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The 2022 global digital economy conference "digital energy and carbon peak carbon neutrality forum" was held

Time : 19/04/2022 Author : hl7tyo Click : + -
        In order to accelerate the integration and innovation of digital technology and energy technology, boost the green and low-carbon development of the energy industry with digital transformation, and accelerate the construction of a clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient energy system, on July 29, the 2022 global digital economy conference "digital energy and carbon peak carbon neutrality Forum" hosted by the 2022 global digital economy conference organizing committee and hosted by state grid digital holdings and China Energy Research Association was successfully held in the National Conference Center. Relevant principals of the Ministry of industry and information technology, the national energy administration, the China Energy Research Association, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of economy and information technology, and the State Grid Corporation of China attended the forum and delivered speeches. Academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, relevant industry experts from Tsinghua University and the British Embassy in China made a keynote report on the digital transformation of energy.
        At the forum, the State Grid Corporation of China released the energy digital technology innovation achievement "energy carbon chain", and the state grid digital technology holding company launched the "energy digital economy co construction initiative". It is reported that the "energy carbon chain" is a blockchain public service platform serving the green and low-carbon development of energy, which is guided by the national energy administration and jointly built by the State Grid Corporation of China in conjunction with the national energy group, China Three Gorges Corporation and other energy enterprises. Its core competence is to realize the credible management of the whole process of carbon emission data collection, storage, analysis, trading and verification of the energy industry and upstream and downstream enterprises, break through the data barriers between enterprises, trading institutions, verification institutions and users, enhance the credibility of the whole link of carbon emission data, optimize the business processes of carbon verification, carbon trading, carbon regulation and so on, and improve the collaborative efficiency of the whole process of carbon emission management.
        At the same time, this achievement also fully takes into account the driving effect of "one industry leads all industries" of the digital economy, and takes the innovative application of energy blockchain as a breakthrough point to promote the construction of a new business form of green and low-carbon transformation of energy. At present, this achievement has formed typical applications in many business scenarios such as green electricity trading, international green certificates, carbon label evaluation, etc., and has carried out large-scale applications in more than 20 provinces across the country, providing blockchain green electricity consumption vouchers, electronic contracts and other services for more than 6000 market entities. It has great potential in coping with green trade barriers and promoting the integration and mutual recognition of China's green electricity and the global green electricity market. At the meeting, the state grid digital technology holding company affiliated to the State Grid Corporation of China launched the "energy digital economy co construction initiative".
        The initiative calls on energy digital enterprises to accelerate the integration and innovation of energy technology and digital technology, and jointly promote the self-reliance and self-improvement of energy technology; Explore the construction of "comprehensive perception + transparent network + intelligent platform" energy digital technology system, and jointly build energy digital infrastructure; Accelerate the cultivation of energy data element market and jointly shape the value of energy data elements; Jointly tackle the multi-level and whole process source network load storage and all element green and low-carbon key technologies such as flexible transmission and new energy storage, and jointly build a new power system; Enhance the radiation and driving capacity of the whole industrial chain of digital energy, and jointly cultivate the Digital Collaborative ecosystem of energy; Actively participate in global energy governance and jointly expand international cooperation in energy digital.
        In recent years, the State Grid Digital Division has actively implemented the decision-making and deployment of the Party group of the State Grid Corporation of China, closely focused on the development layout of "one body, four wings", and constantly explored and practiced in the process of accelerating the innovation of energy digital economy, releasing the value of digital technology, and helping to build a clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient modern energy system. In the Winter Olympic Green Power traceability, carbon neutralization support services, digital RMB A series of innovative achievements have been made in the construction of enterprise digital core system. In addition, the forum also invited well-known enterprises and authoritative experts in the energy field to talk about a low-carbon and green future through round table dialogues and other means around the theme of "collaborative transformation and development of energy digitalization and greening, and help achieve the goal of carbon peak and carbon neutrality".
        Nearly 100 industry scholars and experts from governments, enterprises, scientific research institutes and universities attended the forum. This article is uploaded and published by the author or organization of surging news, which only represents the views of the author or organization, not the views or positions of surging news. Surging news only provides an information publishing platform. Please use your computer to apply for the surging number.
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