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Exclusive interview with Zhang Chao: blockchain service security is the foundation to export Chinese solutions to the world

Time : 03/07/2022 Author : 01bjed Click : + -
        Beijing, September 9 (reporter Xia Bin) - looking ahead, the opening and cooperation of the service industry is increasingly becoming an important force to promote development. The 2020 China International Trade in services Fair was held here. During the exclusive interview with reporters, Zhang Chao, vice president of okiyun chain, said that blockchain service security is the foundation and application is the purpose. Chinese enterprises can export blockchain Chinese solutions to the world. Zhang Chao said that in recent years, with the rapid development of blockchain, industrial security issues have also emerged. The white paper on blockchain security released by the China Academy of information and communications shows that from 2011 to 2018, major security incidents caused losses of more than $3billion worldwide.
        The blockchain security service industry is rising day by day. For example, he said that the official launch of the online "SkyEye on the chain" in September is based on the in-depth analysis and continuous update of massive online data. This function can now provide users with transaction maps, address analysis and online monitoring functions. It is reported that users can query the context of their asset flows through the "eye of heaven on the chain", so as to ensure the safety of personal assets. Relevant functions can also assist law enforcement departments in law enforcement on the chain and crack down on illegal products. "The system has been used by users all over the world, and we are also continuously optimizing it. In the future, we will make the defense more timely and accurate by adding intelligence. At the same time, we will continue to expand the diversified application scenarios of blockchain, promote the new infrastructure industry based on blockchain, and give new value to the industry for exploring ‘ blockchain +’ services.
        ”Zhang Chao said. When it comes to blockchain applications, Zhang Chao believes that blockchain technology, together with 5g, IOT (Internet of things), artificial intelligence, big data and other technologies, is part of the information system and should be used as a whole in order to play its value in the new infrastructure in the era of smart economy. Zhang Chao bluntly said: "these technologies can not represent a new era. The future information system should actually be the integration of these technologies. Different technologies play different functions and depend on each other.". Specifically, IOT is the "eye", the data acquisition entrance, belongs to the perception layer, and is the infrastructure of real-world informatization; 5g is "blood", which brings faster network transmission speed and is a data transmission channel; Blockchain is the "artery", which solves the interaction logic and data transmission rules between various role subjects; Artificial intelligence is the "brain". Based on data and models, it can achieve better system services at less development cost. These technologies together form an information infrastructure.
        For the internationalization trend, in Zhang Chao's view, this has been a distinctive feature of the development of some Chinese blockchain enterprises. He said that okoyun chain will continue to promote its iteration and upgrading with higher standards in order to win the initiative of Chinese enterprises in international competitions and export Chinese "smart manufacturing" to the world. Up to now, AUC cloud chain has set up branches in more than 10 countries and regions, including the United States, Europe, South America, South Korea, Japan and Vietnam. Its business covers more than 180 countries and regions around the world, serving more than 50million users all over the world. The Chinese scheme of exporting blockchain technology to the world provides safe and high-quality Chinese services for global users, forming Industrial Synergy in both domestic and international directions.
        Zhang Chao believes that blockchain will become a social infrastructure in the future, like the Internet today, and will be empowered in all fields of social life. In the foreseeable short term, blockchain will play a great role in strengthening network trust, optimizing business processes, and reducing operating costs with its advantages of tamperability, traceability, efficiency, low cost, and high security. "However, the value release of blockchain still needs time, and it needs the joint efforts of the whole industry." Zhang Chao called for more enterprises and institutions to work together to build a safe and healthy blockchain. (end).
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