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Wave field currency fell sharply, where is the investment value of virtual currency

Time : 01/03/2022 Author : fwy06s Click : + -
        A few days ago, sun Yuchen, the founder of cryptocurrency wave field, said on his microblog, "due to a sudden kidney stone being treated in the hospital, the lunch meeting with Mr. Buffett was cancelled for some reason. At present, all conditions are stable, and he is in the recovery period, so he can't accept interviews. Please forgive me.". The reporter of the "daily economic news" noted that affected by the news, as of 23:26 yesterday, the quotation of wave field /tron fell by 24.76%, and the market value also fell out of the top 10 cryptocurrencies. Not long ago, Libra, the digital currency scheme promoted by Facebook, attracted great attention from the market. Since then, the finance ministers of G7 and the governor of the central bank have reached a consensus that Libra will be strictly supervised.
        This move is to push the attention of digital currency to a climax. About this series of events, where is the investment value of virtual currency? What is the difference between bitcoin and other virtual currencies? The reporter of the daily economic news (hereinafter referred to as NBD) interviewed Xiao Lei, a digital currency analyst. As we all know, in the traditional market, Buffett is known as the God of stocks, and he has become the richest man in the world. He has too many followers around the world, including China. In another new type of investment market, sun Yuchen was able to take this lunch for more than 30 million yuan and sit down to have dinner with Buffett, which itself is of historic significance. The collision of these two forces involves too many things.
        Because the currency issued by sun Yuchen himself has been traded in the secondary market. Judging from the standards of a listed company, this is already a public event. We must pay attention. But this matter will not bring much help to his own project. Wave field is a project starting from marketing. There are two kinds of projects in the digital money market. One is the start of technology, that is, CTO (Chief Technology Officer) finally becomes the leader of the project, using his technical ideal, organization, algorithm, community, to let more people participate in this matter, and then push up the price of money. Meeting people like Buffett, I think this is a peak of marketing.
        Next is the turning point. It is difficult to create an event that is even more sensational than eating with Buffett. In addition, as the founder of a coin issuing company, you take so much money to have a meal, and you have no goal, just to instill an idea into Buffett and make him recognize blockchain. Buffett is a person who is difficult to convince, and sun Yuchen certainly knows it, so this matter is a hype in sun Yuchen's logic. His marketing method is not a good start for the whole market. Instead, it makes the digital money market more controversial and has a greater gap with the traditional market. Some countries define it as virtual goods, some as assets similar to cash, and some as illegal assets.
        But in the existing currency, no matter how you define it, bitcoin is already a real thing. The United States is the benchmark of global finance. Basically, the world accepts the definition of what an asset is like in the United States. The financial rules in the world today are dominated by the United States, and the dollar has a great influence. From the perspective of the United States, it has at least launched legal bitcoin futures, which shows that the United States has recognized its legitimacy. The market value of this wave of virtual currencies, at its peak, was close to $400billion. What is this concept? Facebook's market capitalization is $400billion. In this case, it cannot be said that virtual currency has no value.
        The question now is, is its value stable? Can its price fluctuation bring investors a stable return on investment? This needs a question mark. Of course, the security of bitcoin is slightly higher. That is, its volatility is nearly 10 times that of gold. In other words, when gold fluctuates by 1%, it fluctuates by 10%. Although it has value, its value or its investment attributes and risks are not affordable to ordinary people. In reality, few profitable (virtual currency) projects, including sun Yuchen's wave field currency, have a market value of $15billion, but they still don't make money. It has been spending, you hold money without dividends, and it does not mean that you have equity.
        This is a "Bo silly" game, or zero sum game. I hold it for the purpose of selling it to you at a higher price. If you don't answer, it will fall into my hand. Why is this kind of thing still pursued? Where does its value come from? That is blockchain. Bitcoin only uses blockchain technology, but blockchain technology is absolutely valuable. It is a very low-level technology. It can reduce the transaction cost of the whole society and promote social development. In fact, everyone pursues virtual currency in the hope that blockchain will be recognized and exploded one day. So investors will ask, can I catch this bus? But when he went to look for the car, he couldn't find the target.
        Now some people have made a coin and said that this is blockchain. Come and take a ride with me, so they are cheated. How much does this coin have to do with the future blockchain revolution? This is not necessarily true. The value of virtual currency is based on blockchain, but this is something very marginal that everyone can touch. How can we dig out the real value of blockchain? No one knows this. In this regard, China's central bank, bat and other Internet giants are also exploring. Xiao Lei: in the history of currency development, several metals have undertaken the function of currency, including iron, copper, silver and gold. Among them, what everyone wants to hold most is gold. The first is brand effect.
        Bitcoin is the first successful application of blockchain technology. It carries forward blockchain technology and makes everyone know it. It is the earliest digital currency, opening the history of digital currency. Its system is very safe and its anti-counterfeiting coefficient is very high. Now there are a large number of hackers in the world, who can only steal your bitcoin, but the bitcoin network cannot be broken. Paper money, including US dollars and Japanese yen, may produce counterfeit money, but bitcoin cannot produce counterfeit money. Without brand barriers and accumulated exposure, it will have no scarcity and a very large circulation. It is not that the specific issue quantity of a certain kind of coin is very large, but that of this kind of coin is very large.
        If you think this kind of coin is valuable, I'll issue one. But bitcoin can't be imitated, because it's not just a copy. Its release time and user base can't be imitated. The fourth is its trading liquidity. The transaction value of bitcoin in a single day is more than $50billion at its peak, and it is also several billion dollars at ordinary times. Its market value is only more than $100 billion, but its daily turnover is more than $10 billion. For Wall Street, because there is no practical use, they are more concerned about liquidity. If there are only $100million to $200million in transactions every day, no one will participate. Many virtual currencies don't even have a daily trading volume of $10million, which is incomparable with the trading value of bitcoin.
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