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Banqu, a blockchain ID startup led by Budweiser InBev, a leading subsidiary of beer

Time : 25/03/2022 Author : eb0j4p Click : + -
        Abstract: bitcoin futures approached the $8000 mark, hitting a four-day high, but fell 6% this week, ending a five-week rally; Part of the BTC stolen by bitfinex three years ago was transferred out of the hacker wallet; CME's bitcoin futures trading volume in the last two months exceeded the sum of the previous six months; Conbase's bitcoin trading volume hit a 14 month high in May; LTC's market value surpassed BCH and was promoted to the fourth largest cryptocurrency; Front Mt Goxceo denies returning to cryptocurrency. Banu, an American blockchain identity startup, announced on the 6th that in the round a extended round of financing, it was led by zxentures, an investment company under AB InBev, the world's largest brewer, which further deepened its cooperation with AB InBev, but did not disclose the amount of financing.
        Banu, a blockchain as a service software company, claims to have developed the world's first and only blockchain platform without cryptocurrency, so that people in poor areas can connect with the global supply chain, brands, institutions and governments that support them, and help them get rid of poverty. The new financing will help Banu continue to develop transparent and traceable products in the supply chain, as well as global expansion. Banu now covers 12 countries in the world, including India, South Africa and the United States, and plans to expand to China and Mexico this year. In August last year, after Banu successfully launched a pilot project to help 2000 farmers in Zambia, AB InBev reached a cooperation with Banu, and then jointly launched the project in Uganda, India and Brazil.
        Tonymilikin, chief sustainability and procurement officer of AB InBev, said that the cooperation with Banu will help AB InBev achieve the 2025 sustainability goals and the sustainable development goals of the United Nations. Whalealert, a twitter account tracking a huge number of cryptocurrency transactions, showed that on the afternoon of the 7th Beijing time, five bitcoin (BTC) funds were transferred out of the hacker wallet of bitfinex, the cryptocurrency exchange, which was stolen in 2016. A total of 172.54 BTCs were transferred into an unidentified wallet, and another 17.03 BTCs were transferred out of this wallet in the early morning of the 8th.
        In these two days, nearly 190 BTCs were transferred out, with a market value of more than 150000 US dollars. On June 7, U.S. time, the main contracts of bitcoin futures on the two major U.S. exchanges resumed their rise, rising more than $300 a day, coming out of the trough of nearly three weeks and hitting a new high since Monday, June 3. However, this week, they fell 6% and ended five weeks of gains. Last week, they rose nearly 19%. They have risen more than 11% for five consecutive weeks and more than 62% in May. The world's largest futures exchange, CME bitcoin futures contract BTC in July closed up about 5.2% to close at $8015, down about 2.9% on the 6th to close at $7620, down 6% this week.
        CBOE bitcoin futures XBT, the largest option exchange in the United States, ended June up 4.5% to close at $7997.5, down about 2.2% to close at $7655 on the 6th, close to a two-week low hit on the 4th, and fell about 5.9% this week. According to tradeblock, a global provider of digital currency research and institutional trading tools, the total nominal trading volume of bitcoin futures contracts of CME in April and may this year exceeded the sum of the previous six months. LinkedIn app express once mentioned that as the world's largest futures exchange, CME launched bitcoin futures contract products in December 2017.
        Last year, the current currency price of bitcoin fell by more than 70%, and the futures trading activity of CME was sluggish last year. In the first week of this month, the total number of open bitcoin futures contracts traded by CME reached 5190, the highest since the advent of this futures product. On the 7th of this month, CME announced that in May this year, the trading volume and open positions of bitcoin futures reached a new high, with an average daily trading volume of more than 13600 copies (about US $515million), an increase of 36% over April and a year-on-year increase of more than 250%. The number of open positions also reached a record high of 4602, an increase of 80% over last May. 223 bitcoin futures trading accounts were added in May this year, a new high since January last year.
        The commentary said that this shows that the interest of institutional investors has indeed increased. Bitcointy data shows that in May this year, the bitcoin trading volume of coinbase, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the United States, was 73895942 BTCs, worth about $5.9 billion. In terms of the number of BTCs, this is the highest monthly trading volume since March last year, and may this year is also the sixth highest month in coinbase's history. Coinbase's record high trading volume is not surprising. The spot and futures prices of bitcoin surged by more than 60% in May. According to the editor of LinkedIn app, at about 3:00 on the 8th Beijing time, coinmarketcap website statistics showed that in the recent 24 hours, LTC has increased by 16.27%, ranking first among the top 90 global cryptocurrencies by market value.
        Moreover, the current market value of LTC has exceeded US $7.46 billion, surpassing bitcoin cash (BCH) and becoming the fourth largest cryptocurrency by market value. At present, the transaction price of cryptocurrencies is generally higher. Among the top 20 cryptocurrencies in market value, six have increased by more than 10% in the past 24 hours. In addition to LTC, there are also BCH's bifurcations BS, EOS, iota, etc and Neo, three of which are among the top 10 cryptocurrencies. Mt., the largest bitcoin exchange in the past that went bankrupt due to hacker attacks GOx's former CEO, omarkkarpeles, told cointegraph that recent media reports about his return to blockchain, a cryptocurrency related field, were untrue.
        Tristan technologies, a Japanese technology company he participated in, will not be involved in this field. Karpeles said, I think it has been made very clear at the press conference on June 5, and I am not sure why there are wrong reports. Someone even asked me if I was considering returning to cryptocurrency. My answer to this question so far is that there is no plan in this regard. He said that the goal of joining Tristan is to strive to bring Japan back to the first level in the IT industry. Karpeles also said that Tristan is not a start-up in the general sense. It has been operating for some years and is now self-sufficient.
        It focuses on cloud IT solutions, providing services such as Google disk or Dropbox alternatives. LinkedIn app express once mentioned that the Japanese newspaper Daily News previously reported that Karpeles said on the 5th that he was the chief technology officer of Tristan, a new block chain technology company. He intends to take this opportunity to make Japan a global leader in blockchain technology. The company plans to design a new secure operating system supported by blockchain to significantly improve the system running speed. According to the screenshot of CCN, johnmcafee, the founder of McAfee, an anti-virus software, forwarded a report on the ban on cryptocurrency in India on Twitter and commented, "the war has begun.
        A whole country that hopes to be free will now impose punishment for using the tools of freedom. " Then he quickly reissued a message: "if there is a time when Anonymous (a well-known hacker organization) should come forward, it is now!". McAfee has since deleted the two posts, CCN said. According to the editor of LinkedIn app, these contents have indeed not been found in McAfee's Twitter comments. What angered McAfee was a report on the 7th. LinkedIn app express previously mentioned that according to Bloomberg associated media Bloomberg, India may consider sentencing cryptocurrency investors, traders and miners to one to ten years in prison.
        This statement is said to be part of the 2019 draft "Regulations on the prohibition of cryptocurrencies and official digital currencies act". According to cointegraph, banki Ru reported that hermangref, CEO of Sberbank, a state-owned bank in Russia and the largest bank in China, confirmed that the bank decided not to develop encryption related services, and that the bank had never had any plans in the field of encryption. The bank will now focus on applying blockchain to its services. Gref said he was glad that the hype in the encryption market had passed, but the regular cooperation with blockchain technology still existed.
        He believes that bitcoin is a "technical tool for trading", rather than an investment. He also shared his investment experience in cryptocurrency, revealing that he bought bitcoin when it was worth about $5 and used it for payment instead of saving.
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