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Understand what blockchain is in one article

Time : 07/10/2021 Author : bv6oqf Click : + -
        Simply put: blockchain is a decentralized and tamper proof distributed consensus ledger system. Its core is to rely on technical means to establish a safe and trusted mechanism without the guarantee of a third party institution, so that everyone can participate in it, and everyone can maintain this consensus ledger together, so as to achieve openness, transparency and fairness of information. In a class, Xiaohong wanted to borrow 10 yuan from Xiaobai, but Xiaobai was worried that Xiaohong would not repay the money, so she asked the monitor Xiaolu to be a notary and wrote down this account &mdash& mdash; This is the traditional centralized accounting method. If Xiaobai doesn't look for the monitor, he directly stands on the podium and shouts, "I Xiaobai lent Xiaohong 10 yuan, please help me write it down.".
        —& mdash; This is the use of blockchain. Just think, when Xiaobai finds the monitor Xiaolu, the first thing he faces is moral problems. What if the monitor is not trustworthy? Secondly, what if Xiaohong doesn't admit this account after Xiaolu transfers to school? Stand on the podium and tell all the students that you have a decentralized distributed ledger. It doesn't matter if you lose the ledger of yourself and the monitor. Other students still have it in their hands. Well, if Xiao Hong wants to default and doesn't pay back. He should at least control more than half of the students in the class (which can be understood as nodes in the blockchain) at the same time, saying that this account does not exist, then it is possible not to repay the money. It is almost impossible to do so, which is the so-called tamper proof.
        For example, at the end of the year, so and so company needs to make financial statements. At this time, financial personnel may be busy all night in the face of enough transaction flow, and even prone to the risk of making wrong accounts, which will bring losses to the company, while blockchain will not. Moreover, it is difficult for ordinary people to find out that some morally corrupt senior accountants modify their account books after misappropriating public funds, but with blockchain, such cheating can be completely eliminated. For another example, when shopping on tmall, we call Alipay first, and then Alipay transfers the money to the merchant after receiving the goods. Alipay accounts for customers and sellers. If Alipay system breaks down one day, the buyer and the seller will lose their notaries. Will the buyer and the seller get entangled? However, with blockchain, everyone recognizes that valuable things can be recorded and jointly manage this account book without third-party guarantee, which is equivalent to everyone having an account book in their hands. In this way, if a small part of it goes wrong, it will not affect the normal operation of the entire account system.
        That is to say, the blockchain distributed ledger system is open, transparent and tamper proof, which avoids the risk of traditional centralized system and makes it naturally applicable in the fields of finance, insurance, crowdfunding, charity and so on. Today, when Internet information is mixed, what blockchain urgently needs to solve is the efficient transmission of value, which can help us build a more authentic and valuable Internet. Of course, the application of blockchain is not only here, but also more widely applicable. For example, in the fields of government system (Estonia has used blockchain technology to build a virtualized country for its citizens), supply chain system, artificial intelligence, Internet of things and so on, applications are constantly developing and some progress has been made.
        We are also familiar with the field of digital currency (bitcoin, Ethereum, filecoin, etc.) is also a small part of it. Therefore, it can be said that the core role of blockchain is to solve the trust crisis, use technological means to reduce the cost of trust. In a wide range of fields, people can exchange value efficiently, reliably and accurately through scientific machines. Therefore, it can be said that blockchain is an inevitable choice for technology in the information age. This is blockchain, which not only reconstructs the trust system, but also creates a new industrial ecological pattern; It has slowly entered the life closely related to us, and is rapidly and violently changing the business rules and living environment of today's world. In the future era, it will bring more opportunities for us ordinary people, but also full of many challenges!.
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