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Units directly under the Ministry of culture and tourism released the digital collection trading platform, and the Chuangshi collection sold out in 03 seconds

Time : 05/02/2022 Author : 7ipasx Click : + -
        On June 29, the Ministry of culture and tourism of China pointed out that the "new cultural and creative collection platform of Chinese culture and media" hosted by China culture and media group and fully operated by the group's wholly-owned subsidiary zhongchuanyuezhong (Beijing) Cultural Development Co., Ltd. was officially launched on June 28. The creation collection of this platform is "the key of time - the future" created by French CG artist olivierschmitt. It is limited to 3000 copies, each of which is 18.8 yuan. According to the official introduction, the collection is sold out in 0.3 seconds. On June 30, Liu Qiang, chairman of China culture and media group, pointed out at the 2022 China digital creative high quality development forum that the rapid development of cultural digitalization should create and promote copyright protection and standardize the innovation of authorization mode. He said: "digital technology plays an important role in policy construction, content innovation and consumption expansion in the process of digital development of the cultural industry.
        ”。 Our reporter learned that at this forum, nearly 30 institutions jointly launched the initiative for self regulatory development of the digital collection industry in Beijing to oppose secondary trading and speculation and improve access standards. As a unit directly under the Ministry of culture and tourism of China, the digital collection trading platform issued by China Culture Media Group Co., Ltd. relies on the group's Zhongchuan new cultural and creative (IP) platform in the form of blockchain + digitalization, which is traceable and confirmed by the China culture media new cultural and creative (IP) platform. The underlying blockchain technology support is the China culture media new cultural and creative chain, which mainly publishes collections related to the secondary creation of cultural content. The creation collection of the new cultural and creative collection platform of China's cultural media is the "key of time - the future" created by French CG artist olivierschmitt, which is limited to 3000 copies, each of which is 18.8 yuan; According to the official introduction, the collection sold out in 0.3 seconds.
        In addition, there are "key of time - past" and "key of time - present", which are mainly used for platform innovation rewards. At present, a large number of digital collections are online, and there are frequent problems such as bid up prices, false shipments, infringement and piracy, data loss, and even collection theft. The infringement and piracy problem is particularly serious, affecting the healthy development of the market. Zhongchuan new cultural and creative collection platform said that it would give full play to the leading role of cultural central enterprises, innovate the content production mode from network cultural digital resources to digital assets, adopt the cooperation concept of "co creation, CO governance and sharing", innovate and create a special zone cooperation mode, promote the improvement of market rules and order, protect the rights and interests of consumers, accelerate the exploration and commercialization of Web3.0, and promote the development of the real economy.
        Digital collections are attracting widespread attention with unprecedented popularity, but in addition to novel ways, local chaos caused by some platforms that lack risk control has also begun to appear. However, as more and more state-owned assets, central enterprises and Internet technology companies enter the digital Tibet field, the development quality of the digital Tibet platform is also constantly improving. Jin Peng, Secretary General of the China Association of cultural industries, told reporters that boosting the development of the real economy is a more valuable exploration direction for digital collections, and the local chaos exposed four no problems: some platforms did not adopt blockchain technology in essence, did not have a clear chain of intellectual property rights authorization, did not take measures to prevent speculation, did not fulfill the protection of minors' rights and interests, and it is imperative to strengthen supervision, clarify access qualifications and other policies, Industry self-discipline will also be the only way for the high-quality development of digital culture.
        All major Internet platforms have entered the field of digital collections, which should play a self-discipline and positive guiding role, expand more physical application scenarios with digital technology, so as to activate the new momentum of the cultural industry and become an important force to create real value. Preventing financial productization and hype is the key word of ant whale, Tencent magic core and Baidu xirang platform. In terms of product design, it does not support secondary transactions, adhere to real name authentication, set up distribution content authorization and security screening mechanism, which plays a certain role in risk prevention and control. The participants of the initiative for self regulatory development of the digital collection industry include professional institutions and associations in the cultural and tourism industry, cultural central enterprises, IP institutions, and Internet technology companies such as ant, Tencent, Baidu, It is the self regulatory convention with the widest coverage in the industry at present.
        In the outline of the initiative, it is emphasized that the relevant qualifications of the digital collection industry, such as the platform for issuing and selling digital collections, should have relevant business operation qualifications in accordance with national laws, regulations and regulatory requirements, such as blockchain information service filing, network culture operation license, value-added telecommunications business operation license, etc. Our reporter learned that there are 14 proposals, including the platform should have the corresponding qualifications according to law, ensure the security and controllability of blockchain technology, adhere to the real name system, strengthen the construction of intellectual property protection capacity, resolutely resist and prevent financialization and malicious speculation, advocate rational consumption, etc. On October 31, 2021, since the alliance of national copyright trading centers released the first domestic self-discipline convention for the digital cultural and creative industry in Beijing, the self-discipline convention for the digital collection industry has been gradually promoted and implemented, and the industry is moving forward in a self-discipline manner.
        From the content of various conventions, most of them previously focused on the framework propositions of opposing speculation and protecting consumers' rights and interests. The new initiative released this time has recommended the business access of digital collection platforms for the first time. In terms of exploring digital collections to help physical consumption, platforms such as Jingtan have tested the water. It is understood that in April this year, China's outstanding local well-known brand wanshili became the first partner of Jingtan, realizing a new path of using digital culture as a carrier to help c2m production. On the day of its launch, while releasing three digital collections, wanshili provided users with the function of one click customization of physical scarves. After three days of sale, it increased the brand line by% and brought a wider range of new customers to the brand through digital marketing.
        Unlike most foreign platforms that apply NFT technology to financial products, domestic digital collections are more regarded as digital cultural and creative categories, which are closely aligned with the strategic direction of national cultural digitization as a whole, and based on the use of digital means to innovate artistic forms, cultural experiences and presentation methods, so as to meet the growing spiritual and cultural needs of consumers, especially the digital utilization of Chinese traditional culture Enhance the contemporary expression of China's excellent cultural and Expo IP, and empower the soft power of Chinese culture with digital technology.
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