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Yuzhong software industry has a positive trend of high-quality development, and "soft power" has become the "hard support" of economic development

Time : 03/09/2021 Author : h7jfgn Click : + -
        Software is the soul of information technology, the shield of network security, the engine of economic transformation, and the foundation of digital society. In recent years, Yuzhong has firmly adhered to the development direction of "digital industrialization and industrial digitalization", accelerated the development of "3+x" core industries such as industrial software, blockchain and information technology application innovation, and attracted a number of leading enterprises in the industrial chain, such as Hollysys, Huagong Intelligent Research Institute and Kirin software, to "take root", "blossom" and "bear fruit" in Yuzhong. The national blockchain innovation and application comprehensive pilot city A number of national and municipal industrial development elements, such as the national secret related special information equipment application demonstration base, Chongqing Industrial Software Industrial Park, Chongqing Industrial Design headquarters base, have been implemented and expanded, and the software industry in Yuzhong has made great strides to follow the tide of digital economy development.
        In 2021, the software business income of the whole region exceeded 26billion yuan, gathering 14 enterprises with a revenue of more than billion yuan, such as Bairun information, telecom integration, TUZUO Linjie, etc., with a total of more than 2500 software enterprises and nearly 40000 software employees. In Yuzhong, the soil for the development of the software industry is more fertile, and the atmosphere for promoting the high-quality development of the industry is becoming stronger. The development of fertile software is the "soul" of the new generation of information technology, the foundation of the development of digital economy, and the key support for the construction of "smart manufacturing town" and "smart city". Among them, industrial software is the "brain" of industrial manufacturing. If industrial software is popular, manufacturing will flourish. In January 2021, the construction of Chongqing's first municipal industrial software industrial park was launched in Yuzhong.
        According to the plan, Chongqing Industrial Software Industrial Park takes Chongqing block chain digital economy industrial park, Sinopec new area, e-commerce and Creative Industrial Park in Yuzhong District as the industrial development carrier, and focuses on the development of R & D and design, production control and operation management industrial software. Up to now, the park has gathered more than 200 medium-sized and large-scale enterprises and more than 1500 big data intelligence related enterprises, of which technology-based enterprises account for more than 60%. After the construction of Chongqing Industrial Software Industrial Park was started, Chongqing Huagong Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Technology Research Institute (hereinafter referred to as "Huagong Intelligent Research Institute") landed in Yuzhong, which is a professional innovation platform for industrial technology production, learning, research and application jointly built by the district government and the intelligent equipment research institute of Huazhong University of science and technology to implement the "strategic cooperation agreement signed by Chongqing municipal government and Huazhong University of science and technology".
        "Yuzhong has an industrial software industrial park, a professional intelligent manufacturing and industrial software industry ecological agglomeration, where more and more industrial software and intelligent manufacturing service providers gather, and the synergistic development effect of the industrial chain is increasingly prominent." The relevant person in charge of Huagong Intelligent Research Institute said that Yuzhong has obvious geographical advantages, superior business environment and high-end talents, which are conducive to the development of software enterprises. At present, Huagong Intelligent Research Institute has been recognized as two provincial platforms: the public service platform of key software and the cloud platform of Sichuan Chongqing integrated industrial software development service. In June of the same year, it was approved as the first batch of digital transformation promotion centers in Chongqing, and was selected as an innovative enterprise of municipal key software enterprises in September.
        This year, Chongqing digital economy innovation and Development Federation established three professional committees, namely, digital government, new infrastructure construction and digital economy talents, to empower the development of Chongqing's digital economy. Among them, the new infrastructure construction professional committee was established by Chongqing Huagong Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd. In the future, Huagong Intelligent Research Institute will take Chongqing Industrial Software Industrial Park as the main development position, take intelligent manufacturing services, industrial software and other high-end service industries as the development direction, actively promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements in the field of intelligent manufacturing by Huazhong University of science and technology, Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, etc., actively carry out the introduction of industrial software industry, and further improve its professional ability in intelligent manufacturing services, Overcome some "bottleneck" technologies in the field of industrial software, and promote the localization and substitution of industrial software and the innovative integration of application scenarios.
        The achievements of Huagong Intelligent Research Institute are only an epitome of Yuzhong District's focus on industrial software industry innovation and optimization of industrial layout. Since the start of the construction of Chongqing Industrial Software Industrial Park with the large petrochemical New Area as the main carrier in 2021, Yuzhong has attached great importance to the technological innovation and industrial layout of industrial software. In the process of accelerating the construction of the highland of the western industrial software industry, through measures such as strengthening supporting facilities, attracting, promoting education, and improving the environment, Yuzhong has successively cultivated and introduced sky digital, edge cloud network, series and parallel technology, JieChuang industry A number of well-known software enterprises with independent technological innovation capabilities, such as the old road of Chinese workers, have successively built seven municipal key public service platforms for software, such as the Sichuan Chongqing integrated industrial software service platform project. The context of industrial software industry development and technological innovation has become clearer.
        As an important part of the software industry, software is the core element to promote the high-quality development of the industry and an important support for the integration of industrialization and informatization. The development of industry cannot be separated from the "multiplier" role of enterprises, especially high-quality enterprises. During the 2021 China industrial software conference, a number of municipal key software projects such as western green energy technology and Chongqing Industrial Design headquarters base were settled in Yuzhong, boosting the development of the industrial software industry out of the "acceleration". Since the high-level and high-quality hosting of this national industrial software event, Yuzhong has formulated high-standard plans for the establishment and implementation of key industrial parks and investment attraction, built 400000 square meters of core space for industrial development, and made every effort to build a highland of industrial software industry; Constantly increase investment attraction and enterprise education. 17 local enterprises such as bate computer, Chongqing Environmental Protection Research Institute of Southwest Ordnance Industry and Mingyuan co creation were selected into the list of "specialized, special and new" small and medium-sized enterprises in Chongqing in 2022, 3 enterprise units such as Chongqing Xinchuang technology were selected into the list of key software public service platforms in the city, and 5 enterprises and 8 products such as chengzhipeng were selected into the list of key industrial software products in Chongqing in 2021, More Yuzhong software enterprises and products are emerging in the city and the country.
        With the continuous growth of industrial clusters, Yuzhong is also constantly injecting "fresh water" into the industry, and enabling industries to "accelerate". In July this year, key software industry projects in Yuzhong District of Chongqing were signed in 2022, with a total investment of 4billion yuan. 20 enterprises including Huatian software (Chongqing) Co., Ltd. and Chongqing Huagong Yingluo Ecological Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Chongqing Huagong Yingluo") have formed "partners" with Yuzhong to jointly promote the high-quality development of the software industry. Research and development project of the first set of garbage unmanned crane project in China; Actively participate in the technology implementation of carbon peak and carbon neutralization of enterprises, and complete a total of 20000 tons of carbon quota transactions &hellip& hellip; Chongqing Huagong Yingluo will give full play to its advantages accumulated for many years in steel, chemical industry, garbage power generation and other industries, strive to carry out exchanges and cooperation with enterprises in various industries in intelligent upgrading, digital transformation and other aspects, step by step, deeply cultivate intelligent manufacturing, and promote the "accelerated run" of Chongqing industrial software.
        "We believe and look forward to developing and making progress with the CPC in Chongqing." Li Jiaying, chairman of Chongqing Huagong Yingluo, said that he chose to land in Yuzhong because of its complete supporting facilities, rich application scenarios and excellent business environment. At the same time, with the successful convening of the first China industrial software conference last year, the company's research found that the upstream and downstream enterprises of the software industry in Yuzhong are becoming richer and richer, with a good development atmosphere and a promising future. As an important foundation for the localization of industrial software, the information technology and innovation industry in Yuzhong has accelerated the development of industrial software, seized the development opportunities of the information technology and innovation industry, and made every effort to build a new digital industry highland, adding a "new engine" for the high-quality economic and social development in Yuzhong.
        In 2020, Yuzhong was approved as the first national information and innovation base in the western region, which also attracted the attention of many leading enterprises in the information and innovation industry. In the same year, Yuzhong District government signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Beijing beixinyuan Software Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "beixinyuan") and Jiangsu CHUANGYOU Holding Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "CHUANGYOU group") to jointly promote the construction of network information security and promote the rapid development of Chongqing Zhongxin Chuang industry. According to the plan, beixinyuan will build a network security operation center and a network security joint laboratory in Yuzhong; Assist the local government to build a national regional platform for information technology application and innovation; Build information and Innovation Industrial Park; Provide technical support and solutions (including early targeted research and development) for the overall network security situation awareness, security notification, emergency response, security reinforcement, etc. of local governments; Vigorously cultivate special talents for network security and cultivate localized information and entrepreneurship enterprises.
        At the same time, guide more information and innovation enterprises to settle in Yuzhong, and make positive contributions to the construction and development of the regional information and innovation industry ecosystem. In Yuzhong, the basic industrial cluster structure of information technology and entrepreneurship has initially taken shape. More than 10 information technology and entrepreneurship enterprises such as Qiangang security, excellence infinite and Qiming Xin'an have signed contracts and settled in one after another. The "operating system middleware database office software" information technology and entrepreneurship industrial chain has gradually formed. The continuous influx of "fresh water" with high-quality development promotes the acceleration of industrial agglomeration, which benefits from Yuzhong's continuous improvement of the pertinence and effectiveness of the park's business gathering and capital selection work, efforts to improve the industrial chain, and create a park with distinctive characteristics, complementary advantages, and integration. The application scenario "blooms everywhere" to host the first national industrial software conference; Seven municipal key public service platforms for software have been built, including project management, software development, talent training, and application demonstration; Hellip, the first national information innovation base in the western region, was approved& hellip; Yuzhong district seizes new opportunities for the development of digital economy, continues to optimize the software industry ecosystem dominated by industrial software, blockchain, and information and innovation industries, continuously enhances the ability of industrial innovation and development, improves the quality and efficiency of public service platform construction, and has a variety of application scenarios.
        Yuzhong vigorously supports local enterprises to expand key manufacturing scenarios, helps enterprises to participate in smart factories, digital workshops and other construction and transformation projects, and supports local industrial software enterprises to open up the market. For example, the "process dimension chain Calculation Software v1.0" developed by chengzhipeng is mainly used in the process of machining process preparation, such as process benchmark conversion calculation, coating thickness calculation, allowance calculation, etc., to solve the problems of cumbersome process dimension chain calculation and difficult closed-loop judgment. Public service platforms play a crucial supporting role in industrial development. To this end, relying on leading enterprises, scientific research institutes, industry associations, etc., Yuzhong accelerates the construction of public service platforms such as achievement transformation, standards and specifications, market promotion, investment and financing, and focuses on building a "comprehensive + characteristic + professional" public service system.
        The "public service cloud platform for industrial R & D of small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises" created by telecom integration is a comprehensive public service platform for product R & D and design simulation of small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises, which integrates plm/pdm management system, CAX, EDA and other tool software. It aims to improve the level and quality of digital design of small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises and meet the market demand of small batch and customization under the intelligent manufacturing environment. In addition to accelerating the "flowering and fruiting" of industrial software, Yuzhong software industry has also accelerated the application in the fields of intelligent prevention and control, digital finance, intelligent medical treatment and so on, leading the economic transformation and upgrading. "Intellectualization" enables urban development and a better future.
        Yuzhong will, as always, firmly adhere to the development direction of "digital industrialization and industrial digitalization", give full play to the agglomeration effect of a number of industrial parks with complementary functions, data interoperability and element interconnection, such as Chongqing Industrial Software Industrial Park and Chongqing urban block chain digital economy industrial park, and complement the weaknesses and forge the strengths in industrial support policies, talent cultivation, enterprise recruitment, ecological optimization, etc., so as to enhance the innovation vitality of the software industry, Consolidate the foundation of industrial development and promote the industry to become bigger and stronger.
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