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Xiao Quan: Music Copyright digital collections may become a new way to assist middle and bottom musicians

Time : 17/04/2022 Author : z0qkfb Click : + -
        Nowadays, the digital collection market is booming, and many sub circuits have been derived, "music + Digital Collection" is a very important representative. In 2018, a song "seaweed dance" was popular all over the country; In 2022, seaweed dance released its digital collection and sold it at a high price of $5million overseas, once again stunning the entire industry and market. Today, we have a special interview with "seaweed dance" singer Xiao Quan and the collection's distribution platform: Shenzhen Bedo music technology, to talk about the story behind the collection's distribution. I made my debut in 2000, from an independent musician to a music producer. In 2012, he began to publish his singing works gradually.
        In the Internet era, the inland music industry has been personally involved in the period of RBT and online songs, short videos and online copyright. Because I have been paying more attention to the information trends of the music and entertainment industry before, I will have an understanding of digital collections. It is not a very new thing. In recent years, people abroad and at home have been trying it, but as far as I know, the digital collection involving music copyright should be just beginning. I have done some research on other domestic digital collection platforms. At that time, the vast majority of platforms were based on pictures and simple digital concept collections, and there seemed to be no operation involving music copyright.
        Bedouin music's main business line is music copyright digital collections, and it is clear that digital collections are released by obeying and using the domestic alliance chain with the technology of coin free blockchain. So I finally chose to cooperate with Beethoven music. I think the concept of digital collection is easy to be misunderstood by the word collection. Many people think that the current actual value of collectibles may not be high, and they may also think that its quotation will fluctuate with hype, such as collectibles such as antiques in the real world. I prefer to understand that it is one of the new things derived from the premise of blockchain technology ownership and authentication. It is because the right is confirmed that this is a unique collection.
        As long as we make good use of this technology, it will provide more convenience for our increasingly in-depth Internet interactive life. Our Bedouin music is a digital collection platform focusing on music and music copyright tracks. In fact, many members of the team are early blockchain preachers. Some members were exposed to cryptocat (an electronic pet developed based on blockchain technology, first called NFT), baidu dog, etc. as early as 2017. Later, they paid attention to domestic digital collections in 2021. Digital collections inherit many characteristics of blockchain technology, especially uniqueness, which plays a very good role in falsification. At the same time, music, as the fourth art, carries a very rich Chinese culture, and the spread of cultural content in music digital collections can break through the physical constraints and better bring Chinese culture to the world.
        Finally, Bedouin's business model combined with digital collections can reduce the threshold of market access for music copyright and allow more good Chinese music to be born, which is a very valuable and meaningful thing. In fact, there are a wide range of users of digital collections, including art products, music fans and blockchain technology enthusiasts. In fact, men, women, young and old are all users. At present, there are all mainstream product solution platforms, including collection type, copyright type, music, pictures, rights and interests, but the core of Bedouin music platform is music copyright digital collection. Music creators, copyright owners, fans, listeners and other important components of music are all fighting their own battles. This is not a good circulation mechanism. The business system built by Bedouin through blockchain technology can jointly mobilize these parties, such as Dao, such as community, such as copyright sharing, and finally achieve win-win results. This is the value of a new production relationship.
        The core of the Bedouin music platform is the digital collection of music copyright. In order to make the digital collection of music copyright truly bring copyright benefits, after six months of intensive development, Bedouin team has completed the function of musicians' one-stop casting of digital collections, reducing the entry threshold of the whole industry to a very low level. It only needs to be able to operate computers to distribute their own digital collection of music copyright. Bedouin is the first music digital collection platform in the world to realize open, transparent and automatic settlement through digital collection certification, confirmation of rights, splitting of music copyright income. Traditional copyright change or circulation will have cumbersome contract processes, and it is impossible to query all investors from the chain in real time. If someone enters and exits, the relevant processes will be very troublesome.
        And Bedouin music supports up to one million participants to jointly own a digital collection of copyright income of a song, which can be checked on the change chain of participation data, with high efficiency. (this content is reproduced on the Internet. If there is infringement on the pictures and other contents involved in the text, please contact the editor to delete it. The market is risky, and you should be careful in your choice! This text is for reference only, and is not used as a basis for trading and investment.).
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