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Analysis of 20 examples of blockchain applications around the world

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        When it comes to blockchain, we usually think of some of its future applications. "Blockchain can solve this problem, and blockchain will achieve this goal". It seems that blockchain is still far from us, but in fact, the application of blockchain has quietly occurred in various industries. It is not difficult to find the shadow of blockchain. From automobile manufacturing to artificial intelligence, you may find examples of blockchain applications in any industry. Even the U.S. Treasury Department has issued an official voice through the bill to advocate more blockchain pilot projects and test projects. The world economic forum predicts that by 2025, 10% of the total global GDP will be stored in the blockchain industry. To some extent, this also means that major companies around the world support blockchain applications and may have begun to prepare for this major transformation.
        The impact of distributeledgertechnology (DLT) applied by blockchain may be as great as the Internet revolution. In 2018, new blockchain projects appear every day. Although the examples are different, the benefits brought by blockchain technology have not changed. Transparency, invariance, redundancy and security. Here are 20 examples of blockchain applications around the world. Let's experience them together. Some countries have expressed great interest in the blockchain technology of decentralized data management framework to store public data. For example, essena company is developing an e-government project with the centraluniofagriculturalproducersandforestowners, which will apply blockchain technology to enable urban and rural residents throughout Finland to query various records and fully meet the needs of residents and employers, Increase the employment rate.
        In addition, the use of this technology can also improve the efficiency of government operation, so that residents can easily query education, public records, voting and other information. For example, an intelligent waste management system in China adopts the RFID technology of waltonchain company. Using this blockchain application of waltonchain, it can effectively monitor the level of waste, so as to improve the management and operation efficiency and resource optimization. The Swiss city of Zug, known as the "encryption Valley", has developed an identity authentication system with the partner company uport using blockchain technology. Through this identity authentication system, citizens can participate in online voting and proof of residence.
        Essentia has been in contact with the Dutch government, hoping to use its blockchain technology to establish a border inspection system for the Dutch government to examine passengers from Amsterdam and London. At present, passengers of the Eurostar high-speed railway between the two countries need to be subject to border control checks at multiple locations. Essentia is studying a blockchain based solution that will securely store passenger data so that Dutch inspection records can also be reviewed by UK Border agencies. Blockchain technology will ensure that the data has not been tampered with and is verifiable and accurate. As we all know, medical records are very scattered and prone to errors. Inconsistent data processing processes will often force hospitals and clinics to process some incorrect or incomplete patient records.
        For example, Medrec, a blockchain electronic medical record system developed by MIT, uses blockchain technology to promote data sharing. At the same time, it can also provide authentication and confidentiality services. As enterprise customers of Microsoft azure applications, they can take advantage of blockchain as a service (baas), which will enable enterprises to access smart contracts and blockchain applications in a secure hosting environment. According to media reports, Google is also developing a proprietary blockchain project to support its cloud based business. While Google's parent company, alphabet, is developing a distributed accounting project that third parties will be able to use to store data related to Google's cloud services.
        Medical centers that digitize patient records do not store data between multiple devices, but usually store the data on a centralized server, which has become the main target of hackers, as evidenced by the wannacry attack on NHS hospital, the national medical center of the UK. But in addition, even if the security risk is ignored, there is still the problem of fragmentation. At present, there are more than 50 different electronic medical record systems (EHR) in operation in hospitals in different cities around the world, and there are usually dozens of different medical application systems in the same city. These independent systems cannot perform interoperability, and the data of patients in each hospital can only be dispersed in different data storage centers.
        In the case of patients' life and death, the lack of comparison of reliable medical data and slow operation efficiency will be fatal. Essentia's application framework solves all these problems by using a blockchain based system, which will store all clinical data related to patients, and these data can be accessed immediately regardless of geographical boundaries. In this system, the privacy of patients' medical records can also be protected, and only those with medical authorization can access it in a specific period of time. One of the main benefits of blockchain technology is that it eliminates unnecessary middlemen or middlemen. The music industry is a typical example. In this industry, if artists are inefficient, they will be paid very low.
        At this time, some blockchain based projects have emerged to seek a fairer trading and business environment for music creators, such as Matt ·, a former drummer of guns and roses; Artbit, where Soren is the director. As a highly industrialized country, China's environment has changed enormously. In March 2017, IBM and energy blockchain labs jointly launched the hyperledgerfabric blockchain project to discover China's carbon assets, which not only creates a measurable and auditable system for tracking carbon emissions, but also provides a tradable market for companies seeking to offset energy consumption and stimulate green industrial practices.
        Supply chain management is considered to be one of the best cases to benefit from the application of blockchain, because it is very suitable for the express delivery of such goods from delivery to receipt or the whole process from the manufacturer to the store. IBM and Wal Mart jointly launched the blockchain food safety alliance in China. The project is also jointly operated with to improve food delivery tracking and safety assurance, making it easier to trace food safety issues. Facts have proved that China is a mature experimental base for blockchain projects. In addition, it is also the location of the world's first blockchain for agricultural products (5.180, -0.25, -4.60%).
        Louis ·, a world famous food trader; Louisdreyfusco has cooperated with Dutch and French banks to establish a blockchain technology project. Using this project technology, the transaction settlement is faster than the traditional method in the process of selling soybeans to China. Debeersgroup, the world's most famous diamond company, has its own blockchain company and has begun operations. Its purpose is to "establish a digital record for every diamond registered on the platform". Taking into account people's moral standards about the source and origin of diamonds, as well as the risks of diamond quality, blockchain technology is naturally a good choice, because every record of it is indelible, and it will ensure that each diamond's own electronic data is as long as itself.
        At present, Ukraine is the first country to use blockchain technology to promote property transactions. Michael ·, founder of techcrunch and cryptocurrency player; Arlington purchases and resells a real estate in Kiev remotely through the smart contract of Ethereum blockchain. This transaction was completed by propy, a start-up company specializing in blockchain real estate transactions. Blockchain technology is now being used to support the development of sustainable fisheries. Illegal fishing is a common problem in this industry. Blockchain's distributed ledger technology provides a proof of the source, processing and sale of capture.
        This "fishing net to table" supply chain allows inspectors to determine whether the fish caught are from areas that violate human rights or countries affected by economic sanctions. Similar to diamond trading, the art industry relies on the provenance and authenticity of art. Although blockchain cannot identify whether a painting is an original or a fake, it can be used to prove the identity of the previous owner of the painting. In addition, blockchain technology is now also used as a means of art acquisition, which enables tangible goods to be easily traded and exchanged anywhere in the world without physical transfer from a secure storage place. In Freemantle, Australia, a project dedicated to distributed energy and water system management is using blockchain technology. Solar panels (3.340, -0.06, -1.76%) are being used in sunny areas to obtain electricity, and then used to heat water and provide electricity. All these energy conversion and use information will be recorded in blockchain data.
        In Chile, the National Energy Commission has begun to use blockchain technology as the verification of the country's energy use data, and some sensitive data will be stored in the blockchain. The application of this technology is a means for the modernization and safe operation of the power infrastructure in this South American country. Blockchain helps to build a "pink economy" and help LGBT communities fight for their own rights without revealing people's identities. This is an extremely important issue, because social discrimination crimes against gay groups often occur, especially in countries notorious for human rights violations, homosexuality is illegal, or at least not allowed.
        Catastrophe bonds may be the only hope for victims of earthquakes, tsunamis and other natural disasters. Blockchain allows for a quick and transparent settlement between all parties, and ensures that the system can continue to operate normally under unattended operation. Blockchain has now been successfully used in the settlement mechanism of catastrophe bonds. Local institutions in Hawaii are studying how to use blockchain technology to improve the economy, such as opening bitcoin and other monetary payment means to facilitate tourists' transactions of local goods and services. In this way, the Hawaiian government hopes to vigorously attract tourists, especially tourists from Asia, to spend more money locally and improve the economic development of Hawaii.
        In 2016, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced a project that will use blockchain technology as a means of securely storing and capturing data transmission. DHS adopts Factom's blockchain technology to encrypt and store the data captured by security cameras and other sensors. The application of this blockchain technology will greatly reduce the risk of data leakage. At present, the project is still in progress. The benefits of blockchain for recording ship transportation data are self-evident. At present, some local shipping projects have adopted distributed ledger technology. In the maritime logistics industry, blockchain technology can make the inevitable cumbersome management procedures in international trade more transparent and orderly.
        Maersk, one of the world's largest shippers, is a pioneer in the use of blockchain. Now, Zim, a star international shipping company, has also followed up on the use of blockchain technology. Statement: the content and pictures of this article are written by the settled author or reprinted by the settled cooperative website with authorization. The views of this article only represent the author himself, not the position of The article and its accompanying drawings are only for engineers to learn. If there is any infringement of content and pictures or other problems, please contact this site for infringement and deletion. Infringement complaint. (EBC) "is officially launched, and will work with many international financial organizations, educational institutions and high-end R & D teams to create a new chapter in the development of education.
        Technical English is called blockchainechnology. In fact, it is an Internet database, which everyone can use as one. Industry, it is necessary to learn knowledge by reading a lot of text materials and even watching some videos. In this process, you will definitely come into contact with many. In the application field, the number of government affairs and people's livelihood application projects will increase significantly, and applications in other fields such as judicial deposit, taxation, electronic bills, product traceability and so on will develop steadily. Enthusiasts and other groups conduct research in many fields, such as basic technology research, cutting-edge technology transformation, international regulatory policy tracking, project white paper analysis and investment and financing environment assessment, so as to better serve.
        Transfer arbitrary data between, not just tokens. Therefore, developers can flexibly build privacy oriented or other application specific. Leading developer and integrated service platform in the game field. We are a senior original game development team in China. We have been deeply involved in the game industry for more than ten years, and have deep game technology precipitation and industry resources. The online education platform mainly solves the docking and benefit distribution among demanders, consumer users, content providers and relevant supporters, and helps all parties reach trust. Through this open ecosystem, from the world. With the modularization of the main components, these components are reusable and open source. Developers can customize a different bottom layer by assembling and modifying different modules.
        The new direction of entertainment is to create a comprehensive entertainment ecosystem matrix for the new generation, from games, live broadcasts, online entertainment ecosystem of communities, to offline entertainment experiences such as equestrian, diving, skiing, flying, hiking, etc. Develop applications based on. Through multiple mining mechanisms, encourage community participants to constantly improve the ecology and enhance the overall function of the community. A distributed ledger system that maintains open records in which all changes are visible. This transparency has brought a number of benefits, the most important of which is the faster and more effective provision of financial services. The unforgeability and exchange of assets created the concept and value of digital assets, which created the concept of smart contracts through ERC.
        The only code that can be scanned or each product and label allows customers to access the entire history of the product from the origin to the final distributor, every step along the way. IBM recently developed trustchain, a. Using smart contracts on can provide instance with additional functions that other digital platforms cannot. Through the three pillars of instanceapp, participants in the instance ecosystem will be able to truly experience what is effective. It is by no means a single innovative technology, but a combination of many cross domain technologies, including algorithms, mathematics, cryptography and economic models, combined with peer-to-peer (P2P) network relationships, using mathematical foundations can build trust effects and become one.
        It is a distributed ledger technology, which is used to record every point-to-point transaction in the network. All confirmed and certified transactions are recorded in each based on time series. The "reflection" of technology is the integration and compromise between the technical characteristics embodied in bitcoin and Ethereum and the actual needs of enterprise customers, which contains a lot of. Executives are preparing for this huge transformation and fully support its implementation. The impact of distributed ledger technology may be as great as the Internet revolution itself. States that store and trade data on; United Bank of Liechtenstein announced the issuance of its own securities tokens and legally supported unionbank payment coins; Canada.
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