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Top ten blockchain news events in 2020 and my reflection

Time : 09/06/2022 Author : 7hmxru Click : + -
        This year, bitcoin has become the best investment product in the world. If calculated from January, the current price has increased by about four times. If calculated from the low point of 3800, it has increased by seven times, hitting all other assets in the world. Some people are rendered by fomo emotions, like on pins and needles, while others are plain as usual, which seems that bitcoin is immune. In the face of bitcoin rising unacknowledged, it's better to pretend to be calm, line. Similarly, staying at home, some people are reading and studying, and the air class is very self-discipline. Some people sleep, play mahjong, play poker, and spend a chaotic day, which is value immunity. 2020 is a year of great waves, which is a screening for everyone's physique, experience, cognition, human nature, conscience, courage, thought, morality, soul, position and values.
        Therefore, winning or losing lies in improving your immunity. Back to the capital market, everything has a cycle, there is a rise, there is a fall. 2021 improving immunity, I think it is immunity to the public mood, not ignoring it. Think independently and treat objectively. Reverse thinking, reverse operation. Static as a virgin, dynamic as a rabbit. Friends who don't get on the bus outside the circle should not feel frustrated because they miss it for a moment, because they who make mistakes by stepping on the wrong bus in the circle are more sad than you.
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