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Postal Savings Bank of China accelerates the construction of carbon neutral bank

Time : 24/06/2021 Author : 2s56ko Click : + -
        Recently, the postal savings bank of China, the climate investment and financing Professional Committee of the Chinese Academy of Environmental Sciences (CIFA), the natural resources protection association (NRDC) and other units jointly held an online report release and seminar on "climate friendly transformation of commercial banks under carbon neutrality" in Beijing. At the meeting, the green finance research group of the postal savings bank released one of the series of research reports on CIFA led projects &mdash& mdash; Research on the path of low carbon transformation of commercial banks under the goal of carbon neutrality (hereinafter referred to as the report). The report points out that as the main force of China's financial industry, commercial banks accelerate the low-carbon transformation and build a carbon neutral bank, which is both the mission of fulfilling social responsibilities, helping to build a community of human and natural life, and promoting the construction of ecological civilization; It is also the internal need to grasp policy and market opportunities, deal with environmental and climate risks and challenges, and achieve self height and quality development.
        The report analyzes the concept and theoretical basis of carbon neutral bank, and summarizes the practical experience of postal savings bank and other domestic and foreign banks in exploring low-carbon transformation and building carbon neutral bank. The report believes that there are some difficulties and challenges to be solved urgently in the process of low-carbon transformation of domestic commercial banks. First, the top-level design and institutional mechanism need to be improved. Second, the service capacity to meet the diversified financial needs of customers is insufficient. Third, the ability to manage environmental and climate risks is insufficient. Fourth, the supporting support is insufficient. Based on theoretical analysis and practical experience, the report suggests that China's banking institutions should promote low-carbon transformation and speed up the construction of carbon neutral banks from four aspects: strengthening top-level design, consolidating basic prerequisites, grasping key paths, and improving security mechanisms.
        In terms of strengthening the top-level design, the report proposes to formulate the construction objectives and special plans of carbon neutral banks, clarify the timetable and road map, and believes that legal person banks in different regions or branches of national banks should implement differentiated paths for the construction of carbon neutral banks. On the premise of consolidating the foundation, the report believes that on the one hand, carbon inventory and carbon accounting should be organized and carbon emission inventories should be prepared. Especially for the carbon emissions in the dimension of financial assets, we should speed up the exploration and implementation of the accounting of carbon emissions of enterprises and projects. On the other hand, strengthen relevant information disclosure and fully accept the supervision of all parties. The government should make mandatory disclosure requirements through legislation, and the regulatory authorities should study and formulate institutional documents for environmental and climate information disclosure, and unify the content, form, standards and other requirements of disclosure.
        In terms of grasping the key path, the report suggests that we should promote carbon emission reduction and carbon offset to achieve carbon neutrality in our own operations; At the same time, we should also develop green finance and transition finance to achieve carbon neutrality of financial assets, including vigorously developing green finance, climate finance, transition finance, sustainable finance, etc. In terms of improving the guarantee mechanism, the report believes that banking institutions should establish a professional guarantee mechanism suitable for the construction of carbon neutral banks in the fields of policies and systems, incentives and constraints, risk management, scientific and technological empowerment, capacity improvement, corporate culture and so on, according to their own actual needs and the business characteristics of green finance, climate investment and financing, carbon finance and so on.
        In recent years, the postal savings bank has made great efforts to develop sustainable finance, green finance and climate finance from the aspects of corporate governance, policies and systems, resource allocation, product innovation, risk management, financial technology, green operation and capacity-building, made full use of internal and external platforms to carry out research on green finance related topics, and continuously improved its professional ability, which has also been recognized by the industry. The postal savings bank said that in the next step, it will continue to practice the concept of green development, strengthen innovative practice and professional research, vigorously develop sustainable finance, green finance and climate finance, actively explore transitional finance, accelerate the construction of first-class green inclusive banks, climate friendly banks and eco-friendly banks, and help achieve the "double carbon" goal.
        (Li linluan).
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