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Blockchain Encyclopedia,Tianfu Finance News: summary of important information on digital economy, blockchain and supply chain finance on June 11

Time : 23/06/2022 Author : s7m9t0 Click : + -
        Huangdao customs actively promotes the development of cross-border e-commerce business, supports the use of blockchain technology to achieve full traceability of cross-border goods, and improves the shopping experience of cross-border e-commerce. The customs docking with the digital supply chain platform can comprehensively query the relevant information of commodities, consumers and enterprises in real time, make cross-border e-commerce customs clearance more timely and efficient, reduce enterprise operating costs, and improve the timeliness of consumer receipt. In fact, since this year, Qingdao area of China (Shandong) pilot free trade zone has focused on cultivating new forms and models of trade, accelerating the development of marine characteristic industries, exploring local economic cooperation among China, Japan and South Korea, and using blockchain technology to improve the stability and security of industrial chains and supply chains.
        On the morning of June 10, six departments including Tongxiang people's court, people's Procuratorate, Public Security Bureau, judicial bureau, comprehensive administrative law enforcement bureau and government affairs data Office signed a contract to establish the "rule of Law Alliance chain". "‘ the establishment of the rule of Law Alliance chain ’ helps to make administrative law enforcement more open and transparent and convince the people; the staff of the two chambers can directly extract complete, verified and traceable evidence materials from the ‘ blockchain ’ to greatly shorten the time to verify the authenticity of evidence and effectively improve their work efficiency.". In reality, some enterprises organize virtual currency transactions in China in the name of "blockchain innovation"; Issue "× × currency" × × chain ", publish white papers, fictitious use ecology, and raise funds or virtual currency assets on the grounds of" blockchain application scenario landing "; Some institutions provide publicity, drainage, agency trading services for ICO projects and virtual currency trading platforms registered abroad, and even some illegal institutions issue or promote legal digital currencies in the name of the people's Bank of China to defraud investors.
        This illegal means of "fish eyes mixed with pearls" is exactly the trap we should be vigilant and stay away from. Tianfu finance news learned that the Beijing Municipal Party committee and government issued several opinions on accelerating the cultivation and expansion of new business forms and new models to promote the high-quality development of Beijing's economy. It is proposed that the list database of key blockchain enterprises will be built to support the development of blockchain applications such as cross-border digital trade. In the field of cross-border digital trade, experts said that blockchain technology has its specific advantages in payment and logistics. "At present, cross-border payment has the problems of long cycle, high cost and low efficiency. A wire transfer usually takes two to five working days to arrive. The adoption of blockchain technology can significantly improve the speed of cross-border transfer.
        ”Li Lianxuan, chief researcher of orco cloud chain group, said that blockchain technology can also help local regulators monitor cross-border remittance links in real time and in the whole process, greatly improving timeliness and effectiveness. In April this year, the national development and Reform Commission clarified the scope of new infrastructure for the first time, and blockchain was officially included. Standing at the new infrastructure outlet, blockchain development has entered a new era, ushering in a new stage of multi industry scenario layout and accelerated application. In an interview with reporters, heads of several authoritative institutions said that the development of blockchain has entered a new stage of deep integration with industry, and industrial blockchain will be the largest landing direction of domestic blockchain in the future. With the trillions of new infrastructure, the development of industrial blockchain will also usher in an explosive period.
        In May this year, a small program called "linklink Wanjia" became popular in Taishan street. The street builds a blockchain based community public fund supervision system and public affairs voting mechanism. On the one hand, it uses the characteristics of blockchain distributed bookkeeping to publish the income and expenditure of community fees and other notices and announcements in real time, so as to protect the residents' right to know, participation, management and supervision. On the other hand, it enables residents to effectively exercise the voting rights in community public management matters and improves the efficiency of decision-making. The new mode of "blockchain + community autonomy" helps to save the cost of community governance and establish a sustainable community governance system from the perspective of economic benefits; From the perspective of social benefits, taking property management as the main breakthrough to strengthen grass-roots social governance can solve the prominent contradictions of residents, promote social harmony, and realize the co construction, CO governance and sharing of social governance.
        Recently, the Fujian Provincial Economic Information Center released the evaluation results of the 2019 Fujian digital economy development index (fjdei index for short). The provincial digital economy development index reached 72.09, and the scale of the digital economy exceeded 1.7 trillion yuan, with a growth rate of nearly 20%, accounting for more than 40% of the provincial GDP. The digital economy has become a new engine for the high-quality economic development of our province. The report shows that Quanzhou's digital economy development index is 77.78, ranking third in the province. As an ultra wideband low delay wireless communication technology, 5g can integrate the Internet of things, data center, artificial intelligence and industrial Internet to form a complete new generation of information infrastructure, and become an important part of the "new infrastructure".
        China proposes to promote the deep integration of the Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and the real economy, and accelerate the networking, intellectualization and digitization of manufacturing, agriculture and service industries. In the past year, 5g and other new generation information technologies have enabled new applications, promoted the development of smart society, supported industrial digitalization, and become the new engine of China's digital economy. According to the Department of industry and information technology of the autonomous region, this year, Xinjiang will promote the rapid development of the digital economy and strive to increase the value of the digital economy to 370billion yuan, accounting for more than 27% of the region's GDP. This year, the general idea of Xinjiang's development of digital economy is to promote the innovative development of the integration of industrialization and industrialization, and promote the deep integration of the new generation of information technology and the real economy; Implement the application demonstration and promotion project, and promote the application pilot demonstration of "digital +" and "smart +" in the fields of education, medical treatment, elderly care, logistics, government services, etc; Adhere to the main direction of intelligent manufacturing, and continue to deepen the technological innovation and industrial application of artificial intelligence, blockchain, Internet of things, big data and so on; Accelerate the digitalization, networking and intelligent transformation of the manufacturing industry, and promote the construction of pilot areas for the innovation and application of the Internet of vehicles, industrial Internet and artificial intelligence.
        Affected by the epidemic, Yingtan copper enterprises generally have insufficient funds and limited production capacity. Therefore, Yingtan took the lead in innovating the copper supply chain financial model nationwide to solve the problem of insufficient capital turnover in the production process of enterprises. In order to cope with the impact of copper price decline on the copper supply chain, seven state-owned copper supply chain platform companies such as Yingtan Industrial Holding Co., Ltd. further increased capital investment, and reduced the business rate by 2 percentage points through the way of "reducing the platform by 1 point and financial subsidy by 1 point", so as to reduce the actual cost of capital use of copper enterprises and help Yingtan copper enterprises develop rapidly. Up to now, Yingtan copper supply chain financial services have been extended to nearly 50 copper enterprises, effectively improving the supply and demand support among copper smelting, processing and trading enterprises.
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