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Ant group disclosed blockchain "daily life" for the first time

Time : 06/03/2022 Author : 8qrslt Click : + -
        Jing Xiandong, chairman of ant group, announced in Hangzhou on the 23rd that ant blockchain was officially upgraded to "ant chain". Ant group has been laying out blockchain since 2015. According to Jing Xiandong, ant chain has made three key achievements: technically, ant chain has always ranked first in the number of global patent applications for four consecutive years; In application, ant chain has helped solve the trust problem in more than 50 actual scenarios; In business, the ant chain currently has more than 100million "links" every day. Among them, the "daily chain volume" data has never been disclosed by a company before, which is equivalent to the "daily activity" in the blockchain field. In 2019, jiangguofei, vice president of ant group and head of ant chain, once pointed out that the number of links will be an important indicator to measure the prosperity of the digital economy.
        All media reporter Ni Ming.
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