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Blockchain fashion is becoming more and more popular, and capital is eyeing the cake of virtual fashion brand

Time : 25/07/2021 Author : vq6wip Click : + -
        According to women's wear daily, rtfktstudios, a digital fashion brand, recently received $8million in seed round financing. This round of financing is led by andreeseenhorowitz, a Silicon Valley venture capital fund. Other investors include marcmerrill, co-founder of riotgames, a developer of League of heroes, ianrogers, a former chief digital officer of LVMH group, and C capital, an investment company owned by Zheng Zhigang. Zheng Zhigang said that blockchain technology is experiencing an exponential growth stage, and the new generation of young people have higher requirements for digital fashion, art and games, while rtfktstudios and C capital share the same vision in reshaping the lifestyle of young people.
        Rtfktstudios said that the financing amount will be used to expand the international team and incubate more digital business products in the future. At present, rtfktstudios operates digital sports shoes and fashion design, blockchain and game skin design, and regularly auctions designed products on the Internet. Consumers need to use virtual currency to buy. This pair of cybersneaker sneakers was then put into the auction area by rtfktstudios, and finally sold for $15000. The latest price is also more than $50000. It is worth noting that elonmusk has never actually worn these shoes.
        Image source: the consumption of superrare virtual goods is growing rapidly. According to the data of fastcompany, a business news platform, the consumption of virtual goods exceeded $100billion in 2020. Statistics from statista, a comprehensive data database, shows that by the end of 2022, the "virtual skin" market will reach $50billion, which means that consumers will pay more attention to displaying their personal fashion style on social media than ever before. This robe belongs to private digital assets, and it is also cryptocurrency. It is specially customized by the creative team according to the buyer's body shape. It needs to be configured with specific digital software to display. It can neither be copied nor stolen.
        Dappelabs said in a statement, "in the real world, international brands are scrambling to step into the field of digital fashion and expect to have more interaction with generation Z consumers represented by the post-95 generation.". Rtfktstudios, which is famous for virtual sneakers, has also recently set foot in the field of fashion, launching its first non sports series "metajacket". After purchasing, consumers will get virtual materials such as clothing graphics, dressx try on and decentraland skin. Rtfktstudios will also publish purchase records and declare the ownership of clothing.
        Source of metajacket series pictures: the bold and innovative design shown by Forbes digital technology and the product specific logo given by blockchain technology are the reasons why many people are willing to pay for digital fashion brands. Without the burden of producing fabrics and inventory, digital fashion brands have more initiative in products. Judging from the current trend, they are guiding their image to the field of luxury goods and emphasizing the scarcity of products. However, due to the complexity of blockchain technology and the fluctuation of cryptocurrency prices, digital fashion brands may be difficult to enter a larger mainstream fashion market in the future. Some luxury brands that show interest in the field of digital fashion also test the water by launching ar fitting services and cooperating with video games.
        Image source of AR virtual shoes cooperated by Gucci and wanna: medium previously, gucci cooperated with wanna, a technology company, to launch ar virtual shoes series. Users can unlock 25 Gucci ar sneakers for $9 to $13. Louis Vuitton and Burberry worked with League of heroes and glory of the king respectively to design limited skin with brand characteristics for their characters. Unlike social media such as Weibo, wechat and instagram, the rich visual effects and immersive participation in video games are difficult to provide on these platforms, and the cleverly set plot will be more persuasive and infectious to players.
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