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Zero technology won the double awards of "2021 technology service provider + yuanuniverse innovation pioneer"

Time : 11/02/2022 Author : kw17gp Click : + -
        The meeting was successfully held, aiming to deeply interpret the driving force behind the rapid development of digital economy in 2021, while witnessing the benign and healthy development of China's digital industry ecosystem and providing beneficial reference for more enterprises in ecological construction, integrated development and innovation, by commending the enterprises and teams that have made outstanding performance and outstanding contributions in China's digital industry ecosystem in 2021. With its in-depth cultivation in the blockchain industry, zero technology was ranked among the "top 30 technology service providers in 2021", and was selected into the top 4 blockchain fields together with ant technology, Baidu and TenPay. At the same time, blockchain, as the "infrastructure" in the era of meta universe, zero technology, relying on its strong R & D strength of blockchain technology, was selected as the "2021 digital ecosystem ‘ meta universe ’ innovation pioneer".
        As a company with the underlying technology and deep application scenarios of blockchain, zero technology is leading blockchain to become an indispensable infrastructure for the vigorous development of digital economy around the basic network of data sharing and interaction, as well as the basic platform of asset trading and circulation in recent years. It has achieved remarkable results in industrial Digitalization and the integration of industry and finance, and continues to help customers create value and achieve business success. At present, the company extends its technical capabilities to privacy computing, creates a data value circulation infrastructure, and deeply serves the digital transformation in the four major fields of finance, government affairs, automobiles, and dual carbon. Recently, under the construction requirements of the national "double carbon" goal, zero technology, as the underlying technology provider of blockchain, has been successfully selected into the national blockchain energy pilot list by virtue of the "integrated energy service platform project based on blockchain technology".
        Recently, the "meta universe" has become popular in the entire blockchain industry. From the current landing scenario, blockchain has built an economic system of digital assets in the meta universe, and digital collection trading has become one of the important application scenarios. As the enabler of the open ecosystem of the meta universe, zero technology constantly relies on digital technologies such as blockchain to provide the underlying trust environment and economic foundation to support the efficient operation of the digital ecosystem of the meta universe. Recently, through blockchain authentication technical services, Shanghai Post Center has helped release the digital collection of the year of the tiger Zodiac stamps, ensuring the authenticity and credibility of the whole life cycle of the digital collection. In the future, zero technology will continue to give full play to its own advantages, create a closed-loop service ecosystem for data value circulation through underlying technological innovation and product standardization, and provide a solid and credible foundation for the digital transformation of key industries and fields.
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