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Blockchain mechanism,Mechanism analysis of blockchain storage

Time : 15/08/2021 Author : v3d4y1 Click : + -
        Write to new leeks. There are many people who say that fil is a pyramid scheme, and the most critical step is that it has a pledge. There are sector cycles. Today, let's talk about pledge and my views. First, ensure data stability. Don't let the machine go offline at any time. IPFs nodes can go offline at any time. There is no way to guarantee the security and stability of data. Suppose you save some data, submit a storage certificate, and then you put things offline, is this thing you saved still there? Even if it's gone, the project party has no way to take you. This definitely won't work. Second, prevent miners from cutting leeks. We said before. Fil is different from traditional projects. It is not the relationship between parent and subsidiary companies, and bearded has nothing to do with these miners.
        He can only make a set of rules. Fil's hardware environment is much more demanding than bit Ethernet. It needs to be in a professional computer room. Many of them need a dust-free environment. This ordinary loser can't do it. Without pledge and interest binding, the first step of the project cannot be taken. Third, the time should be prolonged to facilitate technological progress. To be honest, when fil went online, most of the problems had not been solved, so it was forced to go online. Bearded also didn't want to go online. If he didn't go online, the interests of investors could not be guaranteed, so he forced it. Now there is a very strange phenomenon. The project side feels that it is doing well, and the development speed has been very fast. Investors feel that the currency price is not good, and the project side has been mixing this year.
        Maybe he ran away immediately. Pledge solves this problem well. I remember that the pledge period should be 180 days, 360 days, 540 days. Most of them are now 540 days. A year and a half, enough data storage, so that you can not give up, but also let the project be known by people, and then give the project party time to store real data, and finally do retrieval, so as to make the market prosperous. The mechanism is very simple. The pledge is carried out according to the size of the sector. At the peak, the cost of the pledge currency is far more than that of the mining machine. With the increase of production, mining machines are actually cheaper. In the process of storing data, you should not only submit replication certificates to prove that the information has been stored, but also constantly submit space-time certificates to ensure that all your data are online every 24 hours.
        If you can't be online, you should quickly fill in the data. If you can't fill in the data for a long time, you will have to confiscate your pledge currency. The original purpose was to force miners to work hard and maintain the healthy and stable operation of the whole network. After a long time, we can screen out those who provide reliable services and avoid swindlers. This idea is no problem. When will these pledged coins be returned? It is in sectors and will be returned after 540 days. After returning, it must be in the hands of the mine first, and then transferred to everyone. For example, the most common one is not mining, but the currency price is relatively low, and a large number of coins are stored. Get a fake website. I'll give you a little coin, too. Xiaobai doesn't know anything and plunges into it.
        For example, the so-called computing power that you buy is not packaged at first. After you buy, you are given a packaging cycle. After the output, how much will he take away, and what is the full deposit ratio. In fact, it is to draw a percentage and leave the risk to you. The routine is very deep. Some netizens asked, is there any good way? To be honest, there is no good way. This will be the case in the short term. This has gone beyond the scope of basic science popularization and logic. This is also the reason why Juan designed a rigorous mechanism. Only time can wash away garbage. The next few months. It is estimated that they are all back and forth to clean up the uncertainties in the market. Say a feeling, any project is basically falling into despair, scolding until you don't want to scold, it will be pulled up by you. In my memory, a shares and bits are just this.
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