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Xiong'an New Area's Policy Conference on promoting the high-quality development of "specialized and innovative" enterprises and core industries of the digital economy and the bank enterprise docking Conference

Time : 20/02/2022 Author : zesrgl Click : + -
        On June 9, xiong'an New Area's policy press conference and bank enterprise matchmaking meeting to promote the high-quality development of "specialized and special new" enterprises and core industries of digital economy achieved a complete success. The meeting was hosted by Agricultural Bank of China, Hebei xiong'an branch. Wu Haijun, member of the Party Working Committee and deputy director of the Management Committee of xiong'an new area, and Liu Weijie, Secretary of the Party committee and President of Agricultural Bank of China, Hebei Branch, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Wu Haijun said that the introduction of policies to promote the high-quality development of "specialized and innovative" enterprises and core industries of the digital economy in the new area is an important measure for the new area to seriously implement the work arrangements of the provincial Party committee and the provincial government, create an optimal business environment, and strive to promote the relief of Beijing's non capital functions to achieve new results.
        There are a lot of intersections between the core industries of digital economy in the new area and the "specialized, special and new" industries. Many original technologies and innovative products rely on Beijing as the source. We need to fully understand the importance and urgency of undertaking the "specialized, special and new" enterprises and the relief of digital core industries in Beijing. If the new area wants to break a new path of industrial development through system and mechanism innovation, it must first fully respect the development law of "specialized and special new" enterprises and digital core industries, and innovate the cultivation mechanism; Secondly, we should combine the advantages of digital technology to promote the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry in the new area with the industrial Internet. Wu Haijun pointed out that the new area will strive to create an optimal business environment characterized by a convenient industrial platform, a livable ecological environment, complete relief services, easy access to financial support, and a diversified policy portfolio, so as to ensure that the "specialized, special and new" and digital core industries will be undertaken and cultivated, and the relief will achieve greater results.
        Liu Weijie said that the planning and construction of xiong'an new area is a major decision and deployment made by the CPC Central Committee to further promote the coordinated development strategy of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, and is a millennium plan and national event. Since its establishment, the Agricultural Bank of the new area has always been positioned as "serving the main bank of the real economy, serving the leading bank for rural revitalization, and serving the benchmark bank for the development of the new area", and has unswervingly fulfilled the important mission of serving the national strategy. For high-tech enterprises in the new area, the innovative intellectual property pledge financing mode was adopted, and the enterprise technology patents were successfully "liquidated", realizing the first intellectual property pledge loan in the new area; For the "specialized and special new" enterprises and digital economy industries in the new area, special financial service plans were formulated, and the "specialized and special new loans" products were innovatively launched, which effectively solved the difficulties and pain points of financing for scientific and technological innovation enterprises.
        In the future, the Agricultural Bank of China will continue to optimize the functions of the industrial Internet platform, do a good job in financial product innovation, increase differentiated policy guarantee, continue to be the gold medal "waiter" of xiong'an financial system, provide "nanny" considerate services for enterprises in the new area throughout the whole process, and contribute to the strength of the Agricultural Bank of China in building a high-quality development core engine in the new area. At the meeting, the relevant person in charge of the reform and Development Bureau of xiong'an New Area interpreted the "several measures of xiong'an new area of Hebei Province on promoting the high-quality development of" specialized and special new "enterprises and core industries of digital economy". The relevant person in charge of xiong'an blockchain laboratory demonstrated the warehousing process of enterprises. Jiabin attended the meeting to issue awards and subsidies to the first batch of warehousing enterprises on site, including Agricultural Bank of China Rongcheng County branch, Xiong County branch Anxin County sub branch signed strategic cooperation agreements with representatives of 21 participating enterprises.
        This promotion meeting is an important platform for the government, banks and enterprises to strengthen exchanges, deepen cooperation and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results. The government, banks and enterprises focus on innovation drive, allocate resources accurately, and work together to continuously improve the core competitiveness of enterprises and promote the high-quality development of "specialized, special and new" enterprises and core industries of digital economy. Relevant comrades from xiong'an New Area Party and government office, reform and Development Bureau, comprehensive law enforcement bureau, three county governments, xiong'an New Area Business Management Department of the people's Bank of China, xiong'an group, xiong'an Smart City Federation, industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Bank of China, China Construction Bank xiong'an branch, China Mobile, China Unicom, telecom operators and other units, as well as "specialized and special new" enterprises in the new area More than 50 enterprise representatives, including high-tech enterprises and technology-based small and medium-sized enterprises, attended the bank enterprise matchmaking meeting.
        It is also understood that the new area has launched the "independent declaration of science and Technology Enterprise Library" on June 9, and the entry of declaration has been opened on the industrial Internet platform. Enterprises in the new area that meet the warehousing conditions of science and technology enterprise library can log in and declare according to the following process:. 1. Click the "preferential policies for enterprises" column 2. Click the "specialized and special new" policy tab to search the entry of relevant types of policy applications 3. Find the "technology enterprise library warehousing application", and click "view declaration" to start the declaration (if you are not logged in / registered, please log in / register first) the mobile terminal can scan the following QR code and add the industrial Internet official account to apply. The following materials shall be provided for the independent declaration and warehousing of the science and Technology Enterprise Library:.
        The deadline for application is 24:00 on June 24. Please complete the submission of materials before this time. Materials cannot be submitted or modified after the time limit. The declaration review will be carried out simultaneously with the declaration. Enterprises that have submitted materials should pay attention to the review status, modify and correct the problems in time, so as to avoid missing the warehousing time due to unqualified materials. The final list of warehousing enterprises will be publicized in early July. Original title: xiong'an new district policy release meeting and bank enterprise matchmaking meeting to promote the high-quality development of "specialized and special new" enterprises and core industries of digital economy.
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