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Use artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to diversify data

Time : 12/07/2021 Author : 4osrlu Click : + -
        An impressive feature of artificial intelligence (AI) is that it can provide computing power and create cognition in machines. However, AI critics are now beginning to worry that many AI projects are centrally controlled, resulting in "narrow AI". Unlike human cognition, AI in a narrow sense is neither conscious nor emotion driven. To be more precise, AI in a narrow sense operates within a predetermined and predefined scope, even though it seems to be much more complex than this. Virtual assistants such as Google's Siri and Amazon's Alexa are examples of narrow AI. These AI based systems can communicate with users and answer questions, but these machines are far from human like intelligence.
        Arifkhan, vice president of marketing of singularitynet (AGI, singularity network), said that the centralized control AI project led by large technology companies has led to the narrow data set, which may be harmful to the future of AI. "Suppose Facebook wants to develop artificial intelligence algorithms. Facebook's large data sets will never be disclosed to competitors, because keeping these information confidential is Facebook's best interest. Conversely, Facebook cannot access competitor's data sets. In addition, Facebook's data sets contain private information, which is most likely to be used to promote its own interests of shareholder value.
        ”Khan said, "However, if Facebook creates a proxy AI with the secondary goal of optimizing shareholder value, then Facebook's AI algorithms will promote the behavior of users in a specific direction, thus forming a narrow social perspective driven by these algorithms. For example, humans may share false news, causing Facebook's algorithms to further promote the proliferation of such content. If there are only data sets and algorithms, and this Some algorithms tend to create shareholder value through advertising clicks, so the created content may not be good for the whole society. ".
        Unlike AI based projects, blockchain technology creates decentralized and transparent networks that can be accessed by anyone around the world. Although blockchain technology is the infrastructure of cryptocurrency, blockchain network is currently being applied in many industries to create decentralization. For example, singularity network is dedicated to using blockchain technology to encourage a wider distribution of data and algorithms, which helps to ensure the future development of artificial intelligence and the creation of "decentralized artificial intelligence". "Singularitynet combines blockchain and artificial intelligence to create a more intelligent and decentralized artificial intelligence blockchain network, which can carry different data sets.
        By creating an API on the blockchain, it will allow AI agents to communicate with each other. Therefore, different algorithms can be built on different data sets. " Khan said, "blockchain can be regarded as a wide horizontal layer across all different cultures, nationalities and geographical locations. Everyone can access this horizontal layer and interact with this technical layer, which allows people to upload and process very different data sets. Unlike the data sets controlled in the set, the data sets on the blockchain network are not controlled by the firewall or central authority.". Ben ·, chief scientist of hansonrobotics in the United States; Bengoertzel said, "blockchain technology will make it easy for AI developers to provide code as a service to other products for access, and it is profitable in many cases.
        For products like Sophia, it will expand the scope of third-party AI services, which can be accessed in real time to help answer questions and explain the situation. ".
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