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Blockchain's fanatical charm will overturn the existing world's thinking about the fourth outlet

Time : 27/09/2021 Author : 9qsg6o Click : + -
        In this field, analysts have brought their ability to "complicate simple things" to the extreme! Increase the number of single block, that is, continuous block out. Genaro's spor+pos hybrid consensus mechanism uses spor to screen trusted nodes. These trusted nodes can process more transactions at the same time, so that the elected consensus nodes can continuously block out to improve the performance of Genaro public chain. Blockchain originated from cryptography. In 1976, cryptologists Duffy and Herman proposed to divide the original key into a pair of keys, one for encryption and one for decryption. The public key of encryption is called public key.
        The decryption key cannot be made public. It is held in secret by myself and cannot be known by others. It is called the private key. For example, Zhang San wants to send a message to Li Si. Zhang San needs to encrypt Li Si's public key information. Only Li Si's private key can be unlocked, and no one else can. In 1978, this key idea was improved. In addition to solving the problem of large-scale key distribution in open systems, it also brings a function that the original symmetric cryptosystem does not have, that is, a very unique authentication function. For example, Zhang San wants to send someone a message. Zhang San not only encrypts the message with others' public key, but also signs it with Zhang San's private key, so that others can verify it with Zhang San's private key and judge whether the information is sent by Zhang San.
        In 1993, this theory was upgraded again, which was called hash algorithm. The calculation of hash function from input to output is very fast, and it converges quickly. It does not need to consume huge computational resources, and it is almost impossible to deduce input from output. For example, the habitual RMB prefix number can be understood as generated by the hash algorithm. In the future, the theoretical basis of blockchain comes from this. From the perspective of accounting, blockchain distributed ledger technology has been implemented. It is difficult to forge, tamper with, open, transparent, traceable, easy to audit, and can automatically complete the consistency of accounts and certificates, accounts and accounts, and accounts and facts in real time. Instantaneous balance sheet preparation is possible.
        In other words, the accounting and auditing industries may disappear. From the perspective of accounts, blockchain allows local private keys to be generated, public keys to be derived from them, and then wallet addresses to be transformed. It opens its own account without intermediaries. The account system has changed, which is a very significant change in the history of finance. In other words, the banking system as an intermediary may disappear. From the perspective of asset trading, blockchain can create a new financial market model. As a trusted machine, asset trading can be decentralized. In other words, securities companies that act as intermediaries and platforms for asset trading may disappear. From the perspective of organizational behavior, blockchain makes effective distributed collaborative work possible.
        There is no board of directors, no articles of association, no strict superior and subordinate system, and no centralized manager. Everyone can build and share, which can be called the great revolution in the organizational form of economic activities. In other words, the modern enterprise system and organization may disappear. Will blockchain be released or not? More and more countries, markets and enterprises choose to "release". Moving forward in crisis and creating in sacrifice, isn't that how the 5000 year history of human civilization broke out?. In other words, to give the common people a chance of success, the threshold of entry has been set in an invisible form. Grass roots need to seize the opportunity to enter the leap of the industry, which is more difficult. Perhaps, it will overturn the old industry, create new industry, and let the first batch of people who master new technology take the lead; Perhaps it will promote the overall reshaping of the market, norms and system, and make the future more fair and transparent; Perhaps, this will reverse the malpractice of "economic development" and help the real economy reproduce brilliance; Perhaps, this is the fourth opportunity to achieve a leap in wealth! How can ordinary people seize this fourth opportunity??.
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