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Talk to the boss on site to face blockchain security [video version]

Time : 28/09/2021 Author : akcng1 Click : + -
        2019 fourth SSC security summit. As the most famous, influential and well-known cyber security summit in central and Western China, SSC security summit has been held for three consecutive sessions. This summit integrates government enterprise cooperation, technological exchange, technological innovation, achievement display and other contents, with a larger scale and higher specification. After the meeting, linkgroup finance interviewed five important guests, including Xu Yinglong, CEO of keyin capital, Tian Bangde, an early core member of Eagle alliance and head of OK group strategy, Deng Yongkai, CEO of zero time technology, Wu Tong, deputy director of cecbc blockchain special committee, Dean of Digital Economics and Business School, and Yang Hucheng, a partner of Taiyi.
        Yang Hucheng: I entered this industry at the end of 2017, mainly because the industry suddenly became hot at that time. After understanding it, I think the future of blockchain technology is very promising for both finance and network security. Xu Yinglong: I chose to enter the blockchain field in 2017. In fact, I came into contact with bitcoin as early as 2013, but I didn't pay much attention to it at that time. Until 2017, the whole venture capital circle paid close attention to blockchain. I spent three days studying the white paper of bitcoin and reading some public chain projects on the market at that time. We think this may be one of the directions in the future.
        Deng Yongkai: first of all, explain blockchain security, which does not refer to the security of blockchain itself. Blockchain itself is a technology, a thinking, it is no problem, very safe. What we do is to do other things with blockchain technology. At present, we mainly do some security audit of relevant infrastructure in blockchain ecosystem, and then do some Threat Intelligence Processing Based on blockchain security, as well as some abnormal situation monitoring. Wu Tong: we mainly start from two levels. The first level is the association level. We have established a blockchain special committee in the China international e-commerce center of the Ministry of Commerce; The second is from the commercial aspect. We are engaged in blockchain education consulting, investment incubation, research meetings and other fields.
        Xu Yinglong: our main business now is investment, but our current investment scope is quite wide, from the lowest chip to the design of the whole machine, and then to the primary market, secondary market, including the whole ecological services behind. Deng Yongkai: first of all, because the blockchain industry itself is in its infancy, there are not many applications based on it. Except for some common exchanges, wallets and contracts, there are no other heavyweight applications, because security is attached to the application scenario. If there is no application scenario and business, security is impossible to talk about. Therefore, the current security is also in an exploratory stage.
        Yang Hucheng: now, there are still many problems to be solved in the whole technology. Another security problem is that blockchain is to ensure the security of information storage, because it is distributed storage, which is to ensure that your information will not be lost or stolen. But now what you say about the security of blockchain is more about the security of wallets and exchanges. Tian Bangde: the biggest reason is that its overall security mechanism is not sound enough. Yesterday, we also said that the exchange is currently in three critical states: it has been attacked by hackers, it is being attacked by hackers, and it is about to be attacked by hackers.
        The security of the exchange is not only its code or security risk control mechanism itself, but also involves the risk control mechanism of the whole company, including how employees' computers are managed, employees' personal security awareness, etc. hackers will certainly enter from the weakest place of the exchange or any institution, and they will even enter from the scene in the form of physical attack or social engineering, not just from the remote server, Therefore, its safety factors will involve all aspects of the overall company's operation and management. Xu Yinglong: in fact, this security problem may exist wherever there are people, or where there are multiple password leaks. I think it is more about people and management than blockchain technology itself.
        Deng Yongkai: in fact, the exchange currently faces two major problems. On the one hand, it's the user's own problem. In fact, the security of the head exchange is in place, but the user himself lacks security awareness. For example, you need to open a secondary verification when trading, but some users are bored and they don't want to open it. At this time, the hacker has mastered your account, and he can easily transfer your money, This is partly because users' own safety awareness leads to the loss of property of the exchange. Another part is that the exchange itself is also a platform, a traditional network organization. It has a lot of network assets, a lot of network environment, and a lot of machines and equipment. These machines and equipment need people to maintain. It also has the same security awareness as our traditional security.
        Yang Hucheng: This is actually two concepts. Blockchain itself is a technology. This technology is a tool for information storage and transmission. Why is it safe? Because it is distributed storage, which is one of its advantages. But its security problem is whether it is blockchain security or not. It is more about network security, because whether it is the hot wallet of the exchange or others, It is also done with the traditional technology network. Deng Yongkai: there is no conflict at all, because some of the characteristics of blockchain itself, such as tamperability, traceability, distribution and decentralization, are indeed very good and powerful. These are some of its own attributes, but what we need to do is not to find problems in your decentralized system, problems in your consensus, and other things based on this blockchain technology, For example, some applications, software and platforms we use blockchain technology may lead to various problems when we participate in them, including many security risks when we use wallets, exchanges or smart contracts. These problems need us to find them and help them repair.
        Wu Tong: I think the blockchain itself is relatively safe, but blockchain related issues, such as blockchain entry and blockchain exit, may be unsafe, such as the exchange issue just mentioned. As long as it is not a decentralized exchange, it essentially uses the traditional settlement mode, so I think we must distinguish between blockchain Technology and the whole upstream and downstream of the blockchain, including entry or export. Tian Bangde: in fact, I think this extreme statement is a kind of harm to blockchain. There is no technology that will completely solve a certain problem. Technology is constantly iterative and derived. It may take ten years for the Internet to popularize. Blockchain may be shorter, maybe five years, but its popularization form will not necessarily replace the Internet or the current safe business form, We may talk about blockchain a few years later, just like we talk about 4G and 5g now. It is an existing and ordinary technology. Of course, this technology itself is great, just an ordinary technology. It doesn't mean that whenever we talk about it, we have to mention subversion, even revolution, and even decentralization. I think this is meaningless.
        Xu Yinglong: I don't quite agree with this view. Although our investment track is mainly focused on blockchain, we believe that blockchain is a combination of cryptography, distributed storage or a series of philosophical problems. It is not a new product, it is just a way to achieve new success in technology. As for subversion of the Internet, I think it may be a better supplement to the Internet in the future, Or a new Internet architecture. I think the Internet has its advantages, and blockchain also has its own advantages, which cannot be described as subversion. Deng Yongkai: I don't think the current blockchain can subvert the current Internet, or it may not be in the future.
        Theoretically speaking, we can't reach the theory of subversion at present, and from the perspective of the general environment, there is no need to say who will subvert who, because all technologies and ideas are for the benefit of our people, for the benefit of our broad masses of people, for the convenience and advantage of our clothing, food, housing and transportation, for the convenience of our online environment, and for the convenience of our lives. Liantuan Finance: what do you think of the issue of Libra currency by Facebook and the recent news that the central bank issued virtual currency?. Xu Yinglong: I think this is the existence of a new financial structure beyond geopolitics. I think digital currency or blockchaination of currency is a topic sooner or later. Blockchaination of currency can make supervision simpler and circulation and monitoring more transparent.
        , I think it is a very good attempt for currency. Tian Bangde: I don't think the cryptocurrency participated by the government is a product similar to bitcoin. It's different from what we usually call cryptocurrency. It's just the digitization of legal currency. So when the government applies blockchain technology to currency, it will have more benefits in liquidity and supervision. For example, it will know whether a certain amount of money is really applied to a certain finance, When all digital currencies are linked, the data on the chain is clear, which is shown in monetary policy and the use of monetary tools. This will be more smooth and effective.
        Wu Tong: I think this is of great significance, because first, from the perspective of Libra, it has many levels. If we are from the perspective of structure, I have never seen technology companies and technicians so enthusiastic about this finance, which is also a great impact on the financial industry; Then there are many conveniences for the central bank to issue legal digital currency. I think it is not just the problem of digitalization. It is essentially different from the previous electronization of currency. There are three essential improvements in using blockchain as legal digital currency. First, it can make digital currency exist beyond the issuing subject; Second, its cost is very low, including current cost and external cost; Third, it is a great improvement for the account itself.
        Tian Bangde: security technology is a professional field that needs long-term accumulation and in-depth learning. So if you don't make full psychological preparation, you can calm down and suffer in this field, I suggest you don't enter this circle. Security is a very professional and bitter industry, and unlike what you think, hackers are very handsome, with a sense of mystery and even online Xiake, In fact, it's not like that. Most of the time, we sit in front of the computer, type the code, study the code, and then ponder over a problem or vulnerability. It's a painful and happy state to see if you can really be happy. Yang Hucheng: I hope you can work together. I also know that blockchain now has good aspects, including the digital currency of RMB to be issued by the central bank, and nearly dozens of enterprises in Baidu, Tencent and Alibaba, including Facebook, to issue its own stable currency Libra. These are very positive, so I still hope that the government can introduce some laws and regulations in time and do a good guidance and supervision, Let the industry be more self disciplined and guide the industry to develop more healthily.
        Wu Tong: the first suggestion I give to newcomers is to find the right track, because blockchain itself is a product covering many aspects, including technology, trading, asset management, research and so on, so I think young people must first choose the right track if they are interested; The second is not to be enemies and friends with trends. In fact, this year, from the perspective of this big environment, the fluctuation of $10000 on bitcoin is still very large, so we must find out the trend; Third, we must not add leverage, or we must not add too much leverage within our ability.
        Xu Yinglong: in 2017, many people witnessed the wealth effect brought by blockchain. They may see that there are many blockchain practitioners in Forbes rankings, but many people have experienced asset shrinkage or asset depreciation in this market, and also questioned the foam in this market. We believe that in this emerging market, it is a risky industry, and we do not have a clear screening ability, I don't suggest that you try to invest easily. Investment should be left to professional people.
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