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EUROLINK cloud chain and the China Academy of communications and communications prepared the "web, 30 forward-looking research report" to help the healthy and orderly development of the industry

Time : 31/10/2021 Author : 9ho18u Click : + -
        When we talk about Web3.0, what are we talking about? Is it the rise of the creator economy? Is it the revival of the spirit of openness and sharing? Or the realization of value Internet?. In order to deeply analyze the positive value and risk challenges of Web3.0, and explore the practice path of Web3.0 with Chinese characteristics, eurocloud chain, China Academy of communications, Tencent and other industry university research institutions jointly prepared the "Web3.0 forward looking Research Report" (hereinafter referred to as the "report"), and publicly displayed the core research results of the report at the 2022 trusted blockchain ecosystem conference and the first trust technology conference held on July 14. The core features of Web1.0 (about 1990-2005) are decentralization and open protocols for community management, and most of the value is accumulated on the edge of the network &mdash& mdash; Users and builders.
        However, in the Web2.0 era (about 2005-2020), with the popularity of smartphones and the rise of mobile apps, the channels for users to obtain information and services have gradually changed from an open and interconnected "World Wide Web" to a centralized and isolated "private domain traffic". Most of the value belongs to a few giant companies such as Google, apple, Amazon, Facebook (meta). Especially with the rapid popularization of mobile Internet, the growth of new users ushered in the ceiling, and the relationship between Internet giants and users gradually changed from positive sum to zero sum. To continue to grow, we need to extract data from users and compete with other giants.
        As a result, the platform barriers are becoming deeper and deeper, the monopoly of giants is becoming more and more obvious, and the problem of data islands is becoming more and more serious. For start-ups, creators and other groups, their enthusiasm to expand their influence through innovation is bound to be restrained when they are worried all day that the centralized platform will change the rules and take away their audience and profits. Web2.0 has eliminated the digital divide and brought digital dividends to billions of people around the world, but it has also stifled innovation and made the Internet less open and interconnected. At the same time, the infringement of user privacy and data security caused by it has also been increasingly criticized. Nowadays, metauniverse and Web3.0 supported by blockchain technology are coming.
        Web3.0 combines the decentralization of Web1.0 and the spirit of community management with the technological progress of Web2.0, returns most of the value to users, endows users with the right of independent management of data, and uses value as a link to open up data islands. At present, the Web3.0 industrial ecosystem has begun to take shape. As of March 2022, the total investment and financing amount of global Web3.0 is about US $160billion, which is still rising. As expressed in the report, Web3.0 is a large-scale digital society simulation experiment, and its potential technical value and commercial value have broad imagination space.
        If Web1.0 and Web2.0 are the information internet with information as the core object, its core feature is the interaction between information and algorithm, using algorithm to distribute information, so as to realize the information flow tends to "zero" marginal cost; Web3.0 is the value Internet with assets as its core object. Its core feature is the interaction between assets and algorithms. It uses algorithms to realize asset distribution, so as to realize that asset circulation tends to "zero" marginal cost. With the development of Web3.0, will the products of Web2.0 era be replaced? The answer is not sure. This is because Web2.0 and Web3.0 have their own emphasis: Web2.0 gives priority to efficiency, while Web3.0 gives priority to open sharing.
        Some people are willing to abandon efficiency in order to pursue fairness, but certainly some people are willing to transfer freedom for efficiency. It is difficult to decide which is better or worse. Just judging from the current awakening degree of users' freedom consciousness and the development trend of the Internet, Web3.0 may meet the demands of more people. Jiang Zhaosheng, a senior researcher at the Academy of cloud chain of Oko, also said in an interview: "The development of Web3.0 is not simply to replace the technology giants in the Web2.0 era, and it is difficult to replace them in a short time. In the early stage of Web3.0 development, the application platforms built by various Internet companies will still exist, but under the Web3.0 concept, it will force the big companies in the Web2.0 era to make improvements. There may be no obvious differences in user perceptions, but the back-end operation mode may undergo revolutionary changes.
        ”。 Although the development of Web3.0 in China is still in a "wrapped up" state, facing challenges such as unclear policy supervision, immature technology application, and financial risks, and there are many disputes about its development prospects, bat, ByteDance, Huawei and other major manufacturers have already launched their layout to seize the opportunity of a new round of technological revolution and industrial change. Other production, learning, research and application institutions are also actively exploring, trying to keep China's Web3.0 and meta universe industries and technologies from falling behind and getting stuck. In the "Web3.0 forward looking Research Report", it is mentioned that Web3.0 is a valuable experimental field for the new production relations, new production factors and new production methods in the digital society. It is suggested to timely introduce corresponding policies and regulations, guide rational cognition, lead stable expectations, promote the opening and co construction of basic functional platforms with the help of multi-party linkage, encourage the application to land, and explore the "regulatory sandbox" pilot model of digital assets based on digital RMB, Build Web3.0 digital ecosystem with Chinese characteristics in combination with national conditions.
        The report points out that Web3.0 is expected to transform and upgrade the Internet from the three dimensions of technology, industry and economy, give birth to a new business model of CO creation and win-win results, build a new paradigm of Internet economy, and expand the new space of digital economy. The key technical links of Web3.0 ecosystem include digital assets (ft&nft), privacy enhanced computing, distributed autonomous organization (DAO), social computing network, as well as data analysis and content security on the chain. In the era of Web3.0, the value of data has been amplified unprecedentedly. As the "protective wall" of the entire Web3.0 ecosystem, the importance of data analysis and security governance on the chain is self-evident.
        Driven by blockchain technology, the Web3.0 era will realize cross chain connectivity and data interoperability. As the world's leading blockchain big data and technology service provider, oklink cloud chain has been committed to the technological innovation of big data analysis and security governance on the chain since its establishment in 2013, focusing on the research and development of many fields such as the application of blockchain technology and the fight against new crimes. It has successively launched oklink blockchain browser, "eye of heaven on the chain" series, masters on the chain and many other products, A full chain product matrix based on data processing and Application on the chain is formed. In the future, with its technical advantages of "blockchain + big data" and years of industry experience, orco cloud chain will continue to support the development needs of Web3.0 for data interoperability, continue to build a Web3.0 ecosystem, and continue to build a safe fortress of a credible economy.
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