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What is blockchain? Who can take the lead in this game?

Time : 28/09/2021 Author : 6jwne8 Click : + -
        Everyone talks about blockchain, but I believe that a large number of people still don't understand what blockchain is. Many people have drawn an equal sign between blockchain and bitcoin, which also shows that many people have a great misunderstanding about blockchain itself. Blockchain is a decentralized distributed ledger database. In short, blockchain is essentially a database technology. Each block is like a hard disk, storing data and encrypting data with cryptography technology to ensure that these data will not be tampered with. Bitcoin is generated according to a special algorithm, confirmed and generated by the distributed database composed of many nodes in the whole P2P network, and the security of all links of currency circulation is guaranteed through cryptography technology.
        In other words, bitcoin is a presentation and application of blockchain. Blockchain is the underlying technology and infrastructure of bitcoin, which does not mean that blockchain technology can only be applied to bitcoin, so the relationship between the two is not equal. First, the blockchain itself is not controlled by anyone or institutions, and the data is copied (distributed) on multiple computers. In this way, attackers cannot find a single entry point, so the data security of the blockchain is more guaranteed. Second, all nodes in the network can be accessed easily, and once entering the blockchain, any information in it cannot be changed, and the administrator cannot change the data in the blockchain.
        Third, blockchain itself is also a platform. The decentralization of blockchain can realize point-to-point transactions, and no third party is required for either capital exchange or transactions. In addition to being a blue ocean for investors and entrepreneurs, blockchain has a huge impact on all aspects of people's lives. For example, according to the tamper proof characteristics of blockchain, information such as birth certificate, house property certificate and marriage certificate is notarized. In this way, cumbersome personal certificates are no longer required. Blockchain can be used to establish a general database to extract information from different databases, which can be used in the field of medical treatment, and can effectively avoid repeated inspection when seeing a doctor.
        At present, when we travel, we order hotels and air tickets on major platforms, which will charge a certain proportion of the fee. Using blockchain technology, we can realize point-to-point transactions. Apart from the middleman link, transactions and payments will become more convenient. With the support of blockchain data, you can monitor all links of a commodity from production to circulation, including quality inspection, professional monitoring, government supervision information, etc. In terms of copyright, the author uploads his work to the blockchain. Once it is used, it will be monitored immediately, and the corresponding copyright tax will be paid immediately. This can effectively protect the copyright of the creator and improve copyright awareness. The advantages of blockchain come from its unique technical foundation. It is a database jointly maintained by the collective. The development of blockchain has a wide range of fields and has become a blue ocean for many investors and entrepreneurs.
        As of April this year, Alibaba Group has owned 290 blockchain patents, ranking first in the global blockchain patent ranking in the first half of 2019. In addition, the top companies in the global blockchain patent ranking in the first half of the year are all from China, so China's competitive advantage in the blockchain field is obvious. With the continuous development of this technology and the continuous expansion of the field, we look forward to witnessing the bright future of blockchain technology.
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