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Yibao whole block chain storage certificate makes the whole electronic data link witnessed, credible and traceable

Time : 08/07/2022 Author : h6gz1j Click : + -
        With the rapid development of Internet and information technology, a large number of evidence in litigation is gradually presented in the form of electronic data deposit. With the help of blockchain technology, how to overcome electronic data in judicial practice. Based on the technical characteristics of multi-party consensus, non tampering, transparency and traceability, blockchain can effectively solve the problems of "large number of electronic evidence, scattered evidence, difficult to obtain evidence, easy to be tampered with and difficult to identify", realize the "transformation of electronic data" to "legal and effective electronic evidence", facilitate the identification of electronic data evidence, and improve the litigation efficiency in the field of judicial testimony. On September 3, 2018, the Supreme People's Court issued the provisions on Several Issues concerning the trial of cases by Internet courts, which for the first time recognized that online data can be used as a basis for judicial admissibility.
        On May 18, 2021, Issued by the Supreme People's court The people's Court of justice, which came into force on the online day, stipulates for the first time the scope of validity of blockchain deposit certificates, and defines the validity of the presumption that the data stored in the blockchain has not been tampered with after being online. At the same time, it establishes the authenticity audit rules for the data stored in the blockchain after being online and before being online. The enterprises registered in the blockchain information service of the state cyberspace office have built the alliance chain by using the self-developed security chain technology, and combined the blockchain with justice to build the data The certificate storage and notarization system can well solve the problem of full link credibility of electronic data from generation and certificate storage to notarization and proof adducing:. Multi party deposit to ensure the originality and integrity of the deposit data; After being linked, the data synchronization alliance will back up and retain all nodes in the chain to ensure the credibility and security of the data; During litigation, evidence can be verified and extracted at multiple judicial nodes, and relevant judicial documents can also be issued online, effectively improving the efficiency of safeguarding rights.
        SM3, sha-512 and other encryption algorithms, timestamp services, pbft consensus algorithms help users store electronic data on the blockchain at the first time, use the full evidence chain to record the key details of the whole process, generate tamper proof hash encrypted files, and store the data generation and solidification rules in advance, so as to ensure the originality and integrity of the linked data and effectively prevent tampering. CA institutions, the Ministry of industry and information technology, the court, notary office, Arbitration Commission, copyright protection center, judicial expertise Institute and other authoritative institutions are included in the "security chain open platform", which can synchronously store every electronic data uploaded by users to 20+ judicial node servers in real time, so as to realize the synchronous storage of certificates at each node, backup evidence from multiple parties, and ensure the credibility and security of data!.
        Online copyright registration and online notarization. Help users issue easy evidence, notarial certificate, notarial custody letter, copyright certificate, etc. online anytime and anywhere, so as to improve the legal effect of evidence. 10. The official website of the authoritative institution node can query the blockchain certificate information in real time, compare and verify the evidence online, and display the blockchain certificate evidence directly to the judge in court by scanning the QR code on the "certificate of deposit". Even if the other party has already deleted the evidence content, it is undeniable, effectively improving the filing efficiency. It has been clearly declared and accepted by the high courts in Shanxi, Fujian, Inner Mongolia, Guizhou, Shandong, Anhui, Shaanxi, Sichuan and other places. It was included in the "case model" by the Inner Mongolia high court, the Wuxi intermediate people's court and the major research group of the supreme law, selected into the "typical case of blockchain platform" by the lecture hall of famous legal experts, and selected into the "blockchain enterprise investment map" and "blockchain key enterprises" by the China business intelligence network for two consecutive years.
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