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Gateio blockchain is moving forward steadily in the world

Time : 14/05/2022 Author : l284ch Click : + -
        For the first time in the currency circle, you may have heard that Huo coin and okex are the early established digital currency exchanges in China; I may also have heard that Qian'an has the largest trading volume in the world. You may not know that there is an established exchange established in 2013 with Huo coin and okex in the same year. Its actual trading volume and profits in global exchanges can be well deserved to be listed as the three major exchanges. The world's first digital currency exchange was established in 2010. Up to now, there have been tens of thousands of digital currency exchanges, large and small. There are passionate entrants, some people leave in despair, and gate As the first round player to enter the blockchain world on a global scale, IO has experienced all the ups and downs in the currency circle since 2013, and has cut through the thorns all the way. What you see is a low-key and simple look.
        The main body of with international gene is gatetechnologyinc, Serving the world, it has independent trading business and operation centers in Canada, South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and other countries and regions. Gate. Since its establishment in 13 years, IO has provided trading and investment services for more than 200 high-quality blockchain asset categories for millions of users from more than 130 countries around the world. Gate. As a leading and established digital currency exchange in the world, IO has more than 400 trading pairs, more than 3 million registered users, 60million peak daily trading volume and 6million next day visits.
        After six years in the blockchain industry, gate IO do not charge money, do not fake, do not brush volume. There are very few digital currency exchanges that can do without monetary fees. After all, this will be a lot of income, which requires the exchange to have sufficient strength. Security is crucial for a digital currency exchange. It is the basis for ensuring the security of users' assets and information security, but the requirements for both technology and capital are not low. As an old digital currency exchange, gate IO is committed to building one of the safest digital currency exchanges in the world, and always puts security first. This sentence is a commitment to the exchange itself and a benchmark for doing things, but also a commitment to the majority of users.
        Adhering to this commitment, we never dare to take "safety" lightly. Digital currency exchange, "security" is nothing small. There is no rest day in the blockchain world. Gate. IO has a 24-hour technical team, which guards the security of hundreds of millions of assets for millions of users day and night, and is responsible for the stability and smoothness of the transaction process. has always been generous in showing real and transparent exchange data. Gate. IO officially joined the coinmarketcap (CMC) data transparency Alliance (data) as the first batch of exchanges and became a partnership.
        Meanwhile, gate Io was listed in the "Bti certification" list by the blockchain transparency Institute (BTI) in November 2018. Bti obtained Bti certification in the "market supervision report" of the global crypto asset exchange in April 2019, with a proportion of less than 5%, including is not just a digital currency exchange. In the past six years, gate IO is gradually building its own blockchain ecosystem, bringing users more financial choices, safer technical support, more convenient use experience, updated social gameplay, and giving back more love to the society.
        Gate. IO will officially release the gatechain test chain at the end of September 2019. Gatechain is a new generation of common chain that focuses on user asset security and decentralized transactions, and creatively ensures the security of blockchain assets in the case of private key leakage or damage. With an original online hot insurance account, the clearing insurance system creatively solves two industry pain points, recovers stolen digital assets and recovers damaged and lost private keys. Gatechain has taken a step further towards the broad prospects of blockchain and transparent values. According to cryptorankieo, as of July 22, the return on investment of gate.iostartup ranks first in the world.
        Since the gate.iostartup blockchain investment platform was launched in April 2019, the average return on investment has been 149.12%, and the return on investment of recently launched projects is as high as 1128.33%, which is absolutely leading among many blockchain investment platforms. Gate. Iostartup platform helps the innovation and technological progress of the blockchain industry, including subscription activities such as initial projects, non initial projects, discount benefits, and provides discount promotion channels for high-quality blockchain projects (including BTC, ETH, etc.). Not only provide users with a variety of investment options, but also provide all-round online support for the project party.
        And gate The wealth management treasure launched by IO is a blockchain asset interest bearing and stable income investment platform, including various types of products such as regular (lock in wealth management), current wealth management, etc. at present, it has launched businesses such as money holding wealth management, fixed investment wealth management, leverage wealth management, legal currency wealth management, etc. it is oriented to different user needs and provides a variety of investment and wealth management solutions for stable investment users. It is reported that's legal currency financial management business and transaction volume reached 150million, which can provide sufficient mortgage financing business support for the mining industry. In addition, gate IO has officially launched the charity activity of "love to travel thousands of miles and live with love" in September 2019, and its first stop is Sichuan Daliangshan hope primary school.
        GT security rule of law fund will provide blockchain technology tracking and legal assistance for the loss of funds of platform users, and serve as a charitable reserve to help the elderly and the young. wallet. IO digital currency wallet, a leading all currency onchain wallet, provides users with a more secure and leading asset protection solution.
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