaea blockchain platform includes the following features:. In general, Gaea blockchain platform aims to ensure data security, simplify processes, improve the efficiency of multi-party collaboration, and save operating costs as its key value. The open source of the underlying platform this time can not only help many developers obtain lower development thresholds and fairer rules, but also reflect the strong confidence of accepting the review of all developers.
        It is believed that as developers continue to build on this open source platform, the enterprise level alliance chain represented by the Gaea blockchain platform of Xinhua Group III will further accelerate the promotion and implementation in all industries and industries, and become a solid foundation for building a new era of digital economy.
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