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Huachuang times mall headquarters docking

Time : 10/01/2022 Author : 67vbuf Click : + -
        Huachuang times mall platform builds infrastructure based on blockchain technology and uses multi chain architecture to operate, which solves the main problems of the current mall ecological platform &mdash& mdash; Interoperability and scalability. The underlying infrastructure of Huachuang times blockchain builds a block application ecosystem based on the mall platform and acts as a media function. Using the original super encryption algorithm architecture, it integrates all kinds of traditional online and offline merchants and all kinds of individuals and platform supply chain circulation channels to seamlessly connect and apply, so as to maximize the value of the supply chain and consumers, and finally realize the innovative block intelligent business platform of commercial realization. At the same time, the future strategy closely follows the trend of metauniverse, and develops 3D scene shopping with Web3.0 to realize a new interactive experience.
        We will work together to create a new global link, Internet of everything, cutting-edge blockchain, and business ecosystem platform for win-win results. Consensus algorithm, reaching formula, data ledger, P2P communication, peer-to-peer information dissemination, service mode, application scenarios, digital library technology, hardware storage and calculation, storing the same data, sharing information, derived from cryptography. Cryptography tools, principal identity security, shared information security, verification and testing, virtual machine technology, cross principal intelligent contract, blockchain system, integral execution, service performance management. Red fruit innovation, rich in fruit, rich in green fruit, based on blockchain technology to create a new meta universe chain business financial ecosystem, a new retail enabling entity.
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