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Hong Kong triangle: to be a safe and reliable blockchain product

Time : 11/04/2022 Author : x7ah9u Click : + -
        If you haven't heard of blockchain, but I believe you will know bitcoin more or less. Bitcoin is just a token derived from blockchain technology. Although bitcoin is expensive at present, the value of blockchain technology is much higher than bitcoin. Since the publication of bitcoin: a peer-to-peer e-cash system by Satoshi Nakamoto, the founder of bitcoin, in 2008, blockchain technology has developed rapidly, and many companies based on blockchain technology have emerged in the world. Of course, these companies will also issue digital currencies. Hong Kong triangle is such a company. We had the honor to communicate with Ms. Wang Ke, COO of Hong Kong triangle, and Mr. He Zhi, CTO, from which we obtained information about the company's latest products &mdash& mdash; Triangle host, as well as the basic situation of the sharp corner coin (its digital currency name is similar to bitcoin, and its English name is acuteanglecoin, abbreviated as AAC) generated by the product.
        This company is not a new company. The whole team has three or four years of experience in hardware, and the two core figures of the company have been engaged in the hardware industry for more than 20 years, and have a good foundation in hardware R & D capabilities. In 2015, the company began to contact blockchain technology and began the research and development of hardware products. Although the triangle host of the company has not been launched yet, it has iterated to the fourth generation, which is a relatively mature product. Wang Ke introduced to us that the triangle host can be simply understood as a micro desktop with mining function. Its core hardware specifications are as follows: the CPU adopts Intel's latest Apollo series low-power chip n3450, with 8GB of running memory, and there are two hard disks, 64GB on-board hard disk and m.2128gb solid state hard disk respectively; In addition, the interface of triangle computer is very rich. It not only has multiple USB3.0, but also has RJ45, HDMI and other mainstream interfaces; The operating system is windows10.
        From the perspective of software and hardware, this is a standard PC product, and there is no problem in dealing with the mainstream office. However, due to the unique triangle appearance of the product, its internal motherboard also adopts a similar triangle design. This kind of separate mold opening cost is relatively high, and few PC manufacturers will take the initiative to do so. From this point, we can see the importance this company attaches to its products. In terms of price, this product is priced at $699, about 4600 yuan. The pre-sale price is $599, about 4000 yuan. In terms of sales, both domestic and overseas consumers can participate.
        In addition, this product will also appear on CES in January 2018 (9-12), which is probably the earliest time for the public to experience the real machine. Because the policy of Chinese Mainland on digital currency is not clear enough, the initial region of triangle host does not include Chinese Mainland, and users in Chinese Mainland are not recommended to participate in the purchase. Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan of China are among the first regions. Other starting countries include the United States, Australia, Japan and other 25 countries. On December 25, sharp horn coin will be launched on the Korean trading platform Kex, but the initial time and purchase method of hardware have not been determined for the time being. Sharp coin is a token that can be "dug" through the triangle host. Its reward mechanism is: users can monitor their own hardware computing power, uplink bandwidth and hard disk space through the built-in client of the triangle host. By contributing these resources, the user's contribution value is calculated according to a specific formula, and the sharp coin is distributed to users according to the results.
        The total circulation of acute coins is 1billion, of which 450million are available for users to "dig". This part of acute coins has no lock-in period and can be traded after digging. Among the remaining 550million acute coins, 25% are cornerstone investments and 25% are used for later operations. These two parts are mainly to ensure the stable and long-term existence of the whole project. The last 5% is reserved for the whole team. The 550million sharp horn coins are locked, that is, they cannot be traded for a period of time. In terms of distribution volume, 640000 acute coins will be distributed every day, if 10000 users are digging lines at the same time. Of course, the specific amount that users dig is directly related to the computing power and uplink bandwidth of the machine itself, and the specific number will vary.
        The distribution volume will decline once a year, and the decline amount is half. In terms of price, according to the news released on the official website recently, AAC will launch Kex on the Korean exchange on December 25, with an initial price of 2.3 yuan. At present, the consensus of the project in the industry can not help but make people look forward to the online results this time. Playing guest cloud is a very popular hardware product recently. The reason why it is popular is that this hardware can produce playing guest currency. The price of playing coin has increased more than 80 times since it was just distributed. Many people pay attention to this and buy gamecloud one after another. Why compare the two? There is a certain similarity between the game guest cloud and the triangle host, that is, the token algorithm and distribution are similar to a certain extent.
        They have achieved the purpose of obtaining tokens by contributing their own uplink bandwidth and hard disk space. But there are more differences between the two. First of all, in terms of form, gamecloud is just a NAS, and there is no internal hard disk. If users use it, they need an external hard disk to work; Triangle host is essentially a PC, which can be used as a computer in addition to digging sharp coins. There is no problem in dealing with daily office entertainment. The second is price. Because gamecloud is only a NAS, the price is low, which is 399 yuan, but according to the current rush buying situation, it is generally unavailable, and the price of scalpers is basically maintained at about 1000 yuan; The pre-sale price of the triangle host is $599, about 4000 yuan.
        There are two reasons for the relatively high price. First, this is a full-featured Windows computer, which is not fundamentally different from the computers we use in our work and life; The second is the application of blockchain technology. Gamecloud is a centralized private chain, while acuteanglechain is a public chain with unlimited open source possibilities. It is committed to building a global distributed cloud computing basic service platform based on triangle host, acuteanglechain and IPFs interstellar file system. Through communication, we learned that the introduction of hardware products and the distribution of tokens to users are only the first step to build the entire acuteanglecloud ecosystem.
        The whole product plan is not limited to triangular hosts, but to build shared distributed cloud computing. The second step is that users can dig up acute coins and trade them in the exchange by sharing the computing power, uplink bandwidth and hard disk space of the triangle host;. It can be seen from the whole plan that triangle host, as a hardware product supporting the whole acute cloud ecosystem, plays a very important role. Moreover, the user groups targeted by the plan are gradually changing from consumers (C-end) to enterprises (b-end). When talking about safety issues, Ms. coo Wang Ke said that the reason why the company invested a lot in the early stage and did not launch its products in Chinese Mainland was to consider "promoting ecology in accordance with laws and regulations".
        It is hoped that in the current impetuous capital market, we can make a safe and reliable blockchain product, which is as stable and reliable as the brand name triangle. Ms. Wang Ke, COO of Hong Kong triangle, believes that from the current development trend, blockchain technology is the trend in the future, and will even create the next company similar to bat. However, at present, different countries or regions have different regulatory attitudes towards digital currency, so the speed of blockchain technology development in different countries is different, just as when the Internet just arrived. Once accepted, blockchain technology will grow at an alarming rate. At present, the public lacks imagination on how to use blockchain technology, so it remains to be seen in what form blockchain technology will enter the industry.
        The financial industry will be the most mature industry to apply blockchain technology.
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