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Yangtongpeng, executive director of Tianshu digital chain: Exploration and thinking of blockchain in data circulation

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        With the vigorous development of the digital economy, data has been integrated into the process of economic value creation together with other elements, which has a wide impact on the development of productivity. Blockchain technology makes data more secure and orderly flow. Data chain integration and innovation can promote the market-oriented allocation of data elements, make data more valuable and trust simpler. At the data management forum of "2021 China Digital annual conference", Yang tongpeng, executive director and general manager of Tianshu digital chain (Zhejiang) Technology Co., Ltd., delivered a speech from three aspects: the analysis of the current situation of data elements, the new trend of big data and blockchain integration, and the exploration and thinking of blockchain in the circulation of data elements. This article is organized according to the content of the speech.
        At present, the national 14th five year plan and all ministries and commissions are actively promoting the optimization of data factor market allocation. Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Guiyang and other cities are also building data exchanges or data trading platforms. For example, in March, the Beijing international big data exchange was established under the leadership of Beijing Financial Holding Group, organized by the Beijing Municipal Bureau of economy and information technology, together with the Beijing Municipal Bureau of finance, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Commerce, the Beijing Municipal online information office and other departments. According to media reports, Beijing international big data exchange is a key project in the construction of "two districts" in Beijing, an important benchmark project for Beijing to promote the construction of a global digital economy benchmark City, and is committed to building a domestic leading data circulation infrastructure and an international important cross-border data flow hub.
        In the second half of the year, Beijing data exchange has released the data trading platform through relevant meetings. In January, Shanghai issued the Shanghai data regulations (Draft), and unveiled the Shanghai data exchange at the end of November. It is positioned as a quasi public institution for data circulation and trading. It is understood that the establishment of a data exchange in Shanghai is a specific measure to implement. The opinions of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on supporting the high-level reform and opening up of Pudong New Area and building a leading area for socialist modernization clearly put forward "building an international data port and data exchange". At the same time, Shanghai is focusing on urban digital transformation, and the exchange will also become an important starting point for this work, which is the infrastructure to speed up the circulation of data elements, release data dividends, and promote the construction of digital economy; In July, Guangdong Province proposed the action plan for the reform of market-oriented allocation of data elements in Guangdong Province, which is also accelerating the construction of data trading venues and supporting institutions in South China.
        It can be seen that the pace of data factor market construction is accelerating, ushering in a new development speed and competition pattern. Data has become the fifth largest factor of production after land, labor, capital and technology, and has become a national basic strategic resource. The value of data elements is reflected in two aspects. First, data is the "oil" in the digital economy era. The flow of data is like the combustion of oil, which can generate power and bring value. The flow of data drives the flow of technology, material, talent and capital. From this perspective, data is a new productivity. Second, data is the "diamond mine" in the era of digital economy. Value is generated through data mining, which is reflected in revealing the laws that a single data cannot show through multi-dimensional and multi field data, realizing accurate decision-making, increasing certainty, traceability, predictability, reducing decision-making errors and risks, improving efficiency, and realizing business value-added.
        From this perspective, data is a new factor of production. In order to give better play to the value of data as a factor of production and resources, it is necessary to allocate it to where it is needed, which requires strengthening the market-oriented allocation optimization of data elements. The market plays a decisive role in the allocation of data resources. Therefore, data resources should have the same commodity attributes as products and services, including price, property rights and trading. Due to the particularity of data flow carriers, it is necessary to establish a proprietary data trading platform in order to strengthen supervision and achieve safe and orderly flow, especially in cross-border transmission and security protection, there should be strict systems, norms and effective supervision means. At present, there are many outstanding pain points and challenges in the configuration and optimization of data elements, involving the effective integration of government data sharing and social data. Achieving safe and controllable data governance and data circulation has become a compulsory course for governments and enterprises.
        Although the social demand for massive big data is huge, China's data trading platform market is still in the exploratory stage, subject to problems such as the definition of data ownership, valuation and pricing, and resource investment. For example, the data phenomenon that enterprises or government departments do not want to open core data is widespread, and the data cannot be circulated and circulated. Even under the provisions of personal information legality and data security law, it cannot play its value. Therefore, many problems need to be solved urgently, such as where the data comes from, how to break the data monopoly, how to make the data flow and cycle, and how to make the data produce real value. Digital economy has three elements: data, algorithm and computing power.
        As the core means of production, data needs to be configured to the right place to play its value; The algorithm is based on business scenarios. Relevant business personnel need to strengthen combing business scenarios, turn experience into knowledge precipitation through the algorithm, and give full play to the value of industry know-how; Computing power is the foundation. Through the production methods of Internet, blockchain, cloud computing and other innovative technologies, and through the cloud, we can use data to endow intelligence, turn data into commodities, and realize the circulation of data value. Data is the "new energy" that drives economic development, and comprehensive technical means are needed to achieve data governance. First, the Internet and the Internet of things solve the problem of large-scale, efficient and low-cost collection of massive data; Second, blockchain's distributed database and general ledger solve the problem of large-scale, efficient and low-cost trust in massive data; Third, cloud computing solves the problem of large-scale, efficient and low-cost storage and calculation of massive data; Fourth, AI solves the problem of large-scale, efficient and low-cost use of massive data.
        The infrastructure construction of data economy is promoting the collaborative way of data. After the big data platform gathers data, it uses data switches and chain switches to realize data aggregation and data uplink. Based on the application of innovative scenarios of data chain integration, it realizes data circulation, value realization and effective supervision through the data trading platform. For example, the Inclusive Finance scenario of data enabled small and medium-sized enterprises is to build a "big data + blockchain basic service platform" in the way of "laying a capillary network along the construction direction of data high-speed railway and building a digital resource highway with full network circulation", so as to solve the problem of loan difficulties for small and medium-sized enterprises, and form a value closed loop around data circulation to support financial services for small and medium-sized enterprises.
        Blockchain has four special attributes, which can solve the problems of information, trust and credit, and form a trust machine. First, the uniqueness of the virtual world. Blockchain capitalizes data; Second, establish a global public ledger and a larger scale open collaboration network; Third, the machine that transmits trust has changed the business meta rules, and the data can be traced and monitored; Fourth, the self-confidence mechanism will produce a more efficient way of resource allocation. So, how to establish the trust mechanism of blockchain? This is a process involving information, trust and credit. Information has the characteristics of chaos, lack of credibility, isolated islands and so on, which is actually difficult to obtain; Trust refers to the credibility of information, that is, the data can withstand verification and multi-party authentication to ensure high consistency and cannot be tampered with; Finally, credit relationship will be generated, and identity confirmation, asset confirmation, judicial confirmation and value circulation will be realized.
        In short, blockchain is to turn data into evidence and allow evidence to be freely and reliably transmitted. For example, by turning relevant judicial data into evidence through the alliance chain, we encourage courts, arbitration, judicial expertise, financial institutions, national departments, notary offices, commercial institutions, etc. to participate in the chain and form a chain network. In these nodes, for example, the core of the work of the court is to turn data into evidence, which is the embodiment of the value of blockchain. Another example is the recently discussed metauniverse, NFT, whose core is to turn data into digital assets that are convenient for circulation. The monetary system in the industrial era is difficult to meet the needs of large-scale exchange and financing in the digital world. Using blockchain records to confirm the rights of data assets is an area that we are actively trying to explore.
        Blockchain is a production relationship technology. Through the centralized mode and public ledger mode, information sharing, rapid transmission, open and transparent information, reliable and reliable, improve efficiency, thereby reducing costs and increasing efficiency. In the exploration of blockchain technology enabling the circulation of data elements, Tianshu digital chain is bringing new directions to the industry with digital chain integration and innovation. Tianshu digital chain (Zhejiang) Technology Co., Ltd. was jointly led by Zhejiang Financial Holding Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang digital Qin Technology Co., Ltd. to build provincial-level digital economy and technology facilities, promote the construction of data factor market, build a dual carbon green innovation platform, and strengthen the collaborative innovation of vertical application platforms. In the process of exploration, Tianshu digital chain applied blockchain technology to data circulation, formed strategic cooperation with Zhejiang Big Data Trading Center, and used blockchain to realize data chaining, transaction orders and transaction process chaining by building a data element trading platform.
        Using the underlying technology provided by Tianshu chain, the data element trading market can have the characteristics of data fingerprint weight determination, data order information can not be tampered with, and the data transaction process can be traced, making the flow of data elements more efficient, safe, and monitorable. In our plan, the Tianshu digital chain blockchain platform can play a supporting role in the four key links of data element circulation: in terms of data right confirmation, we can realize data fingerprint on the chain, chain duplicate checking and cross chain duplicate checking; In terms of data transaction, realize the chain of transaction orders, and ensure that the transaction relationship and transaction records cannot be tampered with, so as to ensure that the transaction can be supervised; In terms of transaction behavior verification, the transaction process is linked, and the data and data quality evaluation can be traced and verified; In terms of data security, it realizes data transaction on the chain, data privacy exchange off the chain, and the combination of on the chain and off the chain to ensure the safe flow of data.
        Based on the support of key links, Tianshu digital chain and relevant partners have formed data asset access services for right confirmation, pricing and business model innovation. First, confirm the right, authorize and link up according to the basic laws and regulations; Secondly, confirm the data value through cost pricing, income pricing and market pricing; Finally, through business resource docking, transaction form matching and service revenue evaluation. At the same time, aiming at the problem of data circulation, Tianshu digital chain gradually summarizes the data product operation chain, focuses on the data product operation, and opens up the chain of data acquisition, data output and data value-added services. Tianshu digital chain and its strategic partner Zhejiang big data trading center work together to build a digital commerce ecological friend circle covering data trading subjects, data compliance consulting, quality evaluation, asset evaluation, delivery and other fields, so as to improve the value of data circulation.
        Based on data elements, Tianshu digital chain carries out innovative exploration of data chain integration through blockchain + privacy technology, and has formed the service capabilities of data circulation platform and blockchain + privacy computing service. 1. Blockchain and privacy computing are integrated to create an open platform for Tianshu chain + privacy computing. Tianshu digital chain builds the Tianshu chain platform through blockchain technology, and cooperates with privacy computing technology to lay the foundation for the construction of data element transaction base, so as to realize the availability, invisibility, traceability and supervision of data. In the process of processing and analyzing the calculated data, privacy computing can keep the data opaque, not divulged, not accessible by the calculation method and other unauthorized parties, and the data of the participants are not local. While protecting the data security, it can realize the cross domain cooperation of multi-source data.
        2. Build a data element circulation service platform based on Tianshu Jintong products. Based on the underlying technology architecture of blockchain, Tianshu digital chain relies on innovative technologies such as cloud computing, federated learning, and privacy computing to promote the circulation and sharing of data elements, and build a safe and trusted environment for data aggregation, registration, governance, integration, processing, trading, applications, and services. The core of data trading is to match the needs of both data suppliers and demanders, and realize the matching of more resources and application scenarios by providing institutional innovation, trading platform and ecological network of data. Tianshu digital chain builds a data element circulation service platform based on the product capability of "Tianshu Jintong" to support the business online processing of Zhejiang big data trading center.
        At present, Tianshu digital chain has become a service provider of "data element circulation service platform" and an open platform service provider of "Tianshu chain + privacy computing". We hope to work with more partners in the data industry chain to expand our circle of friends, support data circulation licensees to carry out data circulation business through data chain integration and innovation, build an ecosystem, and achieve value creation.
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