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[crack down on pension fraud] the middle-aged and the elderly should avoid investment and financial fraud in six ways!

Time : 18/07/2022 Author : qygfej Click : + -
        For investment and financial management, the middle-aged and elderly people are most concerned about the safety of funds. They are very worried that their hard-earned pension money will be cheated and end up with nothing. Nowadays, there are many scams in society, and various means emerge in endlessly, which is simply impossible to prevent. As middle-aged and elderly investors, how to avoid investment and financial fraud?. At present, it is not easy for enterprises to achieve high profit margins. Those who promise ultra-high returns are generally liars. They return the interest to you first by robbing Peter to pay Paul, so that you can taste some sweetness in the early stage of investment, and then lure you to invest heavily again. When the capital reaches a certain amount, the fraudsters often close down and run away with money.
        Guoshuqing, chairman of the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, once stressed that high yield means high risk. If the yield exceeds 6%, it should be marked with a question mark. If it exceeds 8%, it is very dangerous. If it exceeds 10%, it should be prepared to lose all principal. With the development of economy, a large number of new investment channels and investment platforms under the banner of "crude oil, precious metals, virtual currency, metauniverse, blockchain" have emerged, but most investors simply do not understand these businesses because of the lack of financial management knowledge. Some swindlers often take advantage of these investment platforms to "package" these investment platforms to lure investors to invest. Investing in these businesses that you don't understand at all is not only risky, but also many platforms are specially deceptive. Generally, when you first invest in them, you will give investors some benefits, but suddenly one day, investors will have nothing.
        No matter how simple the operation described by the business personnel is, it is actually a false offer, and the profits or losses are in their hands. At present, most of the loan agreements signed by many platforms or companies with customers in the signing of contracts only specify the amount and period, but there is no clear purpose of loan and capital flow, which is likely to enter the company's own capital pool. Nowadays, hot money is surging in society, but it is not money that can invest in high-quality resources. Many swindlers will fabricate false projects to induce investors to invest and achieve the purpose of raising funds. Investors lend their hard-earned money to these unreliable people for use, and the consequences are unimaginable.
        In daily life, we may see some financial news in our circle of friends, such as "pull friends" links. This method is similar to pyramid selling, but it is put on the cloak of the Internet. In fact, as long as relatives and friends come to tell you that he (she) has made a lot of money from investment, and then pull you into the partnership, and then let you develop offline, it is likely to be a liar. Because they don't care whether the investment product is true or false at all. As long as someone comes in to invest money, they can get money, and the money they get is all the principal of the investor. He is not sure whether he can break even. Dare you invest in this way?. Some financial products are called quasi private placement. Unlike private placement, which packages a financial project and then goes out to raise funds, investors need to pay money first, wait for the money to reach a certain amount, and then go to the project to invest the money in the name of angel investment or other names.
        In this way, investors do not buy private placement products, but directly become partners. Of course, partnership investors share interests and risks, but investors invest money in various companies, and there are all kinds of industries. Finally, they find that these are all shell companies registered by themselves. Of course, investors can't get profits, which is basically equivalent to floating. Take the leaflet, stand by the road, invite you to a salesroom, say to sit inside, give a practical gift. When you enter the house, the so-called financial manager will start to promote products, and you can invest as much as you want. Thirty or five thousand is not enough, and eighthundredthousand thousand is more welcome.
        Such people who open a store, recruit a few people, and then go to the streets to attract people to invest. Generally, they don't have financial licenses, so they must not invest. Once they cheat money and run away, you don't even know who to look for. For investment and wealth management, we must choose large enterprises with financial licenses. At least they will not run away. Even if there are bad debts, they will also lose some, and investors will not lose their money.
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