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Cross border blockchain platform,Changyi rural commercial bank promotes cross-border financial blockchain business to facilitate foreign-related enterprise financing

Time : 05/03/2022 Author : cvpl5y Click : + -
        Changyi rural commercial bank actively implements the work requirements of the people's Bank of China and the State Administration of foreign exchange on the development of foreign exchange and cross-border RMB business, strengthens the publicity of the cross-border financial blockchain platform in facilitating foreign-related enterprises, and strives to provide high-quality and efficient financing services for export enterprises under its jurisdiction. So far, Changyi rural commercial bank has handled cross-border blockchain financing of US $25.45 million for 15 export enterprises. Strengthen publicity from point to area. Cross border blockchain financing business can realize the whole process and full information of export trade financing, quickly complete the authenticity verification of export trade background, and effectively improve the financing efficiency of export enterprises. Since the pilot, the bank has widely publicized the advantages of blockchain financing through outlets' electronic screens, the bank's official account, circles of friends and other channels. Through door-to-door visits, foreign exchange lectures into enterprises, and government, bank and enterprise symposiums, the bank has communicated with enterprises face-to-face about the advantages of the platform financing business, effectively improving the publicity coverage.
        In the publicity and promotion of cross-border blockchain financing business, the bank took a typical driving way to form a typical case of the "cross-border financial blockchain + exporter ticket financing" product handled by "brilliance textile printing and dyeing Co., Ltd." and expanded the influence of cross-border blockchain platform financing through media publicity and the circulation of International business publicity videos at 26 outlets, Encourage potential small, medium and micro foreign-related enterprises to handle cross-border blockchain financing business. Use the foreign list to target the target customer group. With the help of the electronic information file of "agricultural and commercial Huirong Huiqian enterprise", 25 high-quality export foreign exchange enterprises with stable settlement relationship in the bank were screened, and through communication with the company department, a certain amount of trade financing credit was matched for them, which was specially used for handling cross-border financial blockchain "," Huirong "," exporter bill financing "and other accounts receivable financing products.
        For these 25 target enterprises, with the help of "foreign exchange services into 10000 enterprises" and the bank's "customer visit" and other activities, they came to publicize the advantages of blockchain financing, followed up and understood the financing needs of enterprises, and further targeted 18 foreign trade enterprises with financing needs. Combine training with discussion to improve practical operation ability. The marketing of cross-border blockchain financing business cannot be separated from the participation and promotion of the customer manager of the company department. Since the pilot last year, a total of four bank enterprise symposiums on cross-border blockchain financing have been held. Each symposium has invited target enterprises and claim account managers to participate in turn. Through face-to-face communication with enterprises on financing needs for business exchanges, account managers can clearly and accurately grasp the characteristics and operating procedures of blockchain financing.
        Previously, the customer manager needed to query the customs declaration one by one and verify the authenticity manually when handling this business. After using blockchain financing, the customs declaration information can be verified within a few minutes. With the help of cross-border blockchain platform, the handling efficiency of account receivable financing business of customer managers has been greatly improved, the risk of false financing has been significantly reduced, and the willingness to actively promote blockchain financing business has been significantly enhanced. Connect in advance to ensure service efficiency and improve customer experience. Query all loan details of the target customers, sort out the loans that expire within this year and meet the conditions for handling cross-border blockchain financing, communicate with the customer manager to work with the customers one month in advance, and the international business department cooperates with the company department to do a good job of logistics support, so as to ensure that each new user can have a better user experience, and gradually enhance the recognition of foreign-related enterprises for cross-border blockchain financing of Changyi rural commercial bank.
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