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Blockchain investment platform query,Blockchain application series: blockchain + financial investment

Time : 30/11/2021 Author : iour6h Click : + -
        Based on blockchain technology, create a new ecosystem of financial management and investment industry and build a decentralized business ecosystem. It is mainly used for digital identification, loan, audit, investment, payment, repayment process, and intelligent contract. The data information is stored in the blockchain for user authorization, and the authorized information can be browsed. It realizes the possibility that users can understand the whole transaction status and process, and improves the reputation of the enterprise to a greater extent. At the same time, it can also be applied to other industries, such as wealth management, fund sales, investment management, private placement management, Internet Finance and other industries. Available information: enterprise name, legal person / shareholder, senior manager, brand / product, address / phone number, business scope, trademark, patent, dishonest information, judgment documents, investment and financing inquiries, etc.
        The platform applies the decentralized mechanism of blockchain to make smart contracts, upload investment transfer vouchers and investment details, and the invested enterprise legal person confirms them. Ensure that financial products are truly and effectively invested in legitimate enterprises. As shown in the right figure:. Blocks are data blocks that record financial transaction information, and multiple data blocks are linked to form a blockchain. The whole financial transaction ecosystem has been formed. Its advantage is that it forms a "chain" with each other, and the financial transaction data will not be easily tampered with. Distributed storage maintains the data consistency of each data block. It is useless for hackers to crack and modify the information of a data block. Tampers need to modify more than half of the system node data on the network at the same time to truly tamper with the data.
        This kind of tampering is very expensive, which makes it almost impossible to complete, and it also creates the security of blockchain.
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