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Can the time zone blockchain restart the Internet in the next 20 years?

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        He is simply talking too much. In recent months, he has participated in one or two meetings in his hometown Henan on average every day, accepting invitations from the media, government departments, industry institutions, and start-ups, with only one theme: "what is blockchain". In addition to his own words, he was also asked by a steady stream of people to contact other blockchain people. Finally, he simply did a small project and established a blockchain public expert database. Du Hongchao is the president of China online blockchain Research Institute, a NASDAQ listed company. This company was transformed into a blockchain in 2018. It is a rare company in the blockchain industry that does not issue or fry money. On October 25, the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee proposed to take blockchain as an important breakthrough in core technological innovation. The entire blockchain industry was excited and once again entered a sleepless state at three o'clock in the night. Chinanet online was one of the blockchain concept stocks that benefited at that time.
        On the other side of blockchain, the mood of some currency circle practitioners has reversed. On November 24, the digital currency exchange BISS (currency market) was identified as illegal fund-raising fraud by the police, and many local regulatory departments showed their swords on digital currency transactions. The digital currency circle represented by bitcoin was jittery. Carnival, panic, loss, expectation, different emotions spread and reversed within a month. Blockchain, a huge new world, is still the knowledge blind spot of most people, which leads to a cluster of frauds by unscrupulous people. Compared with the price of a bitcoin up to $20000, this is not the best time for blockchain. Compared with the complete closure of domestic virtual currency ICO in 2017, this is not the worst time for blockchain.
        It is certain that after a few years of the coin circle, the chain circle, which focuses on technology and application, finally triumphed at the end of 2019, and is likely to truly reflect the value of blockchain after the foam and uproar. What is blockchain? Is it the next generation of new technology to replace the Internet? Or is it a transitory product? Many blockchain people interviewed by the economic observer have a relatively unified attitude: it will be known in a year or two. He Yi, a 32 year old famous person in the currency circle, has recently become a figure on the cusp of the storm again. On November 25, the Shanghai Office of Qian'an, which she co founded, was closed. Previously, the micro blog of coin security was shut down, which was regarded by the industry as the beginning of the policy blade cutting into the coin circle.
        Coin security is one of the three major exchanges in the currency circle, and people in the circle call them the exchange "bat". Wave field Weibo was also shut down at the same time as coin security Weibo. The founder of wave field is sun Yuchen, who recently made a comeback by saying that he would help the former employees of Netease. Previously, he was famous for auctioning Buffett's lunch. The carnival atmosphere in the currency circle, which arose from the favorable blockchain policy, began to move towards panic and self danger. A currency circle person told reporters, "we must keep a low profile now.". Money security and wave field are just the epitome of rectification. On November 14, the Shanghai joint office for financial stability and the mutual fund regulation office of the Shanghai headquarters of the people's Bank of China issued a document on the regulation of virtual currency trading venues.
        Subsequently, regulators in Beijing, Dongguan, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Henan and other places have "lit their swords" to thoroughly investigate activities related to digital currency transactions. On November 24, Beijing police cracked down on the illegal digital currency exchange BISS (currency market) and characterized it as illegal fund-raising fraud. A month ago, the coin circle was a completely different picture. On October 25, the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee organized learning, focused on blockchain, and proposed blockchain as an important breakthrough in core technological innovation. This news quickly stimulated the sharp rise of relevant risk assets, and the share price of blockchain concept stock Xunlei doubled overnight. An exchange official confirmed to reporters that it was hot at that time.
        On the same day, bitcoin rose above the $10000 mark, with a large influx of new users, second only to the grand occasion when bitcoin soared to $20000 in 2017. Some wechat groups of three o'clock sleepless blockchain built in 2017 have become active again. The good scenery is not long. On November 24, bitcoin fell $410.63 in 24 hours, the lowest to $6790, the lowest level in six months. "Now it's time for trouble. The opportunity comes, and so do those who want to fish in troubled waters." After calming down, the above exchange practitioners lamented to reporters. The exchange is the top-level presence of the industry chain in the currency circle. The CSRC and the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges, which are equivalent to the stock market, have the right to decide whether a virtual currency can be online, and also have the qualification to collect handling charges through transactions.
        It is the highest income category in the currency circle except for those who are lucky enough to get rich overnight. More people see the opportunity of the exchange to establish a new platform in the past oneortwo years, which is also the focus of this policy attack. In 2018, there were more than 10000 coin circle exchanges at most. "Anyone can make an exchange," a blockchain media entrepreneur told reporters, "if you have 5000 friends on wechat, you can build an exchange." A large number of air coins without technology, projects and physical support went online and issued coins through new exchanges, which soared and plummeted, and speculators became rich and poor overnight. The money market, which was arrested by Beijing police this time, is also an exchange.
        The money market has a hierarchy similar to MLM: under the 6-level membership system, the more people you pull, the higher the level, and the higher the level, you can enjoy the rebate from the lower level. Finally, the currency market was defined as illegal fund-raising fraud, and dozens of people were arrested. "Since the 94 incident (on September 4, 2017, digital currency and ICO were officially identified as illegal fund-raising in China), the exchange has always been identified as illegal, and there must be great risks in domestic operations, or exchanges whose main customers are Chinese." Wu Xuanyong, the blockchain technology director of Ernst & Young Huaming certified public accountants, told reporters that the policy level blow to the exchange mainly lies in the impact of virtual currency on legal currency, money laundering, foreign exchange outflows, social stability and other factors.
        At the same time, he said that some exchanges have been actively contacting the competent authorities. If the exchanges can do well in KYC, AML and other aspects, and take the initiative to accept supervision, there is still hope to become a regular army. For those in the currency circle, they have no idea when the sword of Damocles, the policy hanging overhead, will really land. "The attitude is still unclear," said the exchange practitioner. Due to personal reasons, Du Hongchao recently resided in his hometown Zhengzhou, Henan Province, and many local enterprises engaged in the real economy found him. Most of these enterprises have missed the golden age of the Internet. When the new round of technology is good, they are eager to be on the chain and want to be labeled as blockchain.
        Previously, within the three major circles of blockchain currency circle, mining circle and chain circle, the chain circle focusing on technology and application was the poorest and the slowest in development. According to the report of blockchain blue book published by social science literature press, there are nearly 28000 blockchain enterprises in China. Zhu Yedong, President of Beijing blockchain Technology Application Association, said that 25000 of them issued coins. "Most blockchain companies in the non monetary circle are in a worrying state of survival and are still in the investment stage. They have invested a lot of money in human resources, research and development, and business promotion. Mainstream Internet companies such as bat and have provided blockchain services. At present, they are still in the exploration stage and are not profitable." Wu Xuanyong told reporters.
        In November this year, the chain was very different. After the Politburo learned blockchain collectively, within 19 days, more than 20 government departments issued 44 policies to support blockchain, and took out real money &mdash& mdash; Guangzhou alone has provided 1billion blockchain industry funds, with a maximum subsidy of 10million yuan for selected blockchain projects or enterprises. On November 4, the Beijing municipal government released the "directory blockchain" system, announcing that the responsibilities, directories and data of 53 departments in the city will be connected together. With the support of blockchain technology, Beijing real estate registration can be "completed in one link and one day".
        Tencent cloud designed a directory blockchain system for Beijing in the Beijing big data action plan consulting project. Shaobing, head of Tencent cloud blockchain business, told reporters that the role of this directory chain is to solve the problems of difficult sharing, scattered collaboration and weak application in the process of data exchange. With blockchain, the data on the directory chain can be shared and exchanged under mutual trust, thereby improving the efficiency of government services. There are also some people who are ready to move when they see opportunities for government projects. Cheng Daming, a former blockchain entrepreneur, has left the industry for more than a year. Recently, several waves of people came to him and mentioned that he wanted to do some government projects. He refused, "it's for making money and trying to cheat the government to make money.".
        Last year, Cheng Daming left the blockchain industry because there were "too many swindlers". When he learned that the reporter wanted to write the topic of blockchain, he laughed and joked that he should first write a "blockchain fraud prevention guide". In mid and late November, CCTV, people's daily, Xinhua news agency and other official media reported that many institutions were engaged in illegal activities under the guise of blockchain, and should guide blockchain applications to open the door. During the interview, the reporter asked every interviewer whether there are any startups that are doing well by building blockchain technology and implementing blockchain applications. Their answers were very consistent. Even after thinking for a long time, they shook their heads and said, "really not.". "Before, there was a phenomenon that bad money expelled good money in the blockchain industry.
        There are a lot of things to do in issuing coins. Li Xiaolai and sun Yuchen may swallow up the whole profit. Those who can really promote the development and industrial application of this technology will not make money. " Ma Chao, a senior financial technology practitioner, told reporters. The reporter inquired from many sources and found a company engaged in blockchain technology. In a two-story building in Wangjing, Beijing, touch chain technology has been extremely busy recently. The person in charge of the product rushed to prepare a shared copy for the country prefix partners. The technical director put forward his ideas while investing in the next project research. After the blockchain obtained favorable policies, relevant institutions in Xiamen, Nanjing, Yunnan and other places, including but not limited to, made contact with touch chain technology and put forward technical cooperation needs.
        On the day of the reporter's visit, the head of touch chain technology market just returned from a negotiation with public welfare institutions. Touch chain technology is a company providing one-stop blockchain technology solutions, with more than 10 blockchain technology patents. This is not a small number in the blockchain industry. According to the 2019 global blockchain enterprise invention patent ranking, an Irish company ranked 20th, with 66 patents. The previous blockchain technology patents have little use. In the environment of 25000 of 28000 companies frying money, those who seriously do technology are heterogeneous. Chen Haozhi, chairman of touch chain technology, told reporters that the role of blockchain is not only in the vertical aspects of anti-counterfeiting and traceability, data chaining, etc., but also more suitable for the long industrial chain of industrial Internet.
        He cited the game industry chain as an example. For traditional games, it takes 8 months to 1 year from IP authorization to final payment. If blockchain technology is used, the payment collection cycle is immediate. When players pay, the smart contract is automatically executed and divided according to the agreement, which will greatly improve the efficiency of the game industry. There is more than one industry that can be changed by blockchain. A blockchain person told reporters that, for example, in the copyright industry, the works of company a are licensed to platform B, and the fees are obtained from platform B according to the click through rate. Under the existing business model, company a can't see the real data of users on platform B, so company a will always be confused and feel that the cost of B's settlement is less.
        If blockchains are used, they are transparent and trust each other. Blockchain has a greater impact on the financial industry. As a senior person who has worked in banking for more than 10 years, Ma Chao told reporters that the biggest key to the promotion of blockchain as a national strategy is that it can create a new digital currency system. Foreign Facebook has sent Libra. Machao experienced Libra, which is supported by a package of currencies, unlike bitcoin and other air currencies. Ma Chao believes that Libra, a decentralized digital currency, will have certain advantages over a centralized monetary system. "If you have your own digital currency, it will certainly be beneficial to participate in international competition.
        ”。 Ant financial has also tried in the field of blockchain finance. In June last year, ant financial created an e-wallet cross-border remittance based on blockchain technology. Hong Kong Alipay users can directly remit money to the Philippine wallet gcash through blockchain technology. The whole remittance journey takes only 3 seconds. Previously, this time was as short as 10 minutes and as long as a few days. "The value of blockchain does not lie in money speculation, but in solving social problems, its technical charm lies in building trust and collaboration." Jiangguofei, vice president of ant financial and head of the technology laboratory, said that blockchain must solve social problems and serve the real economy, which is its core value.
        On November 23, the technical director of ant blockchain attended a public event to talk about the breakthrough of blockchain. On November 21, baidu held a blockchain product forum to find out how blockchain can be implemented in the real industry. On November 19, the technical director of Tencent blockchain discussed how to find good blockchain application scenarios at a seminar. In recent days, bat blockchain team has actively spoken out. As early as twoorthree years ago, bat and other large Internet companies have begun to layout blockchain. They seldom take the initiative to disclose blockchain information to the public. After the favorable policy this time, the attitude of big manufacturers is obviously positive. "Blockchain has entered the commercial era ahead of schedule," Jiang Guofei judged.
        There are three reasons. First, thanks to the progress of technical capabilities, system performance and data protection are further mature; Secondly, open technology leads to group accelerated innovation; Third, cooperation with industry benchmarks has stimulated the snowball effect. These three points will also continue to accelerate the commercial implementation of blockchain. Blockchain technology of big companies is mostly the bottom technology patents, which is an area with large investment and slow income. The top 50 Forbes blockchain companies in 2019 are all large companies. The above blockchain source told reporters that small and medium blockchain startups have great opportunities in vertical applications, and large companies also need to cooperate with vertical application companies. Although large companies have actively entered the market, up to now, many people still equate blockchain with bitcoin and bitcoin with swindlers.
        Du Hongchao had an impressive thing. Once he participated in an activity organized by the local online information office and communicated with people from another Association. When the other party learned that he was in the blockchain industry, he said, "I never deal with liars", and deleted his wechat. "The chain circle, mining circle and coin circle are actually indistinguishable in the eyes of others," he told reporters, which is still the case now. The current blockchain industry is still in the early stages of chaos. This is a huge world. According to circles, it can be divided into currency circles for buying and selling virtual currencies, mining circles for mining and producing bitcoin, and chain circles for blockchain applications. According to the scope of application, it can be divided into completely open and transparent public chains, alliance chains applied among people jointly agreed in a certain part, and private chains open to a certain person.
        Before the deadline, the reporter communicated with Du Hongchao again. He was still doing blockchain "literacy". Although his voice was hoarse, he enjoyed it. He wanted to tear down the wall of public cognitive prejudice against blockchain. It takes time. Just like when mobile payment was just launched a few years ago, most people also felt insecure and cheaters. When it was really applied later, the public naturally accepted it. Du Hongchao entered the Internet industry more than 20 years ago. He was the webmaster of Huiduo. He has five digit QQ, served as the general manager of Jiangmin antivirus, and was also selected as the director of the China Internet association together with Ma Huateng in 2004. This time, he plunged into the blockchain.
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