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What is the difference between IPFs and blockchain?

Time : 05/11/2021 Author : i3r2mo Click : + -
        Blockchain is a new application mode of computer technology, including distributed data storage, point-to-point transmission, consensus mechanism, encryption algorithm, etc. IPFs is a new content addressing, distributed, point-to-point hypermedia transmission protocol. What is the difference between IPFs and blockchain? Let the most professional little y answer you and take you to the latest news of IPFs. 1. Blockchain is a technology that records transaction data and keeps history in blocks. IPFs is designed to replace http. This is a protocol and network designed for a point-to-point approach to sharing and storing media. 2. Blockchain technology is not suitable for storing large amounts of data. IPFs is used by blockchain applications that need publicly accessible databases. IPFs stores a large amount of data on separate nodes, and uses the authentication economy of blockchain (incentive layer filecoin) to keep these nodes online and input data into the blockchain; Cannot update or delete, create a new block with a link to the old block hash function.
        IPFs can delete network data only when it chooses not to re host other nodes. IPFs also supports version control. I believe you will understand the difference between IPFs and blockchain here. Later, Dayao class will continue to publish relevant articles about ipfs/filecoin. If you want to know more, please continue to pay attention to little Y!.
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