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Time : 07/03/2022 Author : zbe6sn Click : + -
        People cannot stand without faith, things cannot succeed without faith, and businesses cannot prosper without faith. Since ancient times, honesty has always been the foundation of people. No matter how talented you are, if you don't treat people sincerely and make friends with your heart, you will be unable to do anything. However, everything has two sides, and the most important is often the most worrying. Especially in today's Internet era, many people use others' integrity to achieve their own ulterior purposes. Information leakage makes netizens run naked, which facilitates many criminal acts. For example, when you apply for a job on the Internet, you submit a resume, and the information of this resume will be obtained by illegal personnel. Countless fraud calls may be made to you every day, while other people who want to use your personal data to write articles only need to spend a few dollars to buy your data.
        At present, under the impact of the epidemic, live broadcast delivery has become a new marketing means. Sellers rely on webcast and the words of the anchor to judge the authenticity of this commodity. Behind this, some live broadcast delivery is caused by the illusion of bill swiping personnel. There are lottery and other marketing promotion means in live broadcast, as well as the nature of gambling. This behavior makes other real anchors unreliable, and greatly affects the social atmosphere. Using new technologies, the decentralized, tamper proof and traceable characteristics of blockchain make the transmission of data on the network more reliable, traceable and traceable. Take the recruitment resume as an example. The resume you submitted this time limits the "necessary personal information" to "registered user mobile phone number" and "resume provided by job seekers".
        In addition, your resume is linked, that is, your resume data is linked. When and by whom and how these data have been used, the process is clear at a glance, and the whole process is marked. These can be used as electronic evidence for later event processing. Blockchain technology, with its decentralized, safe and reliable characteristics, builds a network integrity system and activates the endogenous driving force of industry development. In the future, with the further development of quantum communication technology, the construction of network integrity will move towards a new stage of quantum encryption transmission with the help of systematic and bottom-up scientific and technological forces, and help China's digital economy to achieve stability and long-term development.
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