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Nanping City introduced special fund subsidy measures for blockchain

Time : 30/11/2021 Author : 4u2953 Click : + -
        Fujian blockchain backbone network based on BSN is supported to build urban nodes with disaster recovery and backup capacity and safe and reliable operation, and a one-time subsidy of 150000 yuan is given to urban nodes recognized by the province. Local enterprises are encouraged to use BSN Nanping City nodes. Within three years from 2021, subsidies will be given according to 80%, 60% and 40% of the actual BSN Nanping City Node fees paid by enterprises, with a maximum of no more than 100000 yuan per enterprise. Encourage blockchain BSN operators to carry out blockchain application development and promotion in Nanping Luodi subsidiary. For a total of 20, 30 and 50 local blockchain applications deployed on the BSN Nanping City node, and the transaction volume of each application has reached more than 100 transactions, the operator will be given a one-time operation fund reward of 100000 yuan, 200000 yuan and 400000 yuan respectively.
        For blockchain enterprises settled in Wuyi smart valley software park, the top 10 blockchain enterprises will be given a subsidy of 500 yuan / square meter for office space decoration, with a maximum of 200000 yuan for each enterprise. A number of blockchain demonstration application projects are collected and selected from digital economy enterprises every year. After evaluation, a subsidy of no more than 200000 yuan will be given to a single project. Support local digital economy enterprises to cultivate a group of blockchain product managers, application development engineers and other professionals certified by the Ministry of human resources and social security and the Ministry of industry and information technology. Enterprises that obtain blockchain product managers, application development engineers and other certificates will be given a subsidy of 3000 yuan per person, with a maximum of 15000 yuan for a single enterprise.
        Encourage the holding of blockchain technology and industry related summits and forums in Nanping City to promote the ecological agglomeration of blockchain industry. If it is confirmed that it meets the conditions, a subsidy of no more than 100000 yuan will be given for each game according to the actual expenditure, and no more than 2 games per year.
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