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The "blockchain wechat" coin should be suspected of plagiarizing wechat, and the Haidian court made a lawsuit injunction

Time : 09/08/2021 Author : 254esp Click : + -
        Today, the Haidian court made a behavior preservation ruling on suspicion of plagiarizing wechat with the "inchat" software, requiring the "inchat" software to stop operating immediately. In October, 2018, Tencent Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Tencent computer system Co., Ltd. sued chipslimited, the developer of Yinying software, and Beijing Fengqi Yunfei Technology Co., Ltd., the operator, to the court for ordering chipslimited to stop the infringement on the grounds of unfair competition disputes because they believed that the "inchat" software copied wechat comprehensively, and the expression in its slogan was easy to confuse and mislead users, 2. The company published a statement to eliminate the impact and jointly compensate Tencent for its economic losses and reasonable rights protection expenses, totaling 10million yuan.
        Tencent claimed that money should not only plagiarize wechat comprehensively from user interface design, function content setting, function naming to the design, typesetting, layout, color matching of corresponding icons, but also publicize that its software is a blockchain encrypted communication tool 100% benchmarked to "wechat", a "coin circle wechat", "Digital currency wechat", "blockchain wechat", etc., with obvious free riding intention. After reviewing the preliminary evidence, the Haidian court held that chipslimited was more likely to constitute an act of unfair competition, with a large number of software users and a fast growth rate. If no action preservation measures were taken, it would cause irreparable damage to the legitimate rights and interests of Tencent technology company and Tencent computer company.
        And the "inchat" software provides the function of collection and payment, which may bring other damages that are difficult to control, and may also damage the social and public interests. In response, Haidian court Haidian court made a behavior preservation ruling, requiring chipslimited to immediately stop operating the "inchat" software and immediately delete inchat Io. All publicity contents and information about the "inchat" software in the website, and stop providing the download channel of the "inchat" software through the above website until the final legal document of this case takes effect. Disclaimer: the purpose of this article reproduced by Chinanet technology is to convey more information, and does not represent the views and positions of this website.
        The content of this article is for reference only and does not constitute investment advice. Investors operate accordingly at their own risk. The implementation of the "new third board +h" model opens a new chapter for the opening of the capital market and brings opportunities to improve the management level and ability of the new third board market. The cooperation between Hong Kong Stock Exchange and stock transfer can refer to the models of Shanghai Hong Kong stock connect and Shenzhen Hong Kong stock connect. It is expected that the first batch of qualified third board enterprises will be listed in June and July this year.
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