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How to apply for the college entrance examination? These popular occupations of blockchain should be known first!

Time : 07/07/2021 Author : 9y75k3 Click : + -
        What does blockchain have to do with me? I don't buy money! It is estimated that many people will show disdain for Xiao tan. Don't worry, let's take a look at the five emerging occupations with the rise of blockchain technology!. Cryptocurrency companies usually need technical white papers to attract investors, which makes technicians who can write white papers particularly popular. White papers usually range from 20 to 50 pages, describing the company's technological development and marketing plan. Usually, as a white paper writer, you should not only have a thorough understanding of the project, but also have a deep understanding of distributed system design, cryptography and economics; On this basis, it spends a lot of time writing content in specific industries and looking for unique ways to distribute content. Many marketing companies will recruit such talents to serve blockchain companies.
        Content writers working in the blockchain field should not only understand the working principle of blockchain technology, but also have persuasive writing skills. In other words, while having a technical background, writing is also good. It would be better if you had experience in social media operation (such as detective me). The community of blockchain requires decentralization, but community managers are indispensable. Due to the characteristics of blockchain technology, blockchain technology has emerged in the form of open source community since its birth. The earliest blockchain open source community is bitcoin. According to ken, the community leader of the blockchain project unetwork, as a successful community leader, we must first have the vision to determine the significance of the community.
        Who will become a member of the community and how to maintain both quantitative and qualitative interaction with members need to be considered. In other words, "it's not just about pulling groups, it's not just about senior customer service, but also about consumer behavior, psychology and communication.". At the same time, as a community manager, we should have the ability to increase the number of users. If you are interested in marketing, you can consider becoming a blockchain community manager. Compared with the blockchain user community, the developer community of blockchain technology is a new community group that really rises because of blockchain technology. In the interaction of the developer community, most projects spend too much time on the investor community at this stage, but the key is to operate the developer community, and open source has always been relatively weak in China.
        At present, the developer community mainly serves the open source non-profit community of blockchain and its related application developers, focusing on blockchain related technology exchanges. In the community, talents don't talk about the price of money, don't talk about speculation, care about the development of blockchain technology, and focus on the development and troubleshooting of related technologies. Therefore, in the long run, the developer community will inevitably become the mainstay of blockchain technology. Talents from the developer community will be very popular in the future world. Blockchain technical engineers can be divided into two levels. Smart contract development engineer and security architect. Among them, smart contract development engineers have been very popular recently.
        Blockchain website developers are usually responsible for writing and maintaining code in the form of smart contracts. Unlike ordinary software engineers, smart contract development engineers must also understand the content of asymmetric encryption, be familiar with the principles of bitcoin and Ethereum, and be proficient in javasript, react (for building JavaScript library user interface), Python and solidity. The security architect is to ensure the security of digital currency transactions. Although one of the benefits of cryptocurrency is that it is much more difficult to crack than traditional payment systems, the role of security architect is still very important.
        The main job of security architects is to create systems to protect the company's technology from external threats and prevent fraudulent transactions. Like smart contract development engineers, security architects should master the underlying protocols, operation mechanism and underlying implementation of bitcoin and Ethereum on the basis of various programming languages mastered by ordinary engineers. Want to resist hackers and exchange thieves? Want to turn the application of cryptocurrency from rumors to reality? Machine learning engineers help you realize your dream! It is said that in the world of blockchain, machine learning engineers are the real "hackers"! Because they want to create a safe and user-friendly experience for customers through digital applications, and "harass" and resist hackers!.
        At present, coinbase, the largest cryptocurrency trading platform in the world, uses machine learning to resist the harassment of hackers. In the world of blockchain, machine learning trained based on market data combines two powerful resources: private machine learning and incentives. This allows developers to use incentives to get the best data their algorithms need. An ordinary mechanical learning engineer should have experience in natural language processing (NLP) algorithm and data analysis, and be familiar with statistical analysis languages such as Python and SQL. Machine learning engineers, on the basis of their understanding of cryptocurrency, can be described as "a column of mountains are small".
        Usually, well-known financial analysts usually come from the financial industry regulatory authority and need to hold a bachelor's degree and license. After four years of experience, many people have further become certified as chartered financial analysts (CFA). In the field of blockchain, in addition to having first-class analytical, computational and mathematical skills, candidates should also know how new regulations, policies, political situations and economic trends affect investment at any time. In a word, to improve professional competitiveness, we can't rely solely on knowledge in the traditional financial field. The reason why analysts are hot is also attributed to hedge funds, insurance institutions, and investors who want to invest in cryptocurrencies.
        The demand of these institutions and individuals for financial analysts is growing with the rise of cryptocurrency technology. As a financial analyst, the basic work includes: recommending investments, formulating investment strategies, such as the best time to buy and sell digital currencies, assessing risks, and maintaining portfolios.
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