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Dialogue with Alex Tapscott, author of blockchain Revolution: blockchain is not a business that makes fast money

Time : 10/11/2021 Author : trl4bc Click : + -
        Zhongxin Jingwei client, July 23 (Chang Tao) "if you choose to do blockchain, you just want to make fast money online. During the geek Park rebuild2018 technology business summit, alextapscott, author of blockchain revolution, accepted Zhongxin Jingwei client (wechat official account: jwview) Said in the interview. Alextapscott believes that at present, blockchain has indeed encountered great challenges in application, such as whether it can meet the current business needs and whether the blockchain system can be established. However, we can still see that the development trend of blockchain application or landing is very good.
        "In China, some cities strongly support the development of blockchain, and some financial companies have also begun to accept blockchain with both arms to help them make profits in the market. Many enterprises are using blockchain technology to help themselves solve problems. I think the problems faced by blockchain have been gradually solved in the process of application or implementation." Alextapscott said. When asked when blockchain will be able to achieve large-scale applications, alextapscott told China News Jingwei client (wechat official account: jwview) that it is difficult to predict. He said, "we need to define what is called large-scale, whether it is used by 50million people or 1billion people.
        At present, billions of users around the world are using the Internet. We believe that the Internet has been widely used, and before that, we have no way to define the Internet as the mainstream. When blockchain can be applied on a large scale and become the mainstream is uncertain. ". In fact, as the blockchain application has not been implemented for a long time, doubts about the "serious blockchain foam" have gradually spread, and even many insiders are complaining about the impetuous atmosphere of the blockchain market. In this regard, alextapscott said that if anyone chose blockchain to make fast money, he would be wrong. He believes that blockchain technology is still in its early stage. There is a foam, and the foam will burst sooner or later.
        "Sometimes the bursting of a foam will do harm, sometimes it is just a change in technology, but it can produce value. In history, the automotive industry and the Internet have produced foam, which are speculative foam, but these foam represent disruptive changes and the value of the market." He said. Before the interview, alextapscott also gave a keynote speech on the blockchain revolution that overturns Internet rules. He proposed that blockchain is the fourth industrial revolution. This technology will have a great impact on the whole society and will bring the Internet era into the second stage. Alextapscott also refuted the view that "Uber, airbnb, taskrabbit, etc. are sharing economies" from the perspective of blockchain.
        He believes that these companies have not achieved real sharing. "In fact, such companies are aggregators of services, and they collect and sell services by acting as intermediaries. The real sharing economy should be that Uber drivers don't need to have their own cars, but only need to provide services. Blockchain can achieve real sharing, that is, replace such giant companies with a pure collaborative organization by signing smart contracts." In addition, he also believes that blockchain technology is also of great use to intellectual property creators, media, supply chains, etc. According to public information, alextapscott is an authoritative spokesman in the field of digital finance, the founder of blockchain Department of the World Economic Forum Global Futures Commission, the founder and CEO of blockchain consulting company northwestpassageventures, a chartered financial analyst, an investment banker, and a venture capitalist.
        His father dontapscott is also known as the "father of the digital economy". The blockchain revolution, a panoramic description of blockchain theory and applications written by his father and son, has ranked first in many countries and regions. (Zhongxin Jingwei APP).
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