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Blockchain under the scope of new infrastructure: or how to choose the three tracks as the technical adhesive

Time : 11/08/2021 Author : oh9g3f Click : + -
        On the morning of April 20, the national development and Reform Commission held a regular press conference in April to clarify the scope of "new infrastructure" for the first time, and blockchain technology was officially mentioned for the first time. Jiang Jinze, research director of Lingang blockchain Technology Industry Research Institute, told surging news that since the central economic work conference in 2018 first proposed the concept of "new infrastructure", in 2020, under the impact of the COVID-19, the central high-level has intensively set the tone of "new infrastructure". As the direction of counter cyclical regulation, "new infrastructure" not only bears the purpose of hedging the downward pressure on the macro-economy, but also plays an important role in improving the efficiency of China's stock assets Improving the medium and long-term industrial competitiveness will play a crucial role in promoting.
        Cai Liang, executive deputy director of the blockchain research center of Zhejiang University and deputy dean of the school of software of Zhejiang University, told surging news that blockchain was officially incorporated into the new infrastructure category, and opportunities and challenges coexist. He believes that the new infrastructure, which has the dual attributes of science and technology and infrastructure, chooses 5g, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, blockchain and other technologies as the starting point, and makes efforts from the aspects of smart cities (smart transportation, energy and power, etc.) and people's livelihood, which shows that the new generation of information technology is gradually becoming a new driving force to promote the transformation and upgrading of industries and the transformation of mass production and lifestyle. In addition, China's blockchain technology has also entered the stage of application from concept,. But on the other hand, Cai Liang said that the inclusion of the new infrastructure also puts forward higher requirements for the integration and innovation of the new generation of information technology.
        In the face of possible difficulties in technology integration and large-scale application, we need to strengthen blockchain technology innovation and gradually help China's blockchain mature. Jiang Jinze said that when it comes to investment, it can be divided into three tracks: upstream bottom software / hardware, midstream blockchain platform, and downstream enterprise applications, which correspond to the advanced order from infrastructure to application promotion. The operation difficulty is also from easy to difficult, and the corresponding return cycle naturally changes from short to long. For example, a new high-speed intelligent Alliance / public chain system, or a trusted hardware belongs to the underlying software / hardware, such as binancechain; A blockchain as a service (baas) platform belongs to the midstream industry.
        While an application on the chain, such as maker and compound, belongs to the downstream industry. He said that from the perspective of domestic investment in China, the application market on the chain is still immature, and the target is less, and the midstream platform is often easy to be monopolized by technology giants, so investing in upstream enterprises is a pragmatic choice. The target can be found in public chain / alliance Chain Project parties and listed companies, such as deposits and withdrawals that need to be upgraded or replaced from top to bottom around the launch of the digital currency DCEP of the people's Bank of China Pay hardware equipment manufacturers. Kuang Lizhong, vice president of Hangzhou fun Chain Technology Co., Ltd., told surging news that blockchain can give full play to its trust value in the application scenarios of various technology integration of new infrastructure. Compared with 5g, Internet of things, big data and other vertical technologies, blockchain plays a horizontal adhesive role.
        Taking supply chain as an example, he believes that blockchain can be integrated with Internet of things technology. Through a large number of IOT devices, the production information, logistics and transportation information of enterprises are directly collected at the front end. Based on blockchain technology, these information are directly linked to form a big data foundation that cannot be tampered with and denied. Under the premise of data security and privacy protection, a visible logistics system is built to improve the efficiency of inter agency cooperation. "Taking the clothing industry as an example, based on the underlying technology of interest chain blockchain and the scene advantages of Haier Internet of clothing, the full life cycle management of clothing is realized by combining IOT equipment with blockchain technology." Kuang Lizhong said. For the brand side, the clothing information can be traced and tampered with, which can realize the SKU management, material procurement, logistics and storage management of clothing; For sales stores, it can realize the collection of user preferences and behavior data to assist business decision-making; For the upstream and downstream small and medium-sized enterprises in the supply chain, the blockchain distributed structure and open and transparent algorithm can establish mutual trust at low cost, ensure the authenticity of trade and the availability of movable property, and effectively solve the problems of difficult and expensive financing of upstream and downstream small and medium-sized enterprises.
        Jiang Jinze said that 5g is a new generation of information highway, which provides a solid foundation for the development of blockchain. The integration of the two can promote the accelerated implementation of application scenarios. Cai Liang cited the combination of blockchain technology and artificial intelligence as an example. It is believed that the development of artificial intelligence technology cannot be separated from the three "carriages" of data, algorithm and computing power, in which data is its foundation. However, at present, many social data are controlled in independent central institutions, and the authenticity and reliability of data cannot be guaranteed. Blockchain has distributed, difficult to tamper with and traceable technical characteristics, which is suitable for solving the data island problem of cross agency cooperation in the artificial intelligence industry, and creating a more fair and credible data market.
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