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Xie Shaofeng, director of the Department of information technology and communications of the Ministry of industry and information technology: increase support to local governments and accelerate the promotion of blockchain technology and industrial innova

Time : 08/10/2021 Author : am4rpn Click : + -
        Shanghai Securities News (reporter Songweiping) Xie Shaofeng, director of the information technology development department of the Ministry of industry and information technology, said in the online meeting of the 2021 international industrial blockchain conference recently that at present, a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial changes are booming, and the new generation of information technology represented by blockchain is developing rapidly, showing great value and broad prospects in supporting the digital economy, empowering the real economy, and improving governance capabilities. In the next step, the Ministry of industry and information technology will intensify its efforts to create a good policy environment, strengthen the overall planning and form a joint force from the aspects of products, enterprises, standards, talents, ecology, etc., deepen the application of technology, improve innovation capacity, and improve the industrial ecology.
        At the same time, we will increase support for local governments and accelerate the development of blockchain technology and industrial innovation. Xie Shaofeng said that since this year, the Ministry of industry and information technology has taken many measures to actively promote the high-quality development of the blockchain industry. The first is to improve the top-level design, the second is to promote the construction of the standard system, the third is to support the key core technology research, and the fourth is to accelerate the large-scale application and create a number of replicable and promotable industry benchmarks. According to statistics, there are more than 1400 blockchain enterprises in China, initially forming a relatively complete industrial chain; There are more than 40 industrial parks and the number of patent applications is leading in the world. The application of blockchain technology has rapidly expanded to supply chain management, data circulation, intelligent manufacturing and other fields.
        In terms of blockchain standardization, 6 national standards and 16 industrial standards have been approved, and positive progress has been made in group standards. It is reported that this conference was hosted by Hunan Provincial Department of industry and information technology, organized by Changsha Economic and Technological Development Zone Management Committee and industrial Internet industry alliance, and co organized by Changsha Economic and Technological Development Zone Xingsha blockchain Industrial Park, Shugen Gezhi Technology (Hunan) Co., Ltd. The theme of the conference is "the boundless link of district smart manufacturing". The conference released the rootchain industrial blockchain basic service platform created by Shugen Gezhi, as well as reports such as industrial blockchain: new opportunities to help industrial enterprises' application upgrading, industrial blockchain Application guide, 2021 industrial blockchain technology application and trend report, and China's industrial blockchain case collection, which deeply interpreted industrial policies and hot spots, and discussed the industry's cutting-edge core technologies and products, It presents a wealth of applications and scenarios in the industry.
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