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"Chain gets exclusive" dialogue "the most expensive" jiangguofei: ant blockchain must be strong enough

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        Abstract: jiangguofei wants to tell the outside world that ant blockchain can see the future direction, step by step, and will enter the value Internet era of large-scale market. As he described in the doorway of the office, "life is like summer flowers. If you put it for a day, there should be thousands of styles". Summer flowers have a gorgeous and prosperous life. They choose to bloom in the season with the fullest sunshine to interpret the brilliance of life. "Life should be like this, life is as gorgeous as summer flowers.". But when such a poetic vision emanates from a man of science and engineering who has been engaged in cutting-edge technology research and development for many years, it becomes even more surprising and unexpected. In his mind, this gorgeous flower is the digital economy and the global value exchange network connected by ten thousand chains.
        The foundation that supports these flowers is blockchain. Three years ago, ant financial's ant blockchain team was officially established. At that time, Jiang Guofei, who was the director of the Financial Technology Laboratory of Dharma Research Institute, began to lead the team to further study blockchain. Over the past three years, this team has been invested a lot of money, and Jiang Guofei also jokingly called himself "the most money burning person" of ants. Facing the questioning of the author of chain De, Jiang Guofei said bluntly, "ant money is used for talents". Over the years, ant blockchain has introduced a large number of scientists and capable engineers, many of whom are doctoral tutors. At present, ant blockchain has a core technology team of more than 100 people, of which more than 80% are engaged in technology research and development, and have an international background.
        Since you dare to burn money, you must burn in the right place. As a self-developed financial blockchain engine, ant blockchain has been able to support 1billion account sizes technically, support 1billion transactions per day, and achieve 100000 cross chain information processing capabilities (PPS) per second. At the blockchain sub forum of the 2019 Hangzhou yunqi conference, ant blockchain announced a series of ecological strategies, including the release of cross chain cooperation with hyperledger and the release of cross chain product odats; The "National hot chain" program for global developers and institutional customers. Ant blockchain wants more people to follow them.
        In addition, ant blockchain will launch the DAPP publishing platform on December 12. According to Jiang Guofei's prediction, a batch of blockchain applications that live for ten million days will appear within one year. In the past two decades, the booming Internet has brought great changes to our lives. Two people who don't know each other communicate and link based on the information network. Countless videos, e-commerce, social networking and other information flow on this network. People in this era are enjoying the convenience brought by the Internet. But today, 20 years later, the era of digital economy has arrived. Assets are digitalized and information is digitalized. The physical world we can see and touch is comprehensively mapping to the digital world. Digital assets such as bills, identities, contracts and assets are constantly emerging.
        People's daily transaction and behavior data have been reprocessed to become a powerful productivity,. "In such an era, blockchain will become the infrastructure for building trust mechanisms, providing a very good foundation for online asset flows." In Jiang Guofei's view, blockchain will build a brand-new network, making the planar information network develop in a three-dimensional way. In this three-dimensional network, the circulation efficiency will be unprecedentedly improved. In the consumer Internet, we all take people as objects and provide credit services for people. But in the broader value Internet and industrial Internet, the object is more things, in which the circulation of means of production can provide a lot of financial services and improve the efficiency of the whole industry.
        Jiangguofei believes that the key to value Internet is "contract". Smart contract will play an important role in this contract network. "It allows seamless cooperation and professional distribution between all parties, people, machines and institutions like a gear, and will eventually build a trust and extremely efficient contract society.". This seems to be a very sci-fi idea, but it seems to be very specific in life. For example, a Hangzhou person goes to Shanghai to take the Shanghai subway through the "Hangzhou subway" app, which is inevitably not allowed in a closed business environment. Because for Hangzhou Metro and Shanghai Metro, they are an independent commercial entity. How do you charge this passenger? How? Who will collect it? This is a difficult problem that can never be bypassed.
        However, if blockchain technology is used, an efficient contract network of "Shanghai Metro + Hangzhou Metro + settlement platform" can be built, and "how can a Hangzhou person share profits by taking the subway in Shanghai through Hangzhou Metro App" can be clarified through smart contracts &mdash& mdash; For example, Shanghai subway is 70% and Hangzhou subway is 30%, because Shanghai subway provides subway services. Another example is that a bottle of mineral water costs 3 yuan. When the profit sharing structure behind the bottle of water is clarified through smart contract, when you buy the bottle of water, the series of profit sharing behind it is all over. At that moment, the value of the bottle of water is fully distributed from producers to distributors and then to consumers.
        This is the change brought about by the contract network. The contract network loaded by smart contracts changes the way of cooperation and improves efficiency on the basis of trust building. When the efficiency is improved, the trading spreads caused by "mutual distrust" in various industrial chains will shrink rapidly. And this narrowed "interest margin" will become a fulcrum to leverage the future digital economy, which will release huge profits. It is undeniable that when there are enough assets on the chain, the synergy between digital assets will be amplified. Dongfeng, general manager of Qianhai joint trading center of Shenzhen Stock Exchange, said that "asset certification" may be the development path of the digital age. "Enterprises cannot always use the money from the capital market to do blockchain, Internet of things and other businesses, but must use operational cash flow. This does not mean the improvement of industrial efficiency. More importantly, it is to open up the barrier lake of China's economy, so that enterprises can find their own source of profits.
        ”。 At that time, an enterprise holding a transaction circulation warehouse receipt can directly apply for loans and financing. Because this warehouse receipt is a trusted asset jointly certified by many nodes of the blockchain, it can directly obtain credit from financial institutions. In the past three years, ant blockchain has landed in more than 40 scenarios, forming local area networks for industry collaboration between upstream and downstream industries and peers. These networks will become the basis for the final construction of value Internet. Jiangguofei bluntly said that in such an era, the amount of chain will be an important indicator in the era of digital economy. He predicted that a batch of blockchain applications that live for ten million days will slowly appear. In addition, he also noted that tens of millions of days brings huge technical challenges, which not only requires large-scale network performance, but also needs to solve data security, privacy, computing costs, cross chain links and other issues.
        "These problems are the core technical problems we need to solve," said Jiang Guofei. Ant blockchain was founded in 2016. Although it has only been established for three years, it has become the "acquired" business of Jing Xiandong, chairman and CEO of ant financial. On the ant financial investors' day on September 24, Jing Xiandong told investors that in the three business segments of ant financial &mdash& mdash; Among digital payment, digital finance, globalization and intelligent technology, globalization belongs to tomorrow's business, while intelligent technology is the acquired business he is particularly optimistic about. He highlighted the leading role of ant technology in commercial applications with many examples of blockchain applications.
        Before joining ant financial, Jiang Guofei was the vice president of NEC group, responsible for NEC American Research Institute, led NEC global R & D personnel to engage in research and development work such as IOT, big data analysis, AI, cloud platform, computer security, software definable network, etc., engaged in cutting-edge research such as nuclear power plant big data monitoring, and won NEC merit award. In an interview, Jiang Guofei told the author of chain De, "I came from a technical background, and I have considerable feelings in this regard." Under the leadership of Jiang Guofei, every step of ant blockchain is required to be firmly stepped on. As a self-developed financial blockchain engine, ant blockchain has been able to support 1billion accounts technically and 1billion daily trading volume; Elastic expansion capacity of more than 100000 cross chain information processing capacity per second; Paillier99 additive homomorphic encryption algorithm improves the privacy protection ability by 6 times. At the same time, the new blockchain storage can reduce the cost by 50%.
        The achievement of "double 1billion" is beyond the reach of countless competitors. Perhaps this can be seen as Jiang Guofei's "liquidity" after burning money. Obviously, the engineers he recruited have become the core assets of ant blockchain. At the application level, "universal, preferential and warm" is the case that Jiang Guofei wants to emphasize. Ant blockchain has opened a blockchain based electronic medical bill service in Taizhou Central Hospital, Zhejiang Province, and the insurance claim settlement has been reduced from the previous half a month to a few minutes or even seconds; At the beginning of this year, ant blockchain launched the supply chain financial platform "double link", reducing the original three-month accounting period to one second; In addition, ant blockchain has also joined Alibaba's entire eco technology poverty alleviation path to promote production and marketing docking through product traceability with poor counties and districts.
        At this yunqi conference, ant blockchain also reached a strategic cooperation with Bayer (Crop Science), the world's largest seed and pesticide company, to jointly build an agricultural blockchain. This is also the first in-depth application of ant blockchain in the field of agriculture. "I told everyone that we should do a good job in technology. On the basis of doing a good job, we can use it to solve practical problems." In the eyes of Jiang Guofei, ant blockchain has maintained the correct values of technology from the beginning. At present, ant blockchain has made major breakthroughs in consensus mechanism, network expansion, verifiable storage, smart contract, high concurrency transaction processing, privacy protection, off chain data interaction, cross chain interaction, multi-party secure computing, blockchain governance, network and basic implementation, security mechanism and other fields.
        Up to now, ant blockchain has published more than 500 global patent applications, ranking first in the global patent application list for three consecutive years from 2017 to 2019. In Jiang Guofei's eyes, ant blockchain must be strong enough. Facing the reporter, he said, "if I'm weak, why am I still sitting here?". In May this year, ant financial participated in the $10million a-round financing of qedit, an Israeli blockchain privacy solution company that develops zero knowledge proof (zkp) technology. Qedit has developed a privacy solution for enterprise blockchain that complies with the data privacy law, such as the landmark EU general data protection regulation (gdpr).
        The zkp technology of qedit can be used not only for data sharing based on blockchain and privacy protection, but also for audit and due diligence services of financial institutions. "This company focuses on ‘ zero knowledge proof ’ and we also like their focus and depth." Jiang Guofei knows that being strong does not mean giving up openness. He hopes to have partners to provide Alibaba blockchain customers with a more competitive solution in the shortest time. At the yunqi conference last year, ant blockchain launched the blockchain baas service platform, and thousands of small and medium-sized entrepreneurs have developed and innovated various application scenarios on this underlying technology.
        This year, ant blockchain launched a cross chain product odats (opendataaccesstrustedservice) and plans to open the alliance chain. "Always come here step by step", Jiang Guofei felt that it was enough to report to the outside world once a year. He wants to tell the outside world that ant blockchain can see the future direction, step by step, and will enter the value Internet era with a huge market. Just as he described at the door of the office, when living, it should be like summer flowers. If it is put away for a day, it should have thousands of styles. (this article exclusively launches the chain to get the app).
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