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Alibaba blockchain pioneer

Time : 17/02/2022 Author : e9nqd3 Click : + -
        On the Chinese Internet, Alibaba founder Jack Ma has a well-known "stem" called "regret to create Alibaba", which echoes the "nothing" of former richest man Wang Jianlin. But in fact, Mr. Ma also has an unknown famous saying, "a company that only knows how to make money is a worthless company", which pays tribute to its peers in Silicon Valley. From bell to Xerox, in the early years, after having stable revenue, large American companies successively opened large laboratories and invested money in research. It is precisely because of the existence of these laboratories that there will be the emergence of technology giants such as Microsoft, apple and even Google in the future. In October, 2017, Alibaba Dharma Academy was established. Its purpose is to "explore the unknown of science and technology, and carry out basic science and innovative technology research driven by human vision", which has realized the wish of Alibaba founder Jack Ma, and made Alibaba take a big step from a good company that can make money to a great company that "faces the future".
        The Dharma academy has recruited the world's scientific elites and established seven research centers around the world, covering cutting-edge sciences such as artificial intelligence, semiconductors, chips, cloud computing, etc. On January 2, Alibaba Dharma Academy announced the top ten trends in 2020, which is the second time that Alibaba Dharma academy has predicted the annual technology trend since 2019. The prediction article writes that disruptive breakthroughs will occur in many technical fields, including AI, chips, cloud computing, blockchain and quantum computing, in 2020. Focusing on the layout of AI, pingtouge made a breakthrough in the development of AI chips and embedded CPUs. Through the joint cooperation with industrial chain partners, we can provide safe, intelligent and inclusive solutions in many fields such as data center, urban brain, vehicle road coordination, smart home and so on.
        Compared with the prediction in 2019, blockchain commercial acceleration, the rise of AI chips, the birth of smart cities, 5g spawned new application scenarios and other trends &hellip& hellip; These predictions have been turned into reality one by one. Take blockchain as an example. Last year, the Dharma Temple proposed that the commercial application of blockchain will be accelerated, which has been verified in reality. In 2019, blockchain technology rose to a national strategy, gradually landing in digital finance, digital government, intelligent manufacturing and other fields. Internet giants have also entered the market to explore the real value of blockchain. The reason why Dharma academy can make such an accurate prediction is that Alibaba's ant financial group has a highly effective blockchain team. With their help, ant blockchain successfully landed nearly 50 scenes in 2019, and was fully applied to commodity traceability, original protection, digital identity authentication, supply chain finance and other fields during tmall's double 11 in 2019.
        Dharma academy believes that the threshold for enterprises to apply blockchain technology will be further reduced in 2020, and various hardware chips designed specifically for blockchain, such as end-to-end, cloud, and chain to solidify core algorithms, will also emerge at the historic moment, and tens of millions of blockchain applications of rihuo will enter the public. Money burning "nightclub" team. In 2015, after the bear market in 2014, bitcoin began to take off at the price of $300, giving birth to another wave of "coin speculation". Unlike the popularity of the coin circle, blockchain technology at that time was still unknown. At that time, ant financial set up a blockchain team in-house to study technology. "At that time, it was not clear how valuable this thing was." it was in 2016 that we really recognized the commercial space behind it.
        Like all innovation teams within the company, the "codefarmers" of ant blockchain team are keen on hacking marathon. In a 48 hour sleepless activity, the team realized a PoC (proof of concept) of blockchain charity tracking application. On the donation platform of Alipay app, due to the blockchain logo, this charity fund tracking application immediately became the project with the highest traffic on the whole platform. In fact, it raised 198000 yuan for 10 hearing-impaired children, and nearly 50000 people participated in the donation activities. At that time, jiangguofei, who once served as the president of NEC American Research Institute, came to ant financial as the vice president and director of the Financial Technology Laboratory of Alibaba Dharma Academy. One of his main jobs at that time was to "burn money" to study blockchain technology and introduce blockchain talents.
        "The more such a thing is, the more unclear it is. If you can't see it clearly, someone needs to try and make mistakes. Trying and making mistakes costs a lot." Jiang Guofei believes that blockchain technology research has involved very basic disciplines such as mathematics, and this investment is not what everyone is willing to continue to promote. "The so-called" burning money "is essentially a determination to invest," Jiang Guofei said. As we all know, the investment in basic science and technology must be a long-term and difficult to achieve results, but it will benefit the present and the future. It is precisely because of this responsibility that Alibaba continues to make long-term investment in the main bodies represented by Alibaba cloud, Dharma court, luohantang, pingtouge, blockchain, etc., to create value for society and leave wealth for future generations.
        On the 11th floor of Huanglong era, the office of ant blockchain team is called "nightclub" because of frequent overtime and meetings. Under the dual role of capital and efforts, ant blockchain has also achieved good results. Jiang Guofei announced at the cloud habitat conference in September 2019 that the financial blockchain engine independently developed by ant financial has been able to support 1billion accounts and 1billion transactions per day. At the same time, the storage cost of the new blockchain has decreased by 50% compared with Ethereum, and the flexible expansion has achieved a cross chain information processing capacity of more than 100000 per second. It took only two years from the most money burning to very busy. Jiangguofei said, "commercial value explodes faster than we thought.
        ”Blockchain "landing" takes root. When the Dharma hall was founded, Alibaba founder Jack Ma once put forward three basic requirements: "live longer than Alibaba", "serve at least 2billion people around the world", and more importantly, "we must face the future and solve future problems with technology". This means that the research team should not only look up at the sea of stars, but also "pay attention to the earth under their feet". Alipay, the predecessor of ant financial, was originally the guarantee transaction function within Taobao system. Its purpose at the beginning of its birth was to solve the most difficult part of online shopping &mdash& mdash; Trust. As a "value Internet", blockchain technology has become another powerful tool to solve the trust problems in all walks of life with its characteristics of being tamperable and convenient for query.
        In solving the problem of trust, the ant blockchain team found application scenarios that are closely related to people's lives, such as cross-border remittance, commodity traceability, mutual insurance, charity and Housing leasing. In Hong Kong, ant financial's Hong Kong team joined hands with Standard Chartered Bank to enable users with cross-border transfer needs to complete cross-border remittance in a few seconds with the help of blockchain technology. Similar transactions through traditional banking systems require not only long queues, but also a transfer period of up to 10 days. Using blockchain technology to realize global real-time remittance finally returns to Alibaba's vision of "no difficult business in the world", and extends the "trust" system established during the Alipay era from e-commerce networks to the broader real world.
        For example, if you buy overseas milk powder products on tmall, you can clearly see the whole process of milk powder production, quality inspection and logistics by tracing the source code. According to statistics, 150million online shopping products were traced to their origin in the tmall double 11 last year. In the field of judicial confirmation and rights protection, ant blockchain team has built a unified blockchain platform for the Supreme Court to build the people's Court justice. It is reported that it has completed the construction of nodes in 21 courts and 27 links, and has completed more than 180million pieces of data together with the fourth level courts to complete the online storage of certificates, supporting the online evidence verification. The whole process of chain supervision can be traced, which greatly reduces the cost of judicial rights protection.
        Due to the creation of many blockchain business applications for the first time in the world, Jing Xiandong, chairman of ant financial group, took out his aged Moutai to reward the team's exploration in the blockchain field. At the beginning of the year, the Libra Libra coin of American social networking giant Facebook once caused panic among global financial institutions. From the current development of the project, it is difficult to achieve its goal of becoming a new infrastructure to subvert traditional finance. In contrast, ant financial blockchain team, with solid technical strength, patiently looking for landing scenes from inside and outside Alibaba, step by step to promote blockchain technology to all walks of life in reality.
        "Whether it is the financial and commercial credit between individuals and enterprises, or the new trust between individuals and society, institutions and institutions, blockchain will certainly reshape the existing productivity, means of production and production relations, forming the ultimate collaborative future digital economy." In an article, Jiang Guofei described the value of the Internet and the new "contract era" brought by blockchain technology. Ant blockchain team is also using landing scenarios and application fields, which reflects Alibaba's efforts and determination to jointly build such a new era.
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