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Automobile + blockchain? Don't worry, this idea is harder to realize than automatic driving

Time : 19/06/2021 Author : t8apmc Click : + -
        Recently, a listener friend left a message on the backstage of the wechat official account of beauty car world and asked, "some people on the Internet say that blockchain technology will subvert the existing automotive industry. Isn't blockchain mining bitcoin, how can it be connected with cars?" Blockchain technology is a hot topic in recent years. Let's talk about this blockchain technology today. The so-called blockchain is a new way of data recording and exchange. Some people call it "distributed bookkeeping", while others call it "decentralized database". Our current data recording and exchange activities are carried out through the data center. For example, when we shop online or check out in the supermarket, we send the purchase information to the bank. After the bank verifies that it is us, we complete the payment. After the consumer terminal receives the payment information, we can get the purchase.
        Among them, the bank is responsible for transferring our information, and the bank is one of the data centers. Similarly, taking shopping as an example, if we use blockchain technology, we just need to "tell everyone" that I want to buy these things, and the bank doesn't need to ask us for confirmation anymore. Based on the common information, we will settle the shopping money from our account. In this way, the link of the data center is omitted, and the efficiency of information record exchange is improved. And because the information is recorded by everyone, it is impossible for the information to be tampered with. Therefore, blockchain technology has excellent application scenarios in the financial industry. However, blockchain technology is not "unbreakable". The advantage of blockchain technology is that the data is distributed and recorded. If more than 80% of the blocks cannot be broken at the same time, the information cannot be tampered with. According to the current technical level, this is indeed almost impossible, so the information is close to absolute security.
        However, if a "supercomputer" appears, and its computing power kills most computers in the world, then the person who owns this "supercomputer" can modify the information at will, and others will have nothing to do. In addition, in the blockchain, information is distributed and recorded. Even a simple payment process requires full "broadcasting". In this process, the electricity consumed is enough for a family of three for more than a year. So although blockchain technology has been hot for so long, it still cannot be implemented. Having finished the technical theory, we return to the automotive field. A large amount of data will be generated in the process of automobile production, delivery, and later maintenance for more than ten years.
        However, due to geographical limitations, vehicle information cannot be fully shared. When we change the location of maintenance, new maintenance personnel need a certain time to get familiar with the characteristics of different vehicles before they can find the optimal maintenance plan. If blockchain technology is applied to the automotive field, the first thing is to record the whole production, delivery, use and maintenance of cars, so that we can get accurate information no matter where we go and where we repair. In case of quality problems, the source can be traced in time to avoid large-scale failures in advance. In addition to traditional fields, blockchain also has considerable potential in the field of autonomous driving. For automatic driving, a highly accurate map is an essential link. If the map of each location is recorded in the central database, the volume of the database will be immeasurable and the utilization rate will be very low.
        If the map information can be distributed and recorded, the vehicle can only read the information of the current area each time, and can switch back and forth before different areas. Blockchain technology is indeed highly applicable in the automotive field, but it is also limited by the level of technology and cannot be truly applied. Although Porsche, BMW, Audi and other brands have announced to enter the blockchain field, this is more like a strategic investment for the future, not a strategic transformation.
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