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Bivi platform blockchain + how privacy computing works

Time : 20/10/2021 Author : 13lpsa Click : + -
        At present, in the application of blockchain technology, data privacy protection has been paid attention to. There are generally two methods to protect users' data privacy, one is to desensitize the data and then upload it, and the other is to encrypt the data and then upload it. However, desensitization technology may lead to incomplete data. Encryption technology needs to decrypt the data after obtaining it. When using big data technology to process the encrypted data on the blockchain, large-scale data encryption will greatly affect the analysis efficiency. However, privacy computing will not affect the analysis efficiency of big data. Unlike encryption technology, it realizes the "availability and invisibility" of data; Compared with desensitization technology, it retains the integrity of data.
        Privacy computing is not new. It is not a technology, but a collection of technologies. At present, the mainstream privacy computing technology is mainly divided into three directions: the first is the privacy computing technology based on cryptography represented by multi-party security computing; The second is the technology derived from the fusion of artificial intelligence and privacy protection technology represented by federal learning; The third category is the trusted hardware based privacy computing technology represented by the trusted execution environment. In the combined application with blockchain, privacy computing will be carried out under the chain and connected to the chain through layer-2 of blockchain (which involves the protocol between on chain and off chain, and is mainly responsible for on chain and off chain messaging, smart contract programming and application related functions).
        This means that all kinds of things originally placed on the chain are handed over to the offline processing, while only the verified part is retained on the chain, so as to indirectly improve the data processing and privacy protection capabilities of the blockchain. By expanding the off chain computing network, blockchain focuses on the trusted execution of business logic and the circulation of data ownership certificates, while the off chain privacy computing network is responsible for large-scale computing and data value circulation.
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