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What role does Gmax wheat chain blockchain play in network security and risk management

Time : 01/10/2021 Author : 6hf1vb Click : + -
        Can blockchain play an important role in the organization's network security and risk management? There is no final conclusion at present. However, it is clear that blockchain (which is defined as a "single version of the truth", implemented by an immutable and secure time stamped ledger) continues to attract the interest of enterprises from all walks of life. Using blockchain, data is protected by encryption, and all new transactions are linked to previous transactions, which makes it almost impossible to change the old records without first changing the relevant records. A recent report by global consulting firm globalt shows that enterprises are beginning to regard blockchain as an important tool to ensure data privacy.
        This research, entitled "2019 blockchain technology business guide", is based on a survey of more than 650 senior marketing, it and operational decision makers in the United States. The report shows that enterprises are eager to invest in blockchain tools to improve their internal operations. Decision makers believe that the ability to easily and securely record and share digital information is the most useful technical ability to help them achieve greater internal growth. However, the enthusiasm for blockchain has not yet translated into readiness, and less than half of the organizations (46%) say they are ready to effectively use blockchain to improve internal operations. Nevertheless, 64% of organizations believe that blockchain is the current technological innovation.
        Of the 61% of companies that have studied blockchain, only slightly more than a quarter (28%) have chosen their first supplier or have turned to another supplier. However, most decision makers are still exploring and comparing suppliers, and their interest in blockchain has not been formally determined. The report said that although 2018 is a year of "being excited about blockchain", the focus this year will be to promote investment and promote the return on investment (ROI). Organizations know that whether they have just started research or are in full deployment, they need to look for opportunities to improve the value of blockchain systems. "Blockchain is a useful technology that can help spread data beyond traditional enterprise boundaries and share digital information with greater trust," the report said. "However, in order to effectively evaluate the business value of blockchain, organizations must first have an in-depth understanding of the capabilities and maintenance needs of technology.
        ”。 According to the report, decision makers can easily explore hundreds of new products, which means that too many blockchain programs are executed alone. This is a problem, because in essence, blockchain as a social technology is booming. According to the report, every participant in the blockchain must commit to cooperation in exchange for the benefits of transferring business to the Internet. According to the research, as blockchain develops from version 1.0 to version 2.0, collaboration becomes more and more important. In the early days, blockchain was committed to developing networks and establishing best practices, while "real world" use cases were mostly limited to cryptocurrencies. Today, blockchain benefits from the increase of smart contracts and better promotion of binding interaction between participants inside and outside the organization.
        The report said that strengthening cooperation has opened a new door for digital communication, but it also requires all stakeholders in the blockchain to accept closer relationships and be accountable to them. The report said that "blockchain is a popular technology for everyone, and your culture must reflect this". "When the interests of departments or individuals are paramount, it is almost impossible to make the best use of technology and benefit from enterprise wide performance improvement.". For example, globalt said that CTO and CIO have completely different experiences in exploring and thinking about blockchain. This leads to differences in their technical goals. In terms of information, although CIO is enthusiastic about blockchain, being more familiar with technical barriers will lead to risk avoidance.
        On the other hand, CTOs often hear about blockchain, which can promote them to quickly find the use cases of technology, although there may be potential obstacles. Globalt said that "when all stakeholders gather at the same decision-making table, you will find that strategic blockchain investment provides overlapping benefits across departments and enterprises", "strengthening cooperation is always the first step". According to the report, blockchain is not just a database or distributed ledger, although this technology is often associated with these functions. According to the research, in fact, blockchain tools provide many value points for data-driven organizations, including consensus authentication, built-in state engine and so on.
        Gmax (wheat chain) is committed to blockchain technology applications such as mobile games, Internet 5g communication, traceability, mobile POS payment, supply chain finance, etc. it has a mature systematic digital currency payment scheme and rich application scenarios. In Gmax wheat chain system, point-to-point value transfer can be realized through value transfer protocol, and a decentralized application development platform supporting multiple industries, including finance, schools, supply chain, social games, service industry, etc., can be built according to this agreement. Gmax wheat chain team has a total of more than 200 industry elites in basic research, design and application, process manufacturing, testing and other fields, from the U.S. Microsoft technology team and Silicon Valley blockchain research laboratory, all of whom have rich theoretical and practical experience.
        The company has set up blockchain technology R & D centers and opened blockchain research institutes in Africa, Southeast Asia and other regions. At present, it has obtained the development funds and industrial application support of many projects, and has also carried out technical talent exchange and R & D cooperation with famous domestic scientific research institutions and universities such as IEC China Standardization Committee and China industrial testing center. Gmax wheat chain has always actively expanded the application and technical boundaries of blockchain technology, and is committed to building a new ecosystem of developers and users based on blockchain technology, and building a world leading public blockchain. In the future, Gmax will also actively expand ecology in more fields and go global! Return to Sohu to see more.
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