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Blockchain circle provides the latest information about blockchain, digital currency, digital wallet, exchange, metauniverse, bitcoin, Ethereum, contract, financial management and so on, and always pays attention to the latest market...'s first NFT commemorative certificate: a set of 7 models, distributed free of charge within a limited time limit

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        After signing up this year, users can get NFT commemorative vouchers of JDD conference based on blockchain technology for free. This is the first time has released NFT, which is distributed free of charge within a limited time limit. This set of NFT commemorative vouchers includes 7 types of joy ( mascot) images. Users can get one NFT by signing up for the meeting. For each successful invitation of one person to sign up, one NFT voucher can be added, and up to 7 (types) NFTs can be obtained to form a set. The issuance of NFT vouchers for the 2021jdd conference will stop after 23:59:59 on November 22, 2021. Soon, users can confirm their rights and circulate through public and private keys.
        In the registration stage (October 19 ~ November 22), users scan the applet code to choose the way to participate in the conference and the specific theme forum. After submitting the registration materials, they can get the NFT commemorative certificate with JD joy badge for free. This virtual certificate is based on JD Zhizhen chain, which cannot be tampered with and will never be reissued. After the registration, the release will stop. According to Wikipedia, NFT (non-fungibletoken), also known as non-homogeneous certificate, is a data unit based on blockchain technology. Each NFT can represent a unique digital data, which can be used to confirm the rights of paintings, music, IP, etc., and is regarded as a proof of ownership.
        The NFT commemorative certificate of JDD conference released by this time includes joy image, unique NFT code and personal sharing code, Users can use JD blockchain browser (see the attribution in. This JDD conference has a set of 7 NFTs, which respectively identify the main forum of JDD conference with different joy images, as well as the six theme forums of retail technology, intelligent logistics, digital intelligence health, financial digital intelligence, smart city and digital intelligence technology and industrial practice. JD said that publishing NFT through the registration of JDD conference is the first step for JD to test the water in the field of NFT. In the future, JD will also be based on self-developed blockchain technology and combined with JD ecology Scene, further give play to the application value of NFT in copyright protection, public welfare, art collection, e-commerce and other fields.
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