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Blockchain electronic files unlock the "new posture" of file management

Time : 13/07/2022 Author : nvr0qk Click : + -
        In 2017, the topic selection guide for the establishment of science and technology projects of the National Archives Administration listed "the application of blockchain technology in electronic archives management", marking that blockchain and blockchain technology have officially entered the field of vision of the archives industry. In September 2021, the project "Research on China's blockchain development strategy" of the Chinese Academy of Engineering released the application case of "blockchain + Digital Archives" in the column "discover 100 innovative applications of China's blockchain", which means that the application of blockchain technology in the field of digital archives has become mature. The archival information between archives at all levels, archives departments and other relevant departments in various regions is independent, incompatible, low sharing degree and data redundancy, resulting in the phenomenon of information islands.
        The decentralized and distributed recording mode of blockchain can break the information island, realize the trusted sharing of electronic archives among departments, and improve work efficiency. Archives are mostly stored in a centralized form. Except for the archives management department and authorized users, other people are unable to supervise the archives, resulting in the risks of artificial deletion, falsification and so on. Blockchain is tamper proof and traceable. Once the archive information is linked, it will be permanently stored and tamper proof, thus ensuring the authenticity, effectiveness, reliability and integrity of the data. File information contains a large amount of user privacy data, but the user privacy cannot be well protected in the process of file transfer to the unit or archives, which is easy to cause data leakage, use and infringement of user privacy data.
        Through blockchain technology, the file data of a department or involving personal privacy is internally shared, authorized to view, and limited in application, which effectively protects the security of user data and standardizes file permissions. Up to now, the "blockchain + archives" solution has successfully served Chongqing archives, Shenyang Archives, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Archives, Shanghai Stock Exchange and other archives, enterprises and institutions. With the successful implementation of blockchain in different application scenarios in the field of digital archives, the solution of "blockchain + Electronic Archives" has been recognized by more and more enterprises and institutions. In the future, "blockchain + Electronic Archives" will continue to contribute to China's digital development.
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