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Blockchain technology is a popular concept at present. Where are the opportunities for we media people?

Time : 15/07/2021 Author : pa1q8c Click : + -
        When I get up in the morning, I subconsciously turn on my mobile phone every day to see entrepreneurial state, 36 krypton. I especially like 36 krypton's voice column. I have been listening to keso's column before, and I can see the first-hand information of China's top Internet observers. Unfortunately, Mr. keso will not update the paid voice column at 36 krypton in 2018, which makes me very uncomfortable and frustrated. I don't know what voice to listen to at night to get information! After all, I'm an Internet user and I'm a self-Media user, so I'm very concerned about the concept and technology of the current fire, and I'm also an entrepreneur. Therefore, chuangbang and 36 krypton are information apps that must be installed. Many students feel that they have no chance because they are novices.
        I will pay attention to the official account. There are many latest notes in it, as well as the official account related to we media, such as the official account of headlines, the official account of penguin, and so on. 1. What is blockchain? If you don't understand blockchain now, those who haven't heard of blockchain are really out! Blockchain, as I understand it, is a way of sharing records. For example, you generate a loan information on the Internet. The traditional way is to go to the bank for loans. Now nodes around the world help you record this information, and this information will not die out and exist forever. That is to say, if this information is traded through money, it will never disappear.
        So what kind of bitcoin is there now? All kinds of messy coins are rampant in the market! At present, the majority of the holders are post-90s players aged 25-29. Some time ago, the post-90s generation surnamed sun, who taught people to achieve financial freedom in the Himalayas, didn't just issue 100 billion yuan and cash out 2 billion yuan! This is the way to play. Blockchain we media people are also very eye-catching. Most of the time, they are still post-90s. Blockchain we media people are equivalent to the stock reviewers of the 1990s, and then help the makers increase shipments. 2. Talking about the opportunities of blockchain we media people, so seeing this information, I can't help but think of my feeling of doing applet courses at the end of last year, that is, everyone's anxiety is frantically pouring into you. With the emergence of new technologies, many people enthusiastically plunge into the vent of the applet for fear of missing the vent! So blockchain is really a great opportunity.
        For we media people, I think we can make good use of this anxiety for fear of missing opportunities, and then create and report about blockchain! For example, the interpretation of blockchain technology, the latest information, cutting-edge news, as well as the comments and opinions of blockchain, and related knowledge payment can be done by our we media people. Therefore, we can not only create blockchain related content through video, but also through text and voice. I think this is an opportunity for we media people to have a good try! 3. Will blockchain be like the Internet foam in 2000? To be honest, I have the same concern as everyone else. Because the blockchain is in a false fire state, I directly enter the market to fry money.
        I estimate that people of my level are collected by post-90s makers, so I'll take a look, and then like keso, after I have a deep understanding, I can write articles, make videos, and report blockchain news. As we media people, we are first-hand information because of the blockchain fire. We can enter and play without missing the opportunity. If it is a foam, we will not lose money, because we earn leek money from people who want to enter the blockchain to fry money! So it's still very good to do content. There is always a chance to do content steadfastly! Just like keso and Bezos' ideas, we should not ask what will change in the future, but what will remain unchanged in the next 10 years? This unchanging thing is worth betting, just like playing cards, Soha! Allin into unchanging things! Ten years later, blockchain technology may change infinitely, but people's demand for content, with the ability to create video and text, will always have a market, which will remain the same! It's worth us allin! As you saw six months ago, although I am on the cusp of small programs, I am still a new media marketer in essence.
        Because small programs belong to new media, we specialize in the industry!. Now there may be a concept or project like blockchain, which is also standing on the top of the waves, but it is not going to fish in the sea, but to record and report this grand occasion on the shore for people who can't come to the beach. In essence, it is we media people! Later, when we see fish on the bank, we will still take some small fish easily, and even talk about cooperation with some investors, help them get some investment, and so on. You can also ride the blockchain! Of course, this is also my simple point of view at present, which is related to my own background in the we media industry. In the future, if there are big guys playing blockchain, maybe my point of view will change a lot.
        After all, reporting on shore, in the sea, and on board are completely different landscapes. However, I look forward to the most beautiful scenery. Life is short, experience and adventure is a fun life! I don't regret such a wonderful life! Are you coming, too?. For more information about we media, welcome to my official account: Qin Xiaolong class, which is updated every day! There is also a free gift of 298 yuan worth of "we media operation dictionary".
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