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Where is blockchain normal,Blockchain applications have shortcomings. Where should we break the situation

Time : 01/09/2021 Author : tkgvpe Click : + -
        The application of blockchain technology has been extended to digital finance, Internet of things, intelligent manufacturing, supply chain management, medical treatment, people's livelihood and other fields. China is taking blockchain as an important breakthrough in independent innovation of core technology, and accelerating the development of blockchain technology and industrial innovation. In the field of government affairs, local governments actively explore the scene integration of blockchain technology and e-government services, including the in-depth integration of administrative approval, e-licenses, data sharing, targeted poverty alleviation, customs trade, urban governance, e-bills and other aspects. In the financial sector, since April 2020, China's dc/ep (central bank digital currency) has successively conducted internal closed pilot tests in Shenzhen, Suzhou, xiong'an, Chengdu and the future Winter Olympics.
        Blockchain technology has been widely used in financial subdivisions such as supply chain finance, credit financing, cross-border payment, asset securitization, and electronic signatures. In the field of product traceability, blockchain technology integrates the information in the production, transportation and processing processes of the product supply chain and writes it into the blockchain, realizing the whole process traceability of one thing, one code, and establishing the whole process traceability system for agricultural products, food and drugs from production, processing, circulation to consumption. The information and communication industry has gradually established a set of credit supervision system with top-level design, technical means and supporting measures, and has basically realized the credit supervision mechanism that connects the whole supervision link before, during and after the event, and runs through the whole life cycle of market players.
        The "blockchain + credit supervision" mode makes full use of the technical characteristics of blockchain, helps to ensure the safety and reliability of credit data, realizes the goal of CO governance of credit supervision, and further promotes the accuracy and intelligence of credit supervision in the information and communication industry. Link the relevant license acceptance system and credit management system, realize the connection between license approval and actual credit level, implement differentiated qualification examination and approval process according to the real-time credit evaluation results, timely adjust the scope of business license, and reduce subsequent administrative costs. The core technology of blockchain is in urgent need of breakthrough, and the technology application is lack of innovation "leader"; The main body of blockchain standard formulation is "beaded into a chain", which lacks industry national standards; Lack of overall planning and top-level design, unable to form a unified force.
        How to improve the top-level design, support the development of blockchain technology, enable the digital economy, and make blockchain technology better applied in manufacturing, people's livelihood, education, medical and other fields?. Implement the "regulatory sandbox" system to promote the rapid and stable development of blockchain. Clarify the competent units of the blockchain industry or establish a joint meeting system as soon as possible, and formulate the national standards of the blockchain industry in the mode of "government + scientific research institutes + enterprises + social organizations".
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