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Blockchain abbreviation,Sifang Jingchuang: provided technical services for the "Maojin blockchain platform"

Time : 07/11/2021 Author : g1o3i7 Click : + -
        Every AI express, investors ask questions on the investor interaction platform: on November 3, in order to improve the level of trade financing facilitation and boost the interconnection of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Greater Bay, as one of the first cooperative banks of the cross platform project, Bank of China Shenzhen Branch successfully completed the first pilot project of the people's Bank of China trade finance blockchain platform (hereinafter referred to as "tradefinance blockchain platform") phase II with Bank of China (Hong Kong) on October 27, The first batch of import trade financing businesses under cross platform and cross-border data exchange have further broadened the depth and breadth of the interconnection between Shenzhen and Hong Kong Trade Finance blockchain platforms. Does the company participate in the project construction?.
        Sifang Jingchuang ( said on the investor interaction platform on November 24 that as a long-term partner of Bank of China Shenzhen Branch and Bank of China (Hong Kong), the company has maintained close cooperation with industry customers for a long time, actively cooperated with the construction of the project, and provided technical services for the project. For reprint, please contact the daily economic news. Without the authorization of the daily economic news, reprinting or mirroring is strictly prohibited, and violators will be prosecuted. Special reminder: if we use your pictures, please contact our website for remuneration. If you don't want your work to appear on this site, you can contact us and ask to remove your work.
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